Unless you’re going to give it the “old college try” (aka throw things into a box and organize it later) moving can be a lot easier if you organize everything before your move. Here are some helpful ways to get organized without breaking a sweat:

Label Everything (and Be Specific!)

We’re not talking about scrawling “KITCHEN” on a brown box with black marker. We’re talking using a labeling system that is specific and meaningful. Sure, you can start with “KITCHEN”, but add more descriptive words like “utensils” or “open first” and even “countertop” or “pantry”. 

A good rule of thumb is to use stickers that help navigate handling. These are the “fragile” stickers and the “nothing on top” notifications that could literally make or break some items. 

The best part about pre-boxing and labeling things ahead of time is knowing where things will go, making it easy for you to take the items quickly from drawer to box and back out again.  Proper labeling also allows you to set the pace for last minute items (like a kitchen vs. a dining room) where you may need to leave things out until a little closer to moving day. 

Check out options for labels like this from ULINE.

Color Code

Luckily, you can buy color-coded labels from stores and moving services.  Most already have the name and color pre-printed on the tape, so all you’d have to do is stick them on your boxes. 

Another option is to get duct tape in various colors and place the tape in the upper corner of each box to designate the desired location.

Pinterest has fantastic examples of how to do this

Color coding is a great option for bigger families, or houses with multiple rooms that serve for crafting and office work. It’s helpful for very detailed organizing and placement.

Here’s one more option to consider: numbering. This is helpful for those that are more inventory oriented. Writing “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” takes a lot of worry out of locating boxes. You’ll thank yourself later for that one!


This is one of our very best tips: take inventory. Start with one room, and take inventory of everything. Pack the things that can move out of the way, donate or toss the things that are not needed, and pre-box with labels and categories things that can be packed closer to your moving day. 

Inventory is a great way to organize as you go at your own pace. Typically, you can start this process a couple weeks in advance.  Depending how many hours a day you want to dedicate to packing, it can make quick work of it to lighten the load ahead of time.  Other tips include: create a packing essentials lists, packing supplies list, or utility and home move-in checklist. For these, and other amazing lists like Move4Less’ time categorized checklist, visit move4lessnevada.com.

Take the stress out of moving day!

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