If you run a small business, you’re used to making decisions that improve your services or cut your costs, or sometimes both. And, You know you can depend on your team to get things done. You know when to outsource to get help from experts.

So, moving your business is no different. Relocating your small business on your own may seem like an easy way to save money. But, there are many good business reasons why hiring professional moving company is more cost-efficient, safer and a smart business decision.

Professional Movers Take The Worry Out Of Your Small Business Move

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Professional movers have lots of experience, as well as trained staff and the right equipment to carry out a move efficiently. Hiring a pro mover can be a huge timesaver for you, and it can save you from surprises like broken items, an injured employee or forgetting a key detail that throws everything off schedule.

Find the Right Business Move Partner

Before hiring your mover, interview a couple of movers to find one that fits your needs. Ask about their move planning process and get a written quote.  If you do the numbers on getting your own supplies, truck and equipment rentals, staff overtime, and work downtime, you may see that hiring a mover is less expensive than you thought.

Like you do any contractor, choose an experienced mover with a good reputation. Professional movers will have an established local office and will be licensed and insured. Choose a mover who regularly handles business moves. A business move requires extra careful planning to help keep you and your staff on time and on budget. A professional business mover will assign a move manager to your project to help you plan and organize, saving you time and money from beginning to end.

Move 4 Less is a licensed, bonded, experienced professional moving company headquartered in Las Vegas. After helping many businesses with their moves we know we can give you a hassle free, easier move. Here’s how it works.

Allow Your Employees to Focus on their Jobs

One of our move consultants will work with your team to plan and help you organize the move. Armed with a plan and using tools like a floor plan, color coded labels, packing supplies, checklists and assigned tasks, your team will be able to do their part much faster and more efficiently. Then, when it comes to move day, let your professional movers do all the heavy lifting, so your employees suffer no injuries or exhaustion from the strenuous work of packing and lifting heavy furniture and equipment. Trained professional movers use safety equipment and they are trained to move all kinds of items safely, reducing the chance of loss, breakage, damage or injury.

Help with Office Move Planning

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Before your move, your move consultant  will meet with you to discuss the items to be moved, timing and any special requirements. We’ll record the inventory we will move and plan for specialty items such as office equipment, cubicles, artwork, etc. We’ll find out where and when you need help with packing and preparing your items, which ones will stay and which will go, and so on.  We’ll provide you with a complete quote for your move and answer any questions you may have.

During the move preparation period, depending on the size of your move, we will meet with your staff to go over the floor plan for the new location, assign color coded labels and cover all the steps and responsibilities. Walking through the plan together will help make sure nothing is left out. Your move day will go faster and smoother, and your business will be back up sooner at the other end.

We Have Moving Equipment and Supplies

Move 4 Less can provide you with moving boxes, crates and other moving supplies appropriate to the items you need to pack. On move day, we’ll come equipped with special tools, such as to take furniture apart, if necessary. Instead of your team having to find crates, trucks, and dollies from multiple rental places, Move 4 Less provides all the moving equipment, saving you the time and hassle of finding, renting, picking up and returning all these items.

Use Moving and Packing Professionals

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Getting help with packing is optional of course. Most businesses request at least partial help, particularly for difficult to handle areas, large volumes of items, and large or delicate items. Professional movers have been trained in packing techniques that protect your property from breakage, bumps and scratches. They can help disassemble and reassemble office furniture, including taking down and setting up work cubicles, and handle many kinds of office equipment. Move 4 Less team members are trained on packing and handling specialty items, from delicate artwork and glassware to large items like pianos, pool tables and gym equipment. And, our professional movers are insured and bonded, so your business assets are in good hands.

Save Money on your Move

When you are adding up the cost of your move, consider the time spent packing as well as moving.  You will need to find and rent a truck and other equipment and shop for other move supplies you will need. A professional mover can take care of all those things for you. If you move yourself, may need to pay your own employees overtime. And, if anyone gets hurt you will be liable. And of course, if you or your team are personally carrying out a move, consider the down time when your customers will be unable to reach you, or when your staff will be unable to work. Adding all the time up, you’ll see that in the case of a business move, outsourcing is a smart idea.

Address Temporary and Long Term Storage Needs

Warehouse Logistics Storage

If you have items that need to go into storage, we have a number of storage solutions to fit your needs. If you’re downsizing your space, or reprioritizing space usage, or waiting for new space to be ready, your unused items can go into convenient local storage. We palletize them for fast, easy retrieval when needed. Store records, furniture, inventory or any other items, for short term or long term, and pay for only the space you need.

Move 4 Less Small Business Movers

If you are planning a business move, call Move 4 Less to discuss your options. We are locally owned and operated. With over a decade of experience helping satisfied customers, we can provide references from happy customers, or you can read our many online reviews. Find out how easy your business move can be by giving us a call or requesting a quote.