Let’s agree that not every pet will react the same way to a move. Depending on the type of animal you have, they could show signs of stress right from the start. Cats, for example, are routine oriented. Packing and moving upsets that very delicate balance. Dogs, on the other hand, maybe fine until the move arrives. Whatever scenario you and your furry friend are facing, here are 3 tips for a safe and stress-free move with your pet.

Seclude Your Pets

As you move from one home to another, consider designating a quiet zone or seclusion room just for your pet. This will give your pet space they need to feel safe and secure while the commotion is ongoing outside—especially if you know you’re moving a couple of hours per day over the span of a longer period.

With the door closed, your pet can relax and stay out of the way without worrying about what is going on. You may want to throw in some treats and toys to really give them the special treatment. 

Lavish your pet with extra attention after the move has finished to show them there’s no cause for concern or anxiety.  Only move your pet into the new place after the move is complete. Give them another secluded room with their own items and unwashed blankets and towels to keep familiar scents about them.

Leash and Tag Your Pets

No matter how responsive your pet is with you on a regular, stress response is never a one-size-fits-all situation. Birds can fly off, cats can slip through a leash and dogs can run into traffic. Whenever you’re traveling always have a collar and name tag on your pet. 

If your pet is caged, make sure to have a luggage tag to the top of the crate or kennel. If a collar or foot band can be placed for RFID tracking, use it.

Create a Specialty Kit

As your pet acclimates to their new setting, make sure you have a special kit dedicated to their needs. This could include things like water, food, toys, litter and/or relief areas, extra blankets and towels. 

Some owners use sound machines, radios or televisions to leave a little background noise in the room so that pets are surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.  Never underestimate the power of a nice little bed or box to give your pet extra hiding space and added security in their new room. Just be sure to use one that came from your previous home.

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