Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog U – V

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers our impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. With over 1700+ unique nominations, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: Mark Ubando

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mark Ubando makes every kid feel special and unique. His smile and happy attitude are sincere and contagious.

He is patient., kind, committed and inspiring.

Teacher: Melanie Ust

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Always in a good mood and makes learning fun! Actually, cares about her students.

Teacher: Yeney Valero, Eva Wolf Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She teaches them and plays with the children’s games and toys really fun.

Teacher: Martin Vece, Canyon Springs High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Vece had always been very helpful to me. He makes learning fun for me, he can be goofy and funny, which makes me wanna be in his class every day.

He likes to sing play, opera, and tap dance which is amusing to me, so it makes me smile.

He does what he suppose to do and is a good teacher!!!

He is a very understanding person who takes his time with others. He appreciates students’ hard work and gives us moral support. 

The teacher is very social with the class, regardless of the type of energy the substitute class is showing he always tends to lift the mood with his sense of humor. He is assertive with his teaching whenever the students tend to not pay attention to the subject.  He likes to share stories of his acting career, and it makes most of the students’ days brighter. He gives his students the freedom they need at the end of the day at lunch. Overall, he seems like he’s been disrespected and underrated as a teacher in general, but I hope he makes it through a good portion of this competition.

He sings for us, and he is nice I also like how he teaches.

He is funny, makes us laugh all the time, and helps us with our work. He makes learning fun.

He’s very different, he’s always dancing and singing it’s funny.

He’s very positive and make us laugh and he’s a good teacher.

He always goofy he jokes, and his stories be funny 10/10.

He makes funny jokes.

Lots of class entertainment.

He does a lot in class to entertain.

Mr. Vece without a doubt is one of the best teachers out there. Whenever in his classroom, he makes it seem like we are not at school. He makes up jokes as we go through the lessons and creates our lessons around the real world to prepare us after we graduate.

He is very funny and goofy.

He has funny jokes.

Mr. Vece is funny and kind he tells us interesting stories too and taught us how to do interesting stuff.

He is funny.

Gives the best motivational speeches.

He’s funny and makes school enjoyable.

His lessons are funny and make me laugh.

He’s not just a teacher but a mentor and someone you can talk to on a regular day basis, a great teacher.

He is a very chill and relaxed teacher, he care’s a lot about our grades and is helping us graduate to be the best we can be.

He is a good teacher, and he helps all the students in the class. He makes sure all the students are paying attention and participating. He helps me get motivated.

He’s just an entertaining teacher. He’s a character and is goofy but makes sure he gets his work and makes sure we get our work done. He’s easy to talk to and it’s easy to work things out with him.

Goofs around.

His lessons are funny and make me laugh.

Very funny & great personality.

He’s funny and makes school enjoyable.

He is a very chill and relaxed teacher, he care’s a lot about our grades and is helping us graduate to be the best we can be.

Goofs around.

He always has a positive attitude and tries to encourage his students.

He is always in a good mood and treats us with respect.

He always has a positive attitude and tries to encourage his students.

He is always in a good mood and treats us with respect.

His lessons are fun and always engaging.

This teacher makes me smile because of his goofiness and the fun lessons that we do in his class.

He’s a very understanding teacher and he always greets us at the door and makes jokes tries to get us more into the learning and over all just makes English exciting.

He teaches us in a funny way in order for us to understand the subject, it makes me understand better and smile always because it’s a great way to learn.

He tells jokes every day and dance and smile and does fun lessons.

He’s a very helpful teacher, he motivates us every time to do our work and helps us. He takes his time explaining his lessons plans which makes it helpful for us to learn.

Tells joke in class.

He is funny and tells jokes and very easy to work with.

He teaches us good stuff and always helps us when we need help on something we don’t understand.

He makes me smile because he’s always there to help. Asking questions and walking around the classroom making sure everyone gets a good grade. And he also calls you up and tells you what you’re missing and how to get it done.

A teacher who always cracks up nice and fun jokes for everyone at school and is very nice towards everyone.

Says good morning when I get to class.

He has patience.

He has a good way of connecting with his students.

He greets everyone when entering the door and always has energy.

He always dances in class to make students laugh and gives us fun activities.

He is always chill and stays calm.

He greats me at the door.

He makes sure I’m caught up and that my grade is good along with everyone else and its super helpful.

He makes me happy in the morning because he has a positive energy.

He is the reason my grades are up, and he greets me every time I enter the door.

He is good to be around and is always happy in the morning.

Mr. Vece makes me smile because he is very helpful, and he greets us at the door.

Always dances in class no matter what or who is looking.

Always doing backflips.

Always understanding, always there to make sure we as a class understands everything we are being taught, very patient with us & etc.

Because he always plays in class to help us learn.

Because he is funny and a cool teacher.

Because he put in unique situation to where at first you may not like but you see the point and understand it.

Because he tries so hard to make his class fun and exciting!

By taking the time to teach us every day if we are struggling.

He always makes lesson fun and always in a good mood.

He gives is funny he always tries to make us laugh he dances, makes jokes, plays around. He also helps you with assignments and gives us enough time to turn in work. He also gives us assignments we are more comfortable with studying at times.

He goes out of his way to make sure that we are having a good day and always makes us know that if we ever need someone to talk to, he is there for us.

He got easy work.

He has interactive activities. Keeps a positive and safe classroom for all.

He helps me and all my other classmates with our work.

He is a teacher that always make the class learn and smile he also motivates us to do are work.

He is always in a good mood and thoroughly explains everything.

He is funny.

He is really funny and applies humor into his lessons so we can stay engaged.

He is very funny and supportive of anything his students want to do. his class is a safe environment.

He is very understanding and gives enough time to complete each assignment.

He lets us turn in our work at any time and does take off for late points.

He lets us turn in work all the time even though it is late, and he gives us free time.

He lets us turn in work late and he don’t take points away or late work. He is very funny, and he listens to us.

He lets us turn late work without taking off points.

He makes me learn every day and is really chill.

He makes class really fun. Every time I walk in there he is always in a good mood. He tries his best to teach in a way where everyone will understand.

He makes funny jokes and gives candy.

He makes me smile with his dances and his funny jokes.

He’s a really cool teacher, always in a chill vibe and is always there to help you understand your grades and helps you bring it up.

He’s a very entertaining person, and I love the jokes he tells. And when he comes in the room it lights up.

He’s a really great guy always entertaining.

He’s always nice and helps with work.

He’s funny.

He’s funny, has good taste in music, and lets us turn in work a little late.

He’s funny, let us turn in our work later and he puts on music sometimes.

He’s really funny and goofy, he’s great with helping people individually which is really helpful. His classes are fun, and he makes it easier.

He’s so funny and kind and always there to help through anything.

He’s very nice and understanding.

He’s such an amazing teacher and incredibly funny! he always finds a way to make his lesson fun and enjoyable!

His interesting teaching style and infinite wisdom.

Mr. Vece makes me smile he funny in class.

One of the most funniest teachers he always makes learning fun and easy. He always helps out when the class has questions.

Taught me when I was a freshman, really enjoyed his overall character. Great teacher methinks.

The teacher is really funny.

This teacher always makes me laugh with the silliest jokes and always ask if I’m doing alright if I look like I’m having a terrible day.

This teacher makes me smile because he is always joking around he lets us turn in late work he shows us that he cares and wants to see me graduate.

Yes, What a funny teacher.

He’s always in a positive mood. He starts dancing at random times. Always has good jokes. He makes class better and fun.

He always had a great attitude and makes me want to come to class.

He sings for us, and he is nice I also like how he teaches.

He greats us at the door he’s always making jokes to make us smile he’s very greet-able he’s really nice and a cool teacher.

He always has good energy and I’m big on positivity and things of that nature.

He always happy treats us nice and greets me in the morning.

He gives me a chance for extra credit and also gives me a lot of time to work in class.

He’s a good teacher and he’s nice. He also teaches pretty good.

He’s a goofy free-spirited person.

He’s cool.

He’s funny and is most of the time, he’s positive.

I like that he is goofy and funny.

Mr. Vece makes me smile because he’s so interactive with his students and staff members. He always makes jokes, dances & sings throughout every class period I’ve attended. I smile the most when he talks about his past stories growing up and how happy it makes him talk about whatever went on.

Mr. Vece is funny and helps me with work.

Tells us funny jokes all the time.

He is funny and he teaches us well and he’s kind.

His teaching style differs from other teachers and their boring learning techniques.

He makes everyone laugh; he helps students when students need help.

Mr. Vece makes me smile because of how different he is from other teachers he takes time out of his day to help a student individually and make sure they understand, and he even took his time off his break to help me with questions I had about my work I believe he is the most dedicated teacher I ever had.

Teacher: Ceaser Vega, East Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I think he is a very good teacher, he cares about his students, and he uses every opportunity he can to teach us something that can benefit us.

Teacher: Michelle Velarde, Blue Diamond Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she loves our kids just like she loves her own.

She is kind and patient, encouraging kids to express themselves and figure out their own solutions. She also develops beautiful art and handcraft projects which gives kids a lot of fun time and inspiration.

Teacher: Sadre Verrett, Kenny Guinn STEM Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because she has always looked out for me and has always taken good care of me.

Teacher: Sara Vuich, Red Rock Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? My son has had a difficult time with reading and math since coming back after covid and Ms. Vuich has gone above and beyond to get him to where he needs to be. She is always available and happy to help. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and partner in my son’s success!

Teacher: Stephanie Vandyke, Harney Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she always smiles first, she always has a kind word and a pat on the shoulder for everyone you’d never know she ever had a sad moment or a bad day in her life and yet she’s had plenty so I want to nominate her she is very deserving all of her students are just crazy about her and hugging her and she could certainly use the money as all teachers can.

Teacher: Susanne Villagracia, Legacy Traditional South West Las Vegas

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? My son came to Legacy Southwest with a lot of past emotional trauma. We had been as to leave 2 other schools before legacy cause the private schools didn’t know how to deal with a child who had trauma. Legacy was a blessing to both my son and me. My son had a rough first few months and the principal at legacy suggested he move classes to Ms. Vs class aka Ms.Villagracia, we all call her Ms. V for short.  In two years, my son has been rejected from schools and teachers and within 4 months of my son in Ms. Vs class not only has his whole attitude change but he’s healing and blossoming.  Ms. V stayed consistent, loved and never gave up on my son not. She never stopped telling my son how amazing he is how smart he is and how loved he is, she goes out of her way for not just my son but other kids too.  Ms. Villagracia is an example of what a teacher should be, if all teachers were like her I truly believe this world would a different place, my sons grades have gone up , his confidence, his trust , his attitude has completely changed. He is now a child who can’t wait to go to school, he loves his class he loves his school but most importantly he loves his teacher!  I Ms. Villagracia truly is an angel she changed my life and my sons, and I couldn’t be more appreciative!  God sent us to that school for a reason she saved my son!  So, I would like to nominate the most selfless loving, strong example of a teacher who shows all her kids they are worth it!  I nominate Ms. Villagracia first grade teacher at Legacy South West!

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!