Giving back might feel especially hard these days, since everyone is facing their own struggles. Luckily, there are many ways to give back to your community. Much like love languages vary in different ways for different people, the way in which we show gratitude for our community can vary too. Here are 4 ways to show gratitude that we’ve discovered during the pandemic. 

1. Volunteerism

Volunteerism is an awesome way to get involved with the community. Soup kitchens and shelters are always looking for more support. With some creative social distancing, we can be safe AND helpful to one another. Want to stay super distant? Drop off a plant or hygiene pack for a community member in need! 

2. Notes of Gratitude

Sending an old-school note of gratitude to a business, friend, colleague, family member, or neighbor is a great way to show you care. We love sending out cards to touch base with our friends in business and our customers. Not sure what to say? Consider sending a “thank you for being you” card or even a “grateful you’re in the community” note to get those warm fuzzies flowing!  

3. Support Local 

These days, supporting local businesses is more important than ever. When you support a locally owned business, your community grows and more importantly, your relationships grow. Relationship building is at the forefront of getting back in touch with our lives. Want to help your local economy get back on track faster? Let’s do this, support local!

4. Social Media 

Leaving a positive review or testimonial on social media is the ultimate tip to good service you’ve experienced, a company you enjoyed, or a product you’ve loved. Why not send a little love to that local coffee shop you always pick up orders from?

Little tokens of gratitude go a long way for everyone involved. Weaving a stronger community together with strands of gratitude will make all the difference!

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