There is a lot to consider on moving day. When it comes to your electronics, instead of throwing them all in a box and hoping the cords don’t become as tangled as Rapunzel’s hair, we’ve got a few ways to make moving electronics easier so they’re more organized and better protected.

1. Create copies of your files

Start by backing up your files. Saving everything to free storage clouds, USB drives, an external hard drive (or all of the above) guarantees you won’t lose important information.

2. Take your best shot

Power down all of your electronics and take a photo, or several, of the wire setup. Make sure you can see everything clearly so there’s no confusion when you’re hooking everything back up. Create labels with masking tape to ensure you remember what goes where, then unplug everything. 

3. Get moving insurance

Is moving the big screen TV giving you anxiety? Consider additional protection for your electronics by getting moving insurance. Moving insurance protects your belongings while in transit or in temporary storage. 

4. Pack it and protect it

Pack your electronics in the original boxes they came in if possible, so each box will fit safely and snugly. Or, prepare an alternative. Don’t go light on the bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Neatly wrap up each wire, and use a twist tie or masking tape to secure them.

5. This way up

To safeguard your TV and other valuables, transport electronics upright, against a wall for support. Laying them flat on the floor may lead to cracked screens or other damage.

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