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Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers our impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. With over 1700+ unique nominations, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: Amalia Najera, James McMillian Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? My son’s teacher is so amazing. My son has increasing feeling expanded his vocabulary and spelling since being in her classroom. The care and nurturing aspect also makes me smile. My son comes home from school every day with such a positive attitude, and I know that has a lot to do with his teacher.

Teacher:  Sukhjit Narwal, Durango High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because she truly understands on how you are feeling personally. You can always see her after class for mini conversations and good laughs. She also has a good vibe and a positive attitude as well. Ms. Narwal is the best teacher I’ve had in all of my school years. I’ll truly miss Ms. Narwal as my English teacher.

Ms. Narwal is the best teacher I’ve had. She checks in with all her students and makes sure everyone is doing well.

Goes out of her way to make sure they’re okay and will help if given the chance.

Ms. Narwal is super positive, supportive and just an all-around amazing teacher.

She is honestly an amazing teacher. It’s not frequent that I feel I’m actually learning a certain subject but the way she teaches is like I’m really gaining the information she’s giving. Not only is she a great teacher she makes her students feel comfortable and almost as if were our own little community in her class. Ms. Narwal connects with her students unlike any other teacher I’ve had and it’s an amazing almost heart-warming experience to be one of her students.

She’s the one teacher I can go to when I have personal problems and helps every one of her students when they need help. She cares so much about her job and makes her class very fun.

She is amazing and a Capricorn.

This teacher has been supporting all the hardship I’ve been dealing with and she is just a very understanding teacher who cares about students lows and highs. She is someone who teaches someone individually if they need the help.

She is a very nice teacher. She teaches really good.

This teacher is my favorite teacher so far during my entire high school experience this far. Entering this class is my highlight of my school day because this class makes me feel safe and loved. I never feel embarrassed to ask questions in this class and like the positive energy that this class gives off.

She is a good teacher and very kind to everyone.

Ms. Narwal is an outstanding teacher. The ability to teach material properly, while being able to connect with students mentally and emotionally. Being a student in an ever-growing society is mentally damaging, and a school environment can be emotionally scarring for some. However, Ms. Narwal has never ever failed to understand students to that degree, offering the kindest of words, as well as just putting the most effort in her students. The effort it takes to make students feel comfortable is intense, and Ms. Narwal goes above and beyond. Her teaching and explaining skills are also out of this world. She has every student’s best interest, and most definitely has mine.

They are always there in the hallways to talk to while I’m heading to my class.  She also just makes school more bearable.

This teacher makes me smile, because she isn’t a strict teacher, but she still gets us our work done. She is also a very bright person that would talk to you anytime if you’re feeling down. She also makes sure everyone in this room is comfortable and happy.

The first teacher to ever check up on me.

She tries her best to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. I’m able to vent to her and easily ask her for help. She made it to where everyone is your friend in the class so your able to feel comfortable. She will always be my favorite teacher considering I have been able to better myself and look forward to the future.

She’s nice and caring for everyone.

She’s just really super nice and helps everyone.

She is very nice and helpful to everyone in the class.

This teacher makes me smile because she is a very kind person and has helped not through just my school problems, but also personal problems, I appreciate her greatly.

She always has a positive vibe and mixes things up to make it fun.

She is a great teacher she always has good vibes in her classroom. She also is so nice. Lastly she knows how to teach well.

She’s funny and makes her assignments fun.

She’s a wonderful teacher.

She always makes time to talk to her students and supports her students.

This teacher makes me smile because she’s the sweetest teacher I’ve ever had. Mrs. Narwal is one of the few teachers who is willing to understand a student’s life and actually take it into consideration. I’ve never felt more comfortable in a classroom than in Mrs. Narwals class she’s funny but keeps her professionalism, she’s broken down my grade and has helped me improve tremendously as a student. If anyone deserves this award it’s her she’s kind, an amazing teacher, and has a glowing, welcoming personality.

By being nice to each and every person.

This teacher makes me smile because she takes time out of her day to always ask how I’m feeling and always says she’s here for her students when we need her.

She makes me smile because she makes the lessons, she teaches easy to understand and she supports us as students.

My Daughter talks about Ms. Narwal all the time. She tells me how she inspires her to be a better student and i feel she is the best teacher my daughter has ever has.

This teacher makes me smile because she’s always considerate & sensitive to others’ emotions which makes a big difference in me and my classmates’ day. Without her we would not be a unit, with Ms. Narwal our school life is easy and relaxing while we intake the best knowledge.

She is very kind and fun and will always help other students and I whenever we need it.

She made me smile by asking if we’re doing ok and that she has Golden Retriever energy.

Every other teacher treats me like a student, she is very kind and talks to me with respect and cares about her students.

She is a great teacher and inspire me to be myself.

Every day I come into class she makes me feel welcomed, and I’m another kid that has been through struggles throughout my life. Since the first day of school Ms. Narwal has been working with me and when I ask for one on one time, she makes time for that she is very caring, thoughtful and its very warming to just walk in the class and know it’s a safe spot in the school. Sukhjit is a great teacher and as an amazing personality and whoever has this teacher after me is lucky to be taught by this woman.

She makes me smile because she’s very thoughtful and kind and respects our opinions.

Ms. Narwal is really cool and fun. She makes English more bearable.

She is someone I can talk to and that I can trust. I usually don’t go to teachers because they tell people everything, but I really do trust Ms. Narwal. She also takes time out of her day to make ours easy.

She makes me smile because she is always here for us as students. She makes sure we are all doing well, and she does whatever she can for us. I love her.

Ms. Narwal always answers questions with a big smile and kind tone. She never makes you feel bad for wondering something or being confused. She’s just so great at making her a classroom a warm and welcoming place where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself.

Ms. Narwal is very patient with her students, and always makes sure that the education she gives us is both fun and helps us learn.

She’s very great at teaching us and really kind. Also, she encourages us to be our best at all times.

Ms. Narwal makes me smile because she’s a really sweet person and understands us as students. She makes sure that we’re having a good day and makes us feel welcomed in her class.

Ms. Narwal has been so sweet to me since the first day. She noticed I was having a hard time with stuff at home. She would offer me to have lunch with her, offer me snacks (from her own personal money) and she has the sweetest soul. Ms. Narwal has had such a big impact on me, and she truly deserves everything good in life. She absolutely deserves the whole world.

She is an amazing teacher. help helps us when we don’t understand something, she talks to us if something is wrong, she also like making funny jokes that makes us laugh.

Because she always puts a lot of effort in what she does and helps a lot of students by using her own money to help them in life.

This teacher makes me smile because when I’m having a bad day she will always find a way to make a smile.

She has a beautiful personality and is very patient and kind with her teaching.

Teacher: Brittany Nguyen, Forbuss Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Nguyen cares for our children like her own. Our daughter’s always happy after coming home from school, she feels safe with her, and she’s really improved her academic and social skills. She is the best.

Ms. Nguyen is the definition of going above and beyond with her students. She makes sure that her students are happy, healthy, and secure in their learning space. Our daughter went from private pre-k to CCSD kindergarten, and she exceeded our expectations! My daughter now has the skills that we have been trying to instill in her and that’s because of Ms. Nguyen! She deserves this more than anyone!

Mrs. Nguyen loves my child like one of her own. Evan loves school and is eager to learn because Mrs. Nguyen pushes him to do his best at school.

She helps us tremendously when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes! She immediately took her under her wing and has made sure everyone is comfortable and safe no matter what. She goes above and beyond for her students and is the kindest person!

Teacher: Christine Nightingale, Frank Kim Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She has the brightest, biggest smile in the world! She makes her students smile by showing them how important they are to her, themselves and the world every day.  She tells them to “kiss your brain”, gives them “pinkie” hugs, and speaks to them on their level which makes them not only feel important but know they are important.

Teacher: Stephanie Nightingale, WCSD

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She helps special needs students and takes care of them as well as their parents would.  She is smart and shows the students loved.

Teacher: Erica Nunez, Frank Kim Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She makes me smile because she really cares for her kids, and she loves each one of them. She wants nothing more to watch her students succeed and grow using all of the tough love she shows them. I’ve watched her teach her students and you can just tell she loves what she does. She’s also my mom 🙂

Teacher: Christina Nyitray, Edith Garehime Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Even though Mrs. Nyitray has a small class her students are a handful, but she manages to get the job done. I know my child is a wild card, but she’s stays on him, and we work together on everything. She has so much patience and respect for her students and their parents. No one really pays too much attention to the teachers who teach kids with behavior or emotional problems, but they should. Mrs. Nyitray knows anything she needs for the class I’m right there not just because she’s a teacher but I’m that parent that can admit my five yr. old is a handful so if she can teach him and wants to help him grow, she definitely deserves an award in my book.

Teacher: Alexandra Nedelcu, Durango High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Always makes me feel safe and welcome and is always there when I need anything at all.

Teacher: Maria Nesperos, Dorris Reed Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Nesperos goes above and beyond her pay grade daily. It is no easy task to teach special needs. With covid and all of the other mishaps over the last year, this teacher has been beyond understanding and amazing.  She takes her time with these kids, even when it’s stressful.  Are family is so lucky to have had her this year. Please take Ms. Nesperos into consideration, she does amazing work with are special needs children. Signed an autism mom!!!!

Teacher: Kristin Nigor, Steve Schorr Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Nigor is my daughters first teacher. My daughter has Sickle Cell Disease a rare genetic blood disorder, which causes her to be immune Compromised. This caused us especially in Pandemic, to elect not to send her to school. We tried our best to teach her, but nothing replaces a good teacher. Gia is 7 but with holding off on school she is in Kinder this year. Mrs. Nigor is our homebound teacher. From the first day she was very understanding of her illness and the need to meet Gia where she was since she had never been in a school setting with structure. Gia was very shy at first. Mrs. Nigor took her time and Gia has begun to blossom with her and is enjoying learning. Mrs. Nigor never tried to rush her to get up to speed with the average Kinder kid. She even praises Gia for her progress which even surprises her sometimes since she has never been traditionally taught. Me. Nigor has given Gia the confidence to want to attend traditional school and I think that her teaching will allow Gia to be ready to do so. She is a part of our family now. We love her and appreciate the time she takes with Gia. She makes me smile because she has brought Gia out of her shell when it comes to learning and I see how much she enjoys it. When she is sick and can’t get her schooling, she misses Mrs. Nigor and can’t wait to get back to learning. I wasn’t sure this would be the case. She is a great teacher and deserves anything we can do to help make her teaching life better.

Mrs. Nigro makes everyone smile! She is constantly encouraging every student no matter their background or situation to be themselves, to reach for their dreams and to never stop learning. She is an amazing example of kindness, respect, and hard work. Mrs. Nigro makes kids feel seen and never hesitates to spend her own time and money to create an interesting and encouraging atmosphere for our littles to learn. Most of the kids consider her their school momma because she gives TLC when life is a challenge. Mrs. Nigro lost her mother this year and you would have never known her heart was aching; she is always present and allows our kids to be themselves. I don’t know what we are going to do next year without her. Kindergarten is where you learn so many of life’s building blocks and Mrs. Nigro has set these kids up for success!

She is always so happy and bubbly and has a great attitude!

She goes above and beyond for her students! Always makes them feel special and loved 💕

Mrs. Nigro is fun and nice. – Kairee

Mrs. Nigro works hard at teaching and is great at stimulating and combining the children’s interests into the curriculum. My daughter is always coming home and talking about how much fun she has in class and looks forward to the next class day. Kairee comes home and starts her homework right away and proudly shows me her work that she accomplishes on her own.

All of Ms. Nigros students love her! She does an amazing job inspiring her students daily.  They learn to read, write, raise butterflies and are even hatching chicks! I know if she wins, she’ll use the money in her classroom.

Gia is a student of Ms. Nigro who has sickle cell disease. Due to this Gia’s parents have always wanted to homeschool her but are not actual teachers themselves. Gia was a little behind with learning and severely anti-social prior to meeting Ms. Nigro. Since meeting her Gia is excelling academically and is blossoming into a social butterfly.

Her ability to give encouragement and knowledge in the same breath.

I worked for CCSD for many years, and I can say this is one of the best teachers I’ve come across…always goes above and beyond with the kids. I’m thrilled every day that one of my kids had the opportunity to have Ms. Nigro as a teacher- She has an enthusiasm and kindness that inspires kids to learn that’s almost unparalleled …she’s also FANTASTIC with the parents and their concerns.

Kristan has so much spirit and heart. She always has a smile on her face and a coffee in her hand. She has so much love for her students and school.  She is one of the most genuine people I know.  Kristan will go out of her way to help anyone, and she will use her voice to make sure you feel heard.

Kristan is all about her students She has all the intangibles you need to be a teacher.  She is a intelligent, patient, and very caring. Her biggest attribute is her people skills and the ways she interacts with not only the students but also the students’ families that puts smiles on the students faces and mine as well.

Kristan is a beautiful soul. Very kind and patient. After losing her mom she still continues to smile, push through difficult times, and shine her beautiful light for the children she teaches. She is gentle, a go getter for her students and I can’t see our kids not having a better teacher. She is the best. Truly truly loved. When I see her daily, her smile makes me smile.

Kristan is always striving to improve the learning experience. She is loyal and committed to the education system. She is positive and upbeat. She genuinely cares about her students and the school.

Kristan loves her students. She talks to them like grown up kids. She doesn’t downplay her language to them, speaks her mind. She is the friendliest person the the staff. She greets everyone with passion.

Kristan makes me smile every time I see her. Her bubbly personality and love for her students is contagious!

Kristan’s tales off success and her heart for students as they start their school career inspires me. I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum, ushering students out of high school, so I have a totally different understanding of the process. She has an opportunity to get young students to love learning from the start, which she does every day! She’s also started some very wonderful initiatives, including her school garden and community food pantry. She not only makes me smile, but also makes her students, school, and community smile every day!

Me Nigro keeps her kids engaged and supports a positive environment for her students. She has a passion for her job and a deep understanding of the importance of educating our kids! Her bright eyes, and sense of humor would make any kid smile!

Mrs. Nigro goes above and beyond to provide for her classroom so that her kids have all the necessities they need. I remember her telling me that her students would look forward to coming to class as Mrs. Nigro had a separate cupboard of snacks for her children and families. This was like a weight lifted off the kids’ shoulders, and I know Mrs. Nigro does her work from the love and kindness of her heart.

Mrs. Nigro is understood of Gia, a student living with a genetic disorder who has been receiving educational instruction from her.

Mrs. Nigro makes me smile because she always makes sure every student at our school feels welcomed. She always makes sure to say hi to each and every student in the hallway, and she is always smiling. As you know, smiles are contagious!

Ms. Nigro is my practicum 1 teacher. She has been a huge help in my journey to become a teacher. Every day I learn something new about the profession from her. She is one of the most excellent teachers I have ever met. Her young students excel, and she finds ways to make every lesson engaging. Her playful energy and positive attitude towards the kids is hugely admirable. She makes me smile everyday by seeing how excellent of a teacher I can aspire to be.

My son always comes home happy after school because he has Mrs. Nigro to thank for. She makes it easy for kids in his class to get along and learn together. She knows all their parents and greet us all with a warm happy smile. Knowing that my kid is happy in her class makes me feel comfortable about his ability to do well in school.

She goes above and beyond all year even when she’s off she’s out spending time with after school kids, homebound services, and very involved with the Union to try and better things for everyone else.

She is a phenomenal kindergarten teacher. When you send your child to school most hope their child learns to love learning. Mrs. Nigro sets that standard, and your child can’t help but fall in love with learning. She set the bar extremely high, and we are extremely grateful.

She is always happy and cheerful with lots of energy.

She relates to the students w kindness and caring. She makes learning fun.

She’s always so patient and has the best attitude. I love her to the moon and back!

She’s Amazing.

She’s an awesome teacher.

This teacher makes me smile as she is fun loving and just loves to put smiles on her students faces. She gives it her all and is happy doing so. She truly makes a difference in her students’ lives and whoever is around her.

We’ll I am this teacher. I smile because I know the change I am making in the future leaders of America! It brings me such joy to come to work every day to see my little angels💚 they are my other family!

Ms. Nigro is an absolute jewel. She truly loved her students and shows up ready to share and help her students grow and learn. My daughter loves Ms. Nigro. She literally talks about her every day. “Ms. Nigro said it’s ok to make mistakes because that’s how we learn.” “Ms. Nigro said we should always do our best and it’s ok to ask for help”. Every day is a new but of wisdom from my kindergartener from her amazing teacher. What impressed me most about her is that she truly sees her students and celebrates them as individuals. She is open and communicates with us as parents. I still remember my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Cooper. I remember how she groomed my love for learning. I see the same in my daughter through Ms. Nigro. I couldn’t have asked for a better kindergarten teacher for my special girl.

Teacher: Julie Nilson, Dorothy Eisenberg Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is incredibly patient with our autistic son. She really enjoys what she does, and it shows by how happy her students are every day. She goes above and beyond the role of a teacher!

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!