Keeping up with trends doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Whether you need to freshen up your house to put it on the market, have just moved and need to make your new digs feel more like home, or just need to refresh your current abode, changing up your space can revitalize it and you. Here are three of the hottest upcoming trends for 2022 to inspire your home decorating.

1. Draw inspiration from nature 

Bring the outdoors in! Natural materials and textures help create a visual connection with nature. Try textures like onyx, marble, granite, linen, rattan and wood for your decorations, furniture, accents and decor. You don’t have to incorporate them all; choose one or two and design with minimalism in mind.

2. Grow your own indoor garden

Go green, literally. Adding plants to your space is a great way to create a sense of closeness with nature, even if you live in the city. Creating your own urban jungle ties in well with natural materials, allowing the plants to really stand out and add natural textures and colors. Pro tip: identify what plants will work best in the available light of your room and research how much care they’ll need before you stock up. (There’s nothing less uninspired than wilting or dead plants!)

3. Use a neutral color palette 

A calm and relaxing neutral color palette amplifies the comfort of your living space. You can still choose warm or cool tones to create the shade that best suits your home, and pair it with brighter accent colors if you choose. Muted colors also pair well with natural materials to construct a tranquil environment.

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