Las Vegas is the City of Entertainment and while the Las Vegas strip has a ton of attractions, there is plenty to do OFF the strip!

Have you ever explored Boulder City? It’s only a 30-minute drive southeast. Check out Boulder Beach Campground for some trail walking and sunshine. Work up an appetite and visit this sweet speakeasy called The Dillinger. Not only is it in the historic Bank of Nevada building, but it has that old town feel with all the fancy upgrades of sophistication and sass. We hear the service and food is amazing and they keep your drink full!

Get outdoors as much as you can! The sunshine helps boost your immune system! The Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation with colorful boulder rocks. Talk about incredible Instagram photos, for all you influencers out there. This large-scale desert artwork is free to the public so enjoy the magic!

Another great outdoor spot is the Downtown Container Park. It has shops, eateries and breweries that have that chill vibe. It also has a play park and a grassy area that the little ones can run around and play in while getting some fresh air.

Dig This offers individual, kid, and group digs! Gather a group of your closest friends and tear up the world’s first adult sandbox! Dig This is centrally located in Las Vegas and we promise you will dig it! You get to pick your machine to play in the dirt with. Excavator? Sure, no problem! Bulldozer time? You got it! Feel like crushing a car that looks like that guy dressed in an Elvis costume cut you off in? Do it. Live your dream, friends!

Switching gears, if big machinery isn’t your jam, we have one more suggestion for you. If you have a need for speed, drive into Speed Vegas. Live your Fast and Furious fantasies out in this motorsport theme park that is fun for everyone and is super family friendly. Buckle up, folks!

Get out there and enjoy!

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