Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog S

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers our impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. With over 1700+ unique nominations, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: Jodi Sabataso, West Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She has never given up on her students even when her students are beginning to give up. She always gives 100%. She’s like our class mom since freshman year. I couldn’t imagine senior year without her 🙂

Every day, no matter what Ms. Sab has going on in her life, she will show up to class with a smile and ready to teach. She is one of the most selfless people I know, and the most patient, caring teacher I have met. I really appreciate her being there for me all four years of high school and helping me through it along the way. Thank you, Sab!!!

Always has fun workouts and exercises to try

Mrs. Sab is the most amazing teacher I have ever had. Her classroom is my safe place. She shows us love but also helps us learn and pushes us because she knows what were capable of. She’s constantly pushing us to be the best version of ourselves. She makes our curriculum enjoyable but also makes sure were getting all the information we need. Thank you, Mrs. Sab, for everything you’ve taught me.

Mrs. Sab is my favorite teacher ever! She is so passionate about what she teaches and really cares about her students. She has inspired me to pursue a career in health science and use what I learn in class in real life and in my future career. She is so kind, supportive, and understanding. I’ve had her all four years of high school and her class has become a safe space for me and my classmates, and she has been such an amazing support system.

Teacher: Theresa Sager, Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? An amazing teacher, helps me out with my chemistry assignments, offers tutoring anytime or after school. She genuinely cares about me as a student, wants me to learn, while not piling too much work on me, and greets me in the halls.

Teacher: Susan Sammarco, Pat Diskin Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher goes above and beyond in her everyday work to help her peers and to put a smile on the face of others. No matter what she goes through in her personal life, her attitude at work is always incredibly positive with all of her students and with all her co-workers. Her positivity and joy are absolutely contagious. On days when I’m feeling down, I know if I stop by Susan’s room my mood will be instantly lifted.

Her positive attitude and influence are also reflected in the attitudes of her students, as her contagious personality and phenomenal ability as a teacher ensures that her students are experiencing joy each day and experiencing joy whilethey are learning.

Teacher: Betrzabe Sanchez, Western High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She always puts her best effort in when she teaches always tryst to get around to help others best teacher.

Teacher: Katie Sanders, Bob Miller Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs.Sanders is always happy and positive.

She’s funny, and I have to submit this for a grade. 😃

Mrs. Sanders always makes me smile with her humor and her style of teaching things. it’s always entertaining, and I really learn a lot from her.

She is hilarious and the most kind and great teacher ever she is always tons of fun and makes everyone happy she is a joy to have as a teacher.

Always presents songs and exercises to complete in a fun and challenging way.

This teacher makes me smile because she is so nice and caring.

Teacher: Orlando Santos, Charles I. West Preparatory

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? HE makes me smile because i love music and he is a jokester in class. Not only that but he also makes sure that the whole class is engaged, and he has an open mindset unlike a lot of the teachers here.

Teacher: Amber Schultz, Las Vegas School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Shultz has been a second mom to me since my freshman year of high school. She is the most kind and involved teacher I’ve ever had. Not a moment i felt judged or unseen. She’s gives kids food when they can’t or don’t have any. I’ve learned more about the real world and how i can better my futurefrom Ms. Schultz than i have my entire school career.

She makes the class laugh with jokes and her personality.

Teacher: Casper Sesto, Raul P. Elizondo

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Whenever difficulty arises with a student, or colleague, Dr. Sesto always has a plan to change the difficulty into a positive experience for all.

Teacher: Jamie Shae, Sonoma Heights Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Shae goes out of her way to communicate with her students and parents in a positive, compassionate, and meaningful way. She works hard to identify each student’s strengths and helps them turn their struggles into success. She is a breast cancer survivor who values each child that comes into her room. She challenges every one of her students to do their best and then to move beyond their best to do even better.

Teacher: Doug Shafran, Robert Forbuss Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He is an amazing teacher. My son loves to go to school because of him, I wish we could have him every year. Mr. Shafranmakes kids laugh and finds his ways to reword them.

Teacher: Tammy Shapiro, Lamping Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She has patience and is always in a positive mood. She takes time to explain things to everyone.

Because she makes my daughter smile every day and my daughter loves school because of her!

She goes above and beyond for her students!

Teacher: Paul Shapiro, Arbor View High School   

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? My son hasn’t voluntarily picked up a book to read in a very long time. Mr. Shapiro has inspired my son to want to read again (my son’s words). He has made an effort to connect with my son and I’m grateful for his efforts.

Teacher:  Michael Shenkberger, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Shenkberger goes above and beyond for students EVERY day!  He starts each morning as a community with the entire school involved in a morning ceremony.  He even includes families!  He pumps everyone up with music, often dresses up, recognizes students for Birthdays and special achievements, and motivates the students to be their best.  He has organized events at the school including getting special guest visits (Golden Knights Team members, UNLV hockey players, basketball players, etc.), his annual Trunk or Treat event, annual Reindeer Games/Run (while dressed as Santa Claus), and even going on the roof of the school to make it rain candy on our students!  Currently, his PE room is transformed into a Glow Party room as an incentive to our students.  In addition to these extraordinary events, he runs our daily after school program, Red Rover, that provides sports and physical fitness/competition for over 80 of our students.  We are so lucky to have him as our PE teacher and leader.  He puts a smile on the entire school community’s faces every day!

Teacher: Jennifer Shenberger, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This is our daughter’s 1st year at Goolsby, and we have lucked out with Mrs. Shenkberger! She has really put our daughter at ease with the transition and has taken the time to really know her and challenge her. Mrs. Shenkberger goes above and beyond. I am still touched that she reached out to me to let Brooke know she was going to be out one day to put Brooke’s mind at ease and let her know she could wait to do her book report and keep “fly guy” over the weekend.

My son likes her, and she is nice and get more encourage for him.

This is our daughter’s 1st year at Goolsby, and we have lucked out with Mrs. Shenkberger! She has really put our daughter at ease with the transition and has taken the time to really know her and challenge her. Mrs. Shenkberger goes above and beyond. I am still touched that she reached out to me to let Brooke know she was going to be out one day to put Brooke’s mind at ease and let her know she could wait to do her book report and keep “fly guy” over the weekend.

Mrs. Shenkberger has gone out of her way to make our son feel good about himself even long after he wasn’t in her class anymore. She cares about him and about kids. She is his advocate and has gone far out of her way to make sure he has a positive school experience.

Teacher: Christopher Shlagheck

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He is a kind, funny, amazing person to have as a teacher. He is also very entertaining! He has many stories to tell.

Teacher:   Amber Shulz

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s amazing. She’s like a mom to me. She’s inspired me so much in life to do better. I love her.

Teacher: Sharon Simon

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She helps me out a lot and she also make me happy again when I am down.

Teacher:  Jenny Smalla

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Our family would like to nominate Mrs. Smalla from Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School.  My daughter, Isabella, is in her Kindergarten class.  Isabella transferred to Ellis earlier this year from a private school in the area. 

Why does Mrs. Smalla make Isabella smile?  I asked her that question this morning.  “Mrs. Smalla doesn’t make me smile.  I listen to my heart and my heart tells me to smile.  Because she is kind to everyone in the entire universe.  She teaches me hard things.  Not just me.  She helps all of my friends in class, and she cheers for us.”

From my perspective, as a mom, I cannot properly put into words how grateful we are to my daughter’s school for such a seamless transition.  I invite you to meet Jenny Smalla and you will feel her gift.  Difficult to quantify or put into words.  She is making a difference in the most beautiful, and crucial, way.   Her world view coupled with a focus on gratitude is setting the stage for our future leaders. 

The sun is always shining on Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School thanks to the army of educators who have earned this recognition by Move 4 Less through their devotion to what matters most.  Just as we smile when starting a new chapter via a move…we smile knowing our children are safe and thriving in the classroom and in our community.  Thank you, from the center of my heart. 

Teacher:  Suzanne Smith, Wayne N. Tanaka Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she is always smiling and works hard for the students. It’s a rough time we’re in but Suzanne always had a smile and driven to help her students.

Teacher: Surkari Smith, Western High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? cause she all ways has something funny to say and she helps me with anything I get stuck with.

Here at Western, the teachers are greatly unappreciated. Which is why I believe that this is a great thing to do. I’m nominating Ms. Smith. I’ve had such a wonderful experience being in her class this year. She’s always open to hearing about our issues in a way that feels casual and connected rather than an empty lecture. She has a very positive and energetic spirit that is almost contagious. I’m so glad to have been a part of her class this year. For all the effort that she’s put into her job I do think that it’d be great to see her earn a bit more for it. I’m very proud of her for all she’s done, and I hope that her work doesn’t go unnoticed.

She has always cared for me as an individual and cares for my goals.

She is a loving outgoing person she is like a mother figure when it comes to her students she cares and love us like were her own she is so nice, beautiful and full of positive energy. She is so helpful and understanding in so many different ways that’s like my bestie for real I love her.

She’s just a really cool teacher.

Generally, a nice teacher, I go into her class comfortable and at ease.

She makes me smile because she makes me feel very important, she there for you. She makes sure for her students to be comfortable and successful.

She is very kind and always wants to help everyone and make sure that everyone knows what would happen when we enter adulthood.

She teaches in a fun and educational way so that we don’t feel bored while in class.

Very supportive and gives so many resources to help us succeed after high school.

This Teacher Makes Me Smile because if I tell her something I know I can trust her, she is kind, she cares about her students, if we are having a bad day, she makes it better. This teacher is my favorite teacher she is very helpful, and I do not know who to trust without this teacher.

She makes me happy every day we I see her so sweet and kind smile.

She makes doing work very easy, she is funny, and she is always willing to help with personal situations any students have.

I love Ms. Smith she always makes

me smile because she talks with me about my problems and tries to help me out, she also helps me a lot if I need help on any of her work.

She is very nice and very lenient with assignments. She seems to actually like her job and does excellently with her lessons. That is a rare sight nowadays in schooling, at least here in Vegas.

She is my favorite teacher 👩🏽‍🏫 She gives me advice about school and real-life things. I don’t have to hesitate to ask for help at all. The best teacher I ever had!

She makes me feel special.

Ms. Smith makes me smile because of how kind and fun she is. She makes sure that all of the kids in my class do their assignments and if they need help, she helps them one on one. She’s the best teacher I could never have!

This teacher makes me smile because she’s always there when I need to talk when I’m overwhelmed about things, she helps me a lot because sometimes I just need to talk to someone.

She’s an excellent listener, she gives me advice she’s a great teacher in general gives her work easy enough to understand.

Ms. Smith is funny and very helpful.

Because she is very good with all the students and understandable, she always helps us

She’s very relatable and funny

She’s makes the subject understandable and always helps me or anyone if some needs help.

She makes me smile because she’s always offering to help with anything and wants all of us to succeed.

She is very nice teacher. She likes to encourage us to do better and to work harder.

Ms. Smith is the nicest and most chill teacher I have, making everyone feel comfortable and understood when around or conversing with her.

She makes me feel like I can trust her and talk to her like she’s a counselor.

She is so nice; she loves us, and she make this class fun and she will give us advice and help us with the work.

This teacher makes me smile because she is a great teacher overall. She has helped me when i haven’t understood something, even when it’s not for her class. I feel as if me and her had a good student teacher bond since I walked into her class. If I were to tell you who is my favorite teacher overall at Western Highschool it would definitely be her! I’m very grateful I was able to be her student.

This teacher makes me smile because when I come in her room, I can talk to her about anything, and she help me and make me feel good about any discussion I pick. She makes a space where you are not ashamed to be you. That’s what makes me smile every time I come in her room.

Because if I have a hard time, she helps me through it and that’s why I have good grades in this class.

Teacher: Laura Smith, Cozine Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She has a positive attitude and welcomes everyone with a smile. She makes our school happy and welcoming with her constant decorations placed around the school.

She is a good person.

Teacher:  Nellie Smith, Canyon Spring High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher always makes sure everyone is happy. She quickly noticed if someone is upset and finds a way to cheer them up. Along with being a good teacher she is also very funny. She finds ways to get students involved and engaged. She is the kindest soul and one of the teachers that I’ve always been comfortable with. She helps everyone in the classroom and outside the classroom with anything they need. She makes sure we are set for school and our future. Even when people disrespect her, she never lets it get to her and handles it amazingly. I’ve known her for 3 school years, and I love her way of teaching and being that I am going with her for a 4th year. If anyone deserves this it is Mrs. Smith.

Teacher: Liza Soares, Mannion Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I have worked with Liza for the last ten years at Mannion Middle School in the same department.  This year we actually were in the same class together and I have to tell you, working with her makes my day.  She is funny, energetic, and caring.  Liza loves her students and genuinely wants them to succeed in school and life.  I love coming to work every day because I know that Liza will at somepoint make me smile.  She hasmade this year absolutely wonderful.

Teacher: David Somnichson, Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He brings an everyday smile to his classroom as well as create a stimulating environment as well as a safe environment.

Teacher: Sandra Soriano, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Soriano is there every morning with a smile on her face, ready to start the day. She helped Vivienne excel this year with her speech. She is consistent and warm with the children. Excellent teacher who deserves to be recognized.

Teacher: Patricia Spatharos, Del Webb Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Spatharos is high energy and always coming up with ideas to make the school community a great place. She plans spirit weeks and recognition events to make sure everyone feels welcomed and valued. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Teacher: Debra Stancliff, Blue Diamond Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She is a great role model for kids to learn to be gentle, caring, kind and calm, even under stressful situations. She also addresses the value of hard work and uniqueness, which encourage kids’ growth mindset and character development. She helped with a smile, which relieved my pressure during the difficult time of my family.

Teacher: Valerie Starer, William E. Orr Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she is very understanding and always courage us to do our work and works enough to buy us candy even though some of us students mistreat her and always make sure I’m okay.

She is nice and really chill and cool.

She makes me smile because of how she rewards us when we are doing good and working hard.

She’s always helpful and loves all the kids she calls us her best class because we are always on task because of her and I love her joke.

Ms. Starer Makes me very happy because she is very joyful and tells us there is always time to submit my work. She is a very sweet and energetic teacher as well as she lets us have free time only if we have all our assignments and we were well behaved all week.

She makes me smile by helping me to my work and is very kind and is sweet.

She makes us comfortable and is very nice.

She is nice and don’t yell at us.

She helps me with my work from other classes and she also teaches me things I never knew also she is always a positive person and has a kind heart.

She works hard to get the job done.

She always greets me when i come to class and she gives us time to do our assignments if we missed them.

Her stories.

Ms. Starer teaches me very well and she makes me very comfortable. I am learning English for the first time, and she has been very helpful.

She is very nice to me, and she makes wired faces and that makes me laugh.

She makes me smile because she helps and she so helpful and she give us awards if we do our work.

She is very kind, she makes my day better, she is very outgoing, I can tell that she cares for her family very much. She is also very understanding, just knowing these things put me into a good mood when I walk into her class. I know that I can trust her, and I hope that she has a great future.

Because she is a very nice teacher.

her jokes

Ms. Starer makes me Smile because she is always positive, and she is very caring. She helps students when they need help and when someone is feeling sad or out of the blue, she would take you out of the classroom and either help you out about whatever you’re going through, and she would always be there. When I was crying, she helped me and constantly asked me if I was okay. She works hard every day and helps students if they need help.  Ms. Starer is a very hardworking lady, and she does a very good job at being a teacher. I am glad she is my teacher.

My teacher makes me smile because she rewards me with treats, She says positive things. She also makes me smile for her jokes. She tries her best in everything, when she can.

She’s funny.

She makes learning fun and also helps us with our other classes.

Miss Starer makes me smile because she takes the time out of her day to get all her classes snacks.

When she said that we can play games or have free time things like that.

Ms. Starer rewards us with treats and is really nice and lets us relax in her classroom if we need time to ourselves.

She makes learning fun, and she helps with work and her jokes are very funny and she spreads positive vibes to the students.

She helps me with work.

Ms. Starer let me go to her room when I need to relax and that’s make me happy.

She makes sure I’m okay and that I do my work, she is also nice and caring.

She got me ready for SBAC and she is very nice to me, and she taught me how to write a CER.

She makes me smile because she’s nice to me and she always smile when I say something to her and because she’s my favorite teacher she makes me smile. 

this teacher makes me smile because she always has a smile on her face, she’s a really nice teacher she treats us good and I’m very glad she was my teacher this semester I liked how she helped me with my work. Mrs.Starer also has a very nice personality she always put a smile on my face and was one of my favorite teachers of this semester.

Her jokes are really funny.

Teacher: Dana Stegemann, Robert Forbuss Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s an amazing teacher who takes so much time to help her students and make learning special. My daughter loves going to school because of her and is disappointed when it’s the weekend or a day off and she doesn’t get to see her.

Ms. Stegemann is above-and-beyond kind and knowledgeable.

Mrs. Stegemann is so passionate, caring, and honest. Mrs. Stegemann deserves to be recognized. Havana has been with Mrs. Stegemann for almost 2 years and every year is different. Havana has been through so much growing up with multiple doctor visits, therapy, surgery, etc. Her development has been delayed and finding the right help is hard. Ms. Stegeman has become more than a teacher. She became Havana’s second mom/Aunt. She advocates Havana’s concerns and makes sure she gets the right needs. As a teacher she has shown more than teaching. She treats her students like her own kids. I can never say this about anyone. But I trust her, and I trust her teaching. She is one of a kind. I am so grateful and truly appreciate Mrs. Stegeman passion and dedication.

Teacher: Kayla Stephens, Lee Amtonello Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Kayla has been the only constant in this class of 3rd to 5th graders special needs. As an aide she’s been through a temporary teacher & a new teacher quitting after a few months.  She is now a substitute in the class while earning teaching license bringing stability & a positive environment that her students can learn in. 

Teacher: Sara Stoeckinger, Roger D Gehring Academy of Science and Technology

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Sara Stoeckinger has made 1st grade stress free for my son and me. 1st year of in-person learning too. She goes out of her way to make the kids happy. She has one insensitive for the kids in her class. My son got to take a toy to school. He took his stuffed dog Jeff. He was so excited it would be Jeff’s first day of school. He was smiling for two days waiting for the day to come. I think those are the memories that a 1st grader should have. Of a fun learning environment. She always waves at me when I pick up my son from school. To let me know she sees me. She is always smiling. On another occasion the school had a fair. We got to the pie in the teacher’s face late. They were all done with the pies. She made sure he got to take part in that. Making a pie with left over whipped cream. All those little things are what make my son and me smile. Thank You Ms. Stoeckinger!

Teacher: Anastasia Stojanoff, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Stojanoff consistently exceeds expectations of what is normally expected from a teacher in my experience. She creates a close and trusting relationship with her students to make sure they understand that she is there to teach them, while helping them grow and succeed. She encourages participation, helping them grow with their public speaking. She also keeps the parents updated with everything that is expected from the child for them to excel in school. Lastly, how they are doing in school, not just grades, but how they are doing all around. We are lucky to have teachers like her in the world!

Teacher: Darylnn Strahler, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is the most caring, warm, patient amazing teacher my son Mason has ever had. She encourages the students and gives them realistic experience and expectations; she always makes sure everyone understands what the lesson is and is SO PATIENT! She deserves recognition! We adore her. My son and the rest of the class view her like a family member she is such a great person.

She is very nice, not strict, sorry nice!! She taught me that teachers can be nicer than thought was possible!!!

Teacher: Sarah Striblen, Twitchell Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I remember times when she saw that you looked sad, and she would ask you what is the matter. She would listen to our problems and try to help. I would smile as I was coming to school because I knew she was my teacher. She will always be my favorite teacher.

Teacher: Narwal Sukhjit, Durango High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is someone I can talk too. I feel safe around her.

Teacher: Yuli Sun, Spring Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Yuli is true to her last name “Sun” because she brings sunshine wherever she goes. She lifts every student, every teacher, every admin with her positive energy. She just had a baby born premature. But still on a recent video chat, she had me laughing so hard!  She is the hardest worker, but always stays upbeat.  ALWAYS.  It makes me smile to hear her name.

Sun老师(teacher) is always very positive and kind. She makes learning a very difficult foreign language fun and easier. She always checks in with us with check in and writes responses to all of us, and she really does care for us. Sun老师 is really one of the nicest teachers in Nevada.

Mrs. Sun is one of the most positive and hardworking teachers I have. Even during her hard times, she always has a smile on her face and continues to teach everybody with patience and motivation. She genuinely cares about her students and always has a great attitude.

Yuli is ALWAYS the bright light in the room. She makes everyone smile. Our kids at svhs are so happy that mandarin is available again and that is largely because of Sun Laoshī and her attitude and enthusiasm that she transmits to everyone around her.

She try’s her best every day to help us learn. Recently she gave birth, and she is still keeping in touch with us and helping.

She always has the best energy and is so sweet. Even when she doesn’t feel the best, she tries to make things better all around her.

Teacher: Jacqueline Susich, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She goes out of the way to teach all of her students. She teaches to all the different learners in her classroom, and she does it with kindness, warmth, and stellar teacher ability.  She is truly a master teacher. 

Mrs. Susich helped turn my son’s whole outlook on reading around. He went from not wanting to read (even crying over the idea of reading) to volunteering to read a paragraph in class! This was a huge deal for us. She started by getting him to buddy read and really helped build his confidence. She has stations in her classroom, it’s visually engaging for students and adults and her attention to students needs both educational and personal should be commended. It’s always a joy to communicate with her. She always addresses concerns and makes me feel heard as part of the team for my son. I’ve seen so much growth in my son this year. She’s amazing!

Teacher: Sarah Sutter, Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She makes every day exciting and helps us reach our fullest potential.

She is so funny and amazing. Even when she is critiquing us she makes us feel better with jokes.

She is so funny and amazing. She makes me feel better even if the day is already good.

Ms. Sutter never fails to help me have a good day. I don’t get to see her every day, but I always look forward to her class. She is caring and knowing there is a teacher who genuinely cares about me makes me happy. Ms. Sutter is a hard worker and I aspire to be the kind of dancer she is. Her dance stories make me smile and I wish I could be like her one day.

Mrs. SUTTER is truly phenomenal! Not only a great dance teacher but she ensures our safety and look after us younger choreographers like a mother look after her young! She has been such a light since my freshman year and now as a senior I am truly grateful for all the hard obstacles she has pushed us through and helped me get along to where I am now! A dance mom wouldn’t do that and ensure you’re passed your potential if they never cared for you ! She has so much leadership as an adult that I wish I can have her as a teacher forever, she has inspired me to become the best for myself but mainly for the younger generations who look up to me!

She makes me smile because she puts in a lot of effort every dance class trying to get us to become better dancers and people. She devotes all of her school time and after school time to us and works hard to check on all of us.

She makes me laugh and always pushes me to be my best.

She is always so honest and only wants the best for all her students. She encourages us to work hard and to be our best.

Ms. Sutter always make me smile by just being goofy and by showing us that the dance looks funny before it looks right.

Teacher: Shawnee Swanson, Laura Dearing Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher works in a program that is strictly behaviors. She has handled some tough situations that would make other teachers call admin to handle. She constantly has a smile on her face regardless of what happens throughout the day.  She is also always willing to help other teachers with things. From resources to suggestions about strategies on how to help stop an unwanted behavior. She is a great teacher who deserves to be appreciated for all that she has done this school year for her students, coworkers, and school.

Teacher: April Symmonds, Northwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs.Symmonds is always super kind and willing to help all the time and is always super fun while teaching math

Teacher: Akbar Sadri, O.K. Adcock Elementary Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? When I was in second grade That was my best performing grade so far. I was always Eager to learn with this teacher and I was not afraid to make mistakes in new subjects. He always believed in me, and he Is my favorite teacher so far.

Teacher: Leo Salkey, Cashman Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because he helps me with English so much and knows how to explain what I need to do with my work and to start it off. I enjoy being in his 3rd period.

Teacher: Adrienne Sanchez, Discovery Charter School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is a very loving teacher. She does her best with her students & their families. She cares about her students, and it shows in how much she does her best.

Teacher: Lauren Sandford, Legacy Traditional School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Sandford, it has been a great,

Awesome, loving and kind teacher.

She has a genuine personality my whole classmates love her; we all love her.

She always goes above and beyond every time especially when we needed help in the classroom.

She treats us with love and respect and that’s makes her unique.

Just wanted to appreciate her for all her hard work for being a wonderful teacher. and that’s why I’m nominating her.

I’m so proud to be her student and it makes me SMILE to say that.

Teacher: Kim Schmidt, West Career and Technical

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I’ve had Mrs. Schmidt as a teacher during my junior year, which was when schools switched to online. I did not have any motivation to learn during this time. Mrs. Schmidt’s class was one of the classes I looked forward to all year during this time period because she made class so fun and interactive. There was not a day that I did not smile when I had her as a teacher. I know that I was not the only student she made smile and motivated to learn. Even the year after, I still hear her past students praising her as a teacher and they have continuously encouraged other students to take her class because of her impact on them. She has worked so hard to make her students smile and motivated to learn more. She encouraged us to ask questions, and she has been so transparent with us. She is one of the teachers who is deserving of this award.

Teacher: Kyle Schramm, Legacy Traditional Southwest Campus

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Schramm goes far out of his way to help disadvantaged and youth with disabilities. His dedication to helping students is unparalleled.

Teacher: Joseph Schultz, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Schultz comes home and tells me about his students and how much he cares for each of them.  He goes above and beyond, working most days and weekends way past his contract time.  This has been a rough year for teachers, but his patience has outweighed the stress.

Teacher: Amy Sequeira, Mervin Iverson

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Amy transforms her room into different environments to promote learning… an example of her many translations would be a pizza parlor to help study fractions… she does this about once a month… it is amazing to see… She also puts on every event that happens at that school… holiday party, color-runs, activity nights etc… I taught for 30 years and have NEVER seen a teacher that works as hard, is creative, loving, and deserves this award like Amy does.

Teacher: Shawnta Shaw, Grant Sawyer Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile from being nice, making sure that I understand what going on and being thoughtful of my feeling and other.

Teacher: Scott Silverhus, Canarelli Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because he is a wonderful teacher and is a great help with my learning. He has fun ways to help his students learn and is always available to help students.

Teacher: Mckenzie Smith, Walter Long Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? All the first-grade teachers deserve the world this year especially Ms. Smith. Most of her class didn’t get much from distant learning so she had to not only teach them everything for 1st grade but also do Kindergarten at the same time. My daughter was one at the bottom in her class and she is now one of her tops. She goes over and beyond teaching the kids.

Teacher: Yuli Sun, Spring Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she was so nice to everybody in the class.

Ms. Sun is a great teacher that many greatly appreciate. She is now at home caring for her newborn baby but worked very hard while she was pregnant just to make sure we knew as much as we could before she left. She even supplied us with a great sun and didn’t just leave us to whoever like other teachers.

She puts in a great effort in her teaching and is a teacher that will always make you happy when you talk to her

Ms. Sun always makes sure her students feel genuinely cared for, both physically and mentally. She gives periodic wellness checks, asks us about our day, how we are feeling, and what we did during the weekend, and writes us all a personalized message. She is one of the kindest teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from.

Teacher: Lylah Suscal, Bunker Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Why does my teacher make me smile, well he teaches us how to do our best math and reading and science and gives us snacks.

Teacher: Jacquelyn Susich, Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is warm, caring, creating a nurturing environment in her classroom. Mrs. Susich works with every student at their own level, and we have seen tremendous growth in our son this year. She is a master at teaching writing, and I have been very impressed with her results.  Year after year she goes above and beyond to get the absolute best out of her students. 

Teacher: Brenda Swanson, SLAM

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Swanson during the school year had to transition students from distant learning to in class instruction for a brand-new elementary program at Slam Nevada. During the first three months Mrs. Swanson was actually teaching to two full classes as a teacher resigned leaving the school one teacher short in the 5th grade. She has completely written the criteria for two other teachers that are new to 5th grade to assist them throughout the year. Mrs. Swanson arrives early each day to welcome students and stays late working on future projects. She provides a safe environment with limited resources and spends most of her off time writing grants for funds to obtain electronics and study material for all of the elementary aged children at slam. I don’t know any other teacher that provides the amount of time at night and weekends for the betterment of the Clark County students attending Slam Nevada.

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!