Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog H

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers our impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. With over 1700+ unique nominations, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: Michael Hadobas, Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because he knows that there’s time to be funny and act professional. Chef Is a very good teacher and overall had made this year the best.

Always very cheerful and great at teaching new skills.

This teacher is just really passionate about his work, and I look forward to coming to his class every day. It is very obvious to see this teacher loves what he does for a living.

This teacher makes me smile because he teaches us skills and techniques while in the kitchen, he also gives us opportunities to be creative with our skills. He tries to make sure that the program is interactive and engaging. He cares about me as a student, always asks me how I’m doing and that makes me smile.

He makes me laugh and teaches me different skills.

Chef Hadobas came at a time that I think everyone really needed him. He started teaching in my sophomore year, and I didn’t really like culinary classes because they were always so messy and unorganized, but he came in like a bullet train and picked us all up again. He’s guided me through so many competitions and projects that have made me a better worker, student, and baker. He gives us the space and resources we need to grow, while not denying us his guidance when we need it. He makes me smile because he’s always handing out food and talking to me about the next dish we’re going to do together in class. I found a passion in the culinary and hospitality industry because of him, and I know he will still be there for me even after I graduate.

I’ve never met a more amazing, supportive teacher in my life. Chef Hadobas inspires me to be the best version of myself.

He teaches you a lot and can be laid back at fun at times.

Well, Chef is the best teacher you could ever have. He has such a passion for cooking, and for teaching. He comes everyday with such a smile on his face and positive energies. He helped me find a passion, he helped me find a hobby (and possible career) that will stay forever in my heart. He taught me so much, from culinary skills to how to have a respect for the kitchen and develop a passion. Chef is also very talented, he always has cool recipes that always teach us something. I admire Chef Hadobas so much, he made me love cooking and love coming to class every other day :)))

Chef Hadobas is always making jokes in class, even when we’re sitting getting lectured he tries his best to make it entertaining. He is always reasonable with the way he grades our assignments, and you can really tell that he WANTS us to learn. Often, I feel teachers just teach and give out assignments and they don’t act like they have a passion for the subject they teach, but chef loves to teach his students and help people grow. He points out when students are doing good and compliments their achievements. I wish every teacher was like him. He is very direct on what he expects and his requirements which make students want to surprise him and do even better. I really appreciate the extra mile he goes for his students and the hard work he puts into preparing us for our future in culinary.

This teacher makes me smile because he is always supportive of what I do in class, and he has taught me so much.

He is kind and willing to help at all times.

He keeps it real with his students and encourages open communication.

He is always willing to help when it is needed and is always in a good mood.

This teacher makes me smile because he makes the classroom environment not just about learning but also making sure that the students are having fun while doing so. He makes lighthearted jokes with his kids and makes sure he bonds with his students.

Chef encourages us to do our best work and does not belittle us for mistakes and instead helps us understand and learn from them. He has shown constant support to my goals of being a pastry chef and has helped me so much just this past year.

This teacher makes me smile because he’s a great person to talk to if you ever need it.  He is great at teaching and showing understanding on topics. He is the culinary teacher and makes cooking fun.

I mean, why doesn’t he? First of all, he takes SO much pride in his work, which shows in the countless awards his students have won in various levels of competition. I know he spends hours outside of work thinking of ways to give his students a unique and beneficial experience. He is always looking for ways to expose his students to new techniques and flavors. He’s the best of the best!

He actually cares about how his students feel. He wants to make class fun for us, and he’s willing to adapt to our needs in order to do so.

This teacher is very passionate about teaching us students. He treats us with the greatest amount of respect any teacher has ever given. He is comfortable to talk too and can go to him for anything.

Because he goes above and beyond to provide a great experience in and out of the classroom. He cares a lot about his students and his craft.

Chef Hadobas goes above and beyond to give his students the most desirable culinary experience. His past work with Wolfgang Puck translates into amazing student-led projects and school-wide feasts. Everything he does is done with great attention to detail and delivered at top-notch service. Additionally, he takes time to get to know each of his students and shows his care and concern for each of them. They are very lucky to have a teacher who is down to earth, professional, and completely passionate about his field.

Teaches us well so we understand what we are learning, and we have fun when cooking in the kitchen.

Overall, he is a great teacher. He cares about every student, their safety and doesn’t get mad at them when they make a mistake. He genuinely creates an entertaining environment, giving us aid if we need directions and listens to every student’s concerns.

He’s shown me so much. I’m in his culinary 1 class as a freshman and I have to say, I absolutely despise cooking. It’s just not my thing. So, automatically, hate by association. But it’s so hard to hate him and his class. Chef has shown and taught us so many things that I’ve realized I ACTUALLY apply to my everyday life. Sure, sometimes he scares the living soul out of me, but he makes my day all the same. He’s constantly joking with his classes and really does his best to help us succeed, even if it means giving us a lecture on how we need to do better as students–especially with substitutes. He prepares us for the worst and helps us through it, he’s constantly trying, and it shows. He’s just really cool and deserves it.

Michael is so dedicated to preparing his students for future careers in the food and hospitality industry. He is always working to design creative lessons, ways to incorporate various cultures into the cuisines he teaches and showing students techniques that are used in real professional kitchens. He has a great rapport with his students and is a committed mentor. Michael follows the steps of his mother, who was an educator for decades. He has always been committed to education and is passionate about lifelong learning.

Michael puts his entire being into bettering his students’ skills. He’s a very caring person and has a great sense of humor. He makes a huge effort to be the best version of himself for his students.

He is really understanding and is always helpful. He is a great teacher just by showing up and does so much for the school and his students. He is the “trusted adult” every emergency form talks about. He is just a safe person to be around.

He makes me smile because not only do I get to learn more about the culinary on a daily basis but, his class makes me excited to go and learn and make new recipes and try new foods I haven’t had before, and I’ve grown to like culinary more thanks to his class.

This teacher is passionate about what he teaches. He shows genuine care for each and every student and pushes them to succeed and grow.

Although I don’t personally have him as my teacher that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate as him. As my field trips advisor, he was very attentive and helped out with everyone’s needs. There wasn’t a problem too small or too big that he wouldn’t help out with. He also graciously provided an abundance of snacks buying what everyone wanted. Not to mention that when walking by suspicious people his papa bear came right out ready to defend the group in case anyone tried to harm us. Overall, Michael Hadobas is really sweet, cares for his students, and makes sure everyone has a good time while having a good time himself.

“Chef” Hadobas, as he’s known on campus, is an exceptional chef. Not only does he spend long hours at school from 5:30am to prep food but also stays till the late hours to prep for the next day! Between managing to teach students basic and advanced culinary techniques and styles, making sure students are safe in the kitchen, Chef also prioritizes the mental well-being of students and the faculty of SWCTA. Chef organizes weekly lunch specials for the staff to sample and taste the fine work of his culinary students keeping everyone happy in the workplace.

Chef Hadobas deeply cares about the future of his students. He constantly works hard to prepare us for the restaurant industry and is an active participant in extracurricular events. Despite my class only cooking for a couple months, I can tell that our skills have grown exponentially because of his teaching. I’ve been able to learn not only cooking techniques, but communication and teamwork. I’m grateful that he’s my culinary teacher!

Let’s us do a lot of fun labs.

This letter is about Chef Michael Hadobas, one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking Instructors I have ever learned from. He possesses the rare ability to bring out the best in his students and allows them the freedom to explore their creativity within his classes. Teachers and students around the school enjoy his ambitions with the program, from weekly meals that are full of delicious foods from around the world. Students can practice for competitions after school to ensure a victory through his guided advice and lessons. Staying from 30 minutes to 4 extra more hours so they can practice.

Chef Hadobas will surely exceed your expectations, as both a Chef and a Instructor.

He always checks up on us while making sure we are still being professional. I kid you not, when I say this is person is top 5 most impactful people in my life. I don’t think I can be where I am today without this teacher.

He is a great teacher, and he helps me a lot, very patient and the stuff we do in his class is alot of fun.

He helps us learn good.

He genuinely cares for not only our grades, but also for the individual.

Out of all the teachers in this school, Chef Hadobas is very attentive to his students. He’s very reasonable and open minded and it creates a self-environment for the students, the teacher, and class overall. He’s taught a lot of things when it’s come to safety and culinary, he inspires me to pursue my cooking career.

This teacher makes me smile because he motivates me to become successful and makes me love cooking through being encouraging and passionate about the culinary arts program.

Chef is a very kind person, he is always there for his students, and other teachers. I have had him as my teacher for 3 years, and I have always enjoyed his class. Chef always tries to make class fun and simple. He is very good at lightning the mood and making others smile.

This teacher makes me smile because when he comes to class he always tries to wake us up because it is the morning and everybody is always tired. He also helps us when we struggle with making a dish and he always has a solution for it.

Chef Hadobas makes me smile because of how thoughtful he is towards his students. He is a empathetic and kind person while still not being a pushover. He has the ability to be strict whenever needed and is very flexible when helping struggling students. It is clear that he cares for the safety and future of all his students and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are successful well after high school.

This teacher makes me smile because he’s impacted my life drastically within such little time of knowing him. He comes into each and every class he teaches, and always encourages students abroad in what they want to do. Furthermore, Chef Hadobas has motivated me to pursue in the culinary industry and break down fears that I’ve used to have. Chef Hadobas is the most caring, kindest, motivational Chef I’ve been taught by before. With all being said, he deserves this nomination because his cheerful personality has made others lives become more successful.

I think Chef Hadobus goes above and beyond to make his classes interesting and his students connect with the subject matter. He cares deeply about his curriculum and the success of the students in his classes.

Chef Hadobas always makes an effort to converse and say hello to his students and make them smile if they are having a bad day. He maintains a professional and enriching educational environment while also managing to connect with his students through his wittiness and his ability to engage in personable conversation. He also exhibits an admirable passion for his work that inspires me to strive for higher accomplishments.

Chef makes class really fun. I have learned so much in this class. I have never really had an interest in cooking before, but now I cook all the time. Also, he’s just really nice and you can tell that he actually cares about our education in culinary.

Because he is a nice teacher, and he provides for us even though it affects him at a personal cost.

I love this teacher because he always makes me laugh and is nice to everyone.

Chef Hadobas is an amazing teacher and chef. He is what I would consider a genuine professional and even lead me and my team to winning the extremely sought-after 2nd place in our ProStart Hot Foods competition. He is a great mentor and I have already learned a lot from him. I believe that he is also one of the nicest teachers on campus and is very caring and accepting.

Chef is an amazing teacher. He prioritizes the education and health of every student. He asks us about our day, and we have small discussions before starting class that make the class a comfortable place to socialize and express our thoughts. Chef makes it very easy to trust him and although he may be strict at times because, of course, he’s a teacher, he always makes us smile with jokes. He doesn’t overboard us with assignments or busy work and always makes work manageable. He asks our opinions for things we should do moving forward as a class and lets us pick what we want to do the most rather than making us do things we won’t enjoy. Chef is very open to new ideas and new ways of teaching and learning. Overall, he puts his students and their education first and I’m really grateful to have such a great teacher.

Chef Hadobas always makes the lessons he teaches fun, and it sticks with us throughout the year with him. Also, he´s really grounded and realistic by teaching us things that we should know moving forward.

He makes every class fun and makes me feel needed every class. Includes a lot of hands-on learning and places responsibility on all students testing us in our skills.

This teacher shows a lot of appreciation and consideration for his students, as he makes learning as fun and informative as possible, along with ensuring that every student feels appreciated.

Chef Michael Hadobas is a favorite of all his students! A young teacher with an already impressive amount of life achievements, Chef Hadobas connects with students on multiple levels. His exuberant mannerisms and quirky facial expressions make an already fun class of cooking even more enjoyable.  The best reason Chef Hadobas makes me smile is his individual connection and thoughtfulness to each student.  It was nearing the end of the semester and he had many students who had not completed all their assignments. He was calling them up to his desk one at a time to discuss what they needed to complete. One on his students, a sweet and shy freshman who transferred to the school after the school year had started, was often stressed and showed her concern on her face. Chef Hadobas had noticed this tendency of hers and made a point to be very calm while explaining to her she needed to complete the assignments or risk receiving a failing grade. The student became upset and started crying, but Chef Hadobas was already prepared for this, knowing this might be a possible outcome. He told the student she may be excused to go see the school counselor, who he had already alerted may get a visit from this particular student. It made me both smile and my eyes swell with tears of joy from this simple, yet extremely generous act of kindness he showed to his student after taking the time to understand her on a deeper level that is ever required by a teacher.

Chef Michael Hadobas, in my opinion, is the most deserving candidate for this award. He brings a brightness to his student’s lives that they will keep with them forever.

This teacher makes me smile because he is a very joyful person, and he is a culinary teacher meaning that we get to eat and cook, and he is a very joyful and caring teacher.

because he is super caring, if I’m ever having an issue, I know I can talk to him about it. He is a really good teacher and definitely in the top 5 of teachers at this school.

Teacher: Kristen Haley, South West Career Technical and Career Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because each day I walk into her classroom, she always has an amazing attitude. She is always in a great mood. Not only that, but she also understands me and wants to help me. I am so appreciative that I have a teacher like her, and I hope I have her next year for English 10 Honors, truly. 

This teacher makes me smile because she always makes me laugh and teaches in a way where I am not incredibly bored. Also, she is really kind and funny which is nice.

I love Ms. Haley because she is interactive with her students. Even if she may not like a student’s opinion, she will always try her best to listen to their point of view. She is very lenient but also will put somebody into check, and I love these kinds of teachers. She will always start a conversation with me, and I look forward to her class because it is a comfortable space for me.

This teacher makes me smile because of her funny personality and the way she teaches her class. English usually isn’t the class that I look forward to, but Ms. Haley finds a way to make the class entertaining.

She’s patient, understanding and makes learning enjoyable. She comes into class every day with a positive attitude and is one of the only classes I look forward to going to.

She is nice and really just cares for her students, she is a lovely person to be around and justtalk to because she will actually listen. Also, she teaches really well and gives good assignments that actually make me learn and want to learn more. She gives the perfect amount of homework, tests, quizzes, and just work in general (this doesn’t mean she gives us nothing to do, this also doesn’t mean the only reason I like her is because she gives us a perfect amount of work). I love her as a teach even though I have only been in her class for about a year I can already say she is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Ms. Haley always greets her students at the door. She always is willing to help out when a student is struggling. She provides colorful vibrant slides for students to help students with attention. Ms. Haley always makes me, and many other students smile!

This teacher gives me a safe place to be when I am down or just having a really rough day. She’s so selfless and makes me strive to do my best. When I’m in need of someone to confide in or someone to give me advice, she’s always there for me.  Not only that but she makes me want to learn in her class. Her assignments are fun, and they always challenge me to constantly come out of my comfort zone and work harder than before. English has never been a subject that I fancied but ever since I got her class, I’ve always wanted to wake up and get to school on time to be able to be in her class again. I excel in her class, and I know that if I ever got a bad grade on something, I can ask her about how to get a better score and she’ll explain it to me in a way that’s understandable and comforting. She’s a friend to the students and also an educator. She gives everyone a calm and caring environment to work in and never judges you for anything you are or do. I aspire to have her sense of humor and selflessness in the future when I grow up.

Ms. Haley is a great teacher. I have learned a lot this year because Ms. Haley is such a great teacher. She is also one of the coolest teachers I have ever had.

This teacher makes me smile by supporting me and trying to prepare me for my future. I appreciate all the effort she puts into her lesson plans makes class enjoyable. I have improved so much in English and now I enjoy going to class every day.

Teacher: Angelina Hall, William E. Ferron Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Hall makes my son smile each and every day by caring so much about his education. He is Autistic and she knows how dedicated I am as a parent to my son. She helps us so very much. My son is at the top of his class and is doing extremely well. She is caring and makes learning fun.  My son loves going to school each day. She is what all teachers should be like.

Teacher: James Hamburg, Northwest Career and Technical academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Besides being the best teacher, I’ve ever had, he is very humble, understanding, and an amazing person.  He puts a positive impact on a lot of students and tries his hardest every day to teach us something new every day.  He has taught all of us how to be brave and strong on our own and not only that he gives us advice for our future lives. I appreciate him being there for all of us and I think he deserves the best!

He is such a funny, straight to the point teacher. I’ve never left his class without laughing. He would never see this coming and would be in an unforgettable shock.

Teacher: Robert Hanief, Hyde Park Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  This teacher makes me smile because he sticks up for every single student he educates, he illustrates amazing work ethic, he is just the best if not one of the best teachers and Hyde Park.

For example, at the beginning of the school year he explained to us that if we were getting picked on by someone, he wouldn’t go up straight to the bully and confront him about it, he’ll watch him do it and he’ll contact the office and he demonstrated this strategy for one reason and one reason only. He said that if I go to him straight on, it will just continue, and it won’t stop him from going to the park after school and beating him up.

Another reason why Mr. Hanief is the best teacher is because even though he is not your typical 25 – 30-year-old teacher, he still tries to encourage us and he tries to participate in making sure we learn good and well each and every day, I guess you could say he’s the teacher that picks you up when you fall or compliments you when you’re down. He always tries to compliment his students whenever he can if it’s form new shoes, a haircut, ETC. He made me smile every day and his activities were always the highlight of my day, for example if I was down about a grade or something happened and I was bummed out, when I got straight into his class and his activities it would lighten my mood up for the rest of the day. He also always talk’s to us like we are adults and we deserve respect.

In my opinion I think he is definitely that one in a million teacher than you see! This is why I think he 100% deserves that prize.

Teacher: Karen Harris, Western High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? because she cares so much. she notices the little things that nobody else does. she always goes above and beyond to make sure her students are okay.

Teacher: ReginaHeatt, Grant Sawyer

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She makes my daughter smile so that makes me smile.

Teacher: Bryan Hickey, Halle Hewetson Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Hickey does more than teach PE. He knows every student’s name and greets them with a smile at the gate every morning. He assists me with a walking school bus program. This is where we walk the neighborhood and walk the students to school safely. Mr. Hickey helps the entire school by taking on extra class to help cover classes as others have been out sick. He truly leads with his heart and has so much compassion for the students. It is a huge asset to the students and the staff alike to have a teacher like Mr. Hickey at Halle Hewetson Elementary School. 

Teacher: KellyHiggins, Foothills High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She Is nice and very helpful.

This teacher is always there for me when I need her, and she talks to me and takes time to get to know me. when my nephew passed away and I broke down crying, she talked to me and cried with me and let me know that its ok to feel pain and that she was there if I ever needed to talk. 

She’s great. She’s so nice and she works really hard to help her students and make sure they succeed in class she likes to play music for us she makes us laugh. She’s funny and her class is fun and it’s easy to do the work. She’s a great teacher the best this school has.

She’s nice.

She makes me laugh and is really easy to talk to. She is just super nice in general and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I ask questions.

Teacher: Brandi Hill, Sheila R Tarr Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Hill really cares about the kids she teaches. She goes above and beyond to make sure that they understand the material.  She also keeps parents abreast of what’s happening with the students.

Teacher: Joy Hirano, Forbuss

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Patient with our son, who has a low attention span and learning issues.

Teacher: Trish Hocking, Bonanza High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She goes out of her way to help other teachers. When I am forced to sell my prep, she will come in and sit with the class and give me a break. Even though she isn’t getting paid for it. She goes out of her way to help students. She allows resource students in my class to come down to her class where she helps them in small group when we are working on projects or independent writing assignments.

Teacher: Tiffani Hoffman, Shirley Barber Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Hoffman is a funny teacher. She makes everyday fun. Ms. Hoffman has funny jokes. She says my name, Ramboo instead of Rambo because I wrote it wrong on my paper one time. I put another o. She makes me laugh all the time. Ms. Hoffman has fun games in her class, too. I like being in her class. (When I asked him if he likes being in Ms. Hoffman’s class, he said, “Yeah! Of course, I do!” Like duh, mom.)

I’m so grateful to her for helping my son, Rambo, enjoy his first year in school in person. It was virtual for kindergarten so going to 1st grade was a big deal.  We appreciate her humor and her personality in making everyday fun!

Teacher: Rhonda Holwell, Judy & John L. Goolsby Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is very helpful.

According to my son who is Ms. Holwell Student: “Ms. Holwell is the best teacher in the entire world. She is nice and I enjoy going to class every day.  She has games for everyone to play and she is very smart. Ms. Holwell is kind and cares for our safety. She is the best teacher, and she is always smiling and happy.”

Teacher: Denise Hookfin, West Prep Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? They push me to achieve greater things and have a good sense of humor.

This teacher makes me smile because she always has a positive attitude, and she pushes me to do better also she is a good person and friendly.

Teacher: Yin Hsia, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s funny and helps me learn Chinese.

Because she is a good teacher, and her subject is very fun to learn.

We do a lot of fun stuff in school, and she helps out a lot to make sure that everyone is on track, she is very helpful and kind and just a fun teacher to be with.

I love that she is interactive with the class and always tries to include fun activities and games that are immersive into real Chinese culture and improve our fluency. She is really down to earth which makes it easy to ask for help when needed.

Because she is awesome and she always gives off good energy and that’s what you need in rough times like this, she also is just very funny.

This teacher makes me smile because of how engaged she is with students and how much she cares about the future of her students. Her teaching makes students want to learn more about the Chinese language and culture.

She is always super caring and friendly and is really good at teaching Chinese, I’m allowed to be myself in her class.

She is a pleasant and polite teacher.

My teacher makes me smile because she teachers very well and has a welcoming class and attitude. She is always very positive and wants us to exceed in everything we do and learn. Overall, her class is my favorite, and she is an awesome teacher.

Ms. Hsia (or 老师 as I like to call her) is one of the only teachers I’ve had that actually makes me feel like I can express myself in her class. Before meeting her, I was known as the quiet kid, and wouldn’t talk much in class. But thanks to her and her attitude and care for her students, I can feel normal to express who I am, and be happy for one of the seven periods of my school day.

She’s funny.

On my worst days, she can help me to still pick up my pen and work. She motivates me in life and always brings out happiness when I feel there is none. A lot of her energy goes to her classes and students. She strives for us to learn and grow with everything we do.

This class has become a safe space and is what i look forward to everyday. My teacher has become the adult in school that i trust and makes a safe environment. She has brought good memories to my peers and I. She enjoys her job while having fun with us.

Ms. Hsia makes me smile because she teaches a fun class, and her Chinese class is a comfortable space for me to be. I could trust and she makes every student happy.

My teacher always makes me smile because she is always in a great mood, helps everybody, and is easy to communicate with and get along with as a student.

She’s extremely caring for her students, and she demonstrates how much hard work she puts into her job and the effort she does to make sure her students go to their full potential.

Teacher: Eric Hufford, Harvey N. Dondero Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Hufford has the best way of guiding my son through many emotional situations.  My son “shuts down” when he makes mistakes and loses confidence.  Mr. Hufford shows him that it’s ok to make a mistake but explains that moving forward with a plan is how to overcome these events.  Mr. Hufford’s wife just recently had their first baby.  He is so great at treating his classroom students as family already and now we get to see him grow through this experience as a new father.  Mr. Hufford even finds time to mentor other students in the school as well as coaches’ basketball.  He just has a way of instilling confidence in all students and guides students through his demonstration of leadership skills.  He is the best listener and makes parents feel like their voices are heard.  He follows through with everything he says he will address with students and the classroom. 

Teacher: Albert Hutchful, Robert O. Gibson Middle School Leadership Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Hutchful makes my day fun and I look forward to getting to his class every day! He is a great teacher and has a great teaching method. He is a great influence. He teaches us not only about school, but about life too. He helps us realize how important it is to get a good education, so that weget on a good path for life! If anyone deserves this nominee, its him!

He makes learning so much fun by doing physical activities. For example, he puts games together and we have to race each other but at the same time we also learn. Also, he connects all his learning together in a story that he made in slides which connects to our learning. He also uses this app called classcraft.com and it also connects to our learning. We can customize our characters and we can use our powers to heal others.  I also found out that the reason people like their class is not mostly because of the people in that class but of how the teacher makes the class interesting. He has honestly been the best teacher I ever had in middle school.

Teacher: Collin Haas, Bunker Elementary  

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He gives kids the education they need.

He makes me smile because Colin Haas has A smile on his face every day, I come to school he’s kind gives us snacks he is so kind. – Noah

He makes me smile because he helps me learn new things.

He makes me smile because he helps with reading and sports.

He makes me smile because he sings a lot and helps me with my work.

He makes funny jokes.

His is nice.   He is kind.  He is funny.  He is the best teacher.

Mr. Haas always makes me things that makes me happy. When I don’t feel happy, he turns unhappy to happy.

Mr. has makes me smile because he is funny, he’s fun gives us snacks.

Mr. Haas make me smile because every time I will give him a note at the end of the day, he will give me a note in the morning and that will give me a smile in my face.

Mr. Haas makes me smile because he is the best teacher ever. He never pushes us to be the best he lets us go at our own past. 

Mr. Haas makes me smile by being snacks.

My teacher is great, why? because he is a very fun teacher and also when he gets his payment instead of using it on him, he uses it on us and he likes a lot of the things we like also he someone that is always there to talk to no matter and also he is Colin Haas that is why he make us smile.

My teacher makes me smile because he teaches me new thing and he is always funny.

My teacher Mr. Haas makes me smile by making the whole class laugh or he does a prank on us! That’s why he makes me smile.

This teacher makes me smile

because he’s a really good teacher and he gives us snack time  

and every Friday he lets us play games and lets us play game on the laptops.

This teacher makes me smile because he always helps me when I need help with my work. Also, he makes me laugh with his funny jokes and he is always ready to start school with kids. Finally, he is nice and gives out compliments to me. Therefore, my teacher makes me SMILE!

this teacher makes me smile because he always motivates me and help me with my work. and he is pretty nice and makes us SMILE!

This teacher makes me smile because he always tries to teach his students something and when he does it is amazing, funny just because he is all of those things and more!

Thus, teacher makes me smile because of all the hard work and the 60+ hour weeks that he puts in. Mr. Haas is always thinking about his kids and how to help them learn. Through colorful lessons and lots of STEM. He makes every student’s day brighter.

Thus, teacher makes me smile because of all the hard work and the 60+ hour weeks that he puts in. Mr. Haas is always thinking about his kids and how to help them learn. Through colorful lessons and lots of STEM. He makes every student’s day brighter.

Why Mr. Haas makes me smiles is that he is funny, and he helps me.

Mr. Hass makes me smile because he always comes up with the most fun ideas and he always makes sure everything is okay.

My teacher makes me smile because if we get a 4 or a 3 in speeches, we will get extra recess for 15 min.

Teacher: Tracy Hammond, Del Webb Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I am so fortunate to have Mrs. Hammond for first period, because she is full of positive energy. She puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning, which leads me to having a great day of school. She makes me believe that everything is possible. She encourages me and all my classmates to always reach for the stars. She makes me look forward to going to school. She teaches me science and helps me better understand the world around me. She always seems to have answers to all my questions, and solutions to all of my problems (even when I don’t know what to do with a contact lens that fell out of my eye). Mrs. Hammond is an amazing person and deserves to win the prize!

I am so fortunate to have Mrs. Hammond for first period, because she is full of positive energy. She puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning, which leads me to having a great day of school. She makes me believe that everything is possible. She encourages me and all my classmates to always reach for the stars. She makes me look forward to going to school. She teaches me science and helps me better understand the world around me. She always seems to have answers to all my questions, and solutions to all of my problems (even when I don’t know what to do with a contact lens that fell out of my eye). Mrs. Hammond is an amazing person and deserves to win the prize!

Mrs. Hammond makes me smile everyday with her kindness.  Every morning she greets my friend and me with a good morning and smile.  She always is encouraging us to do our best and teaches us in a great way.  Del Webb is very fortunate to have Mrs. Hammond as a teacher.

Teacher: Eric Harder, West Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Harder is a new teacher this year but his passion, dedication, and talent for teaching really shines through the way he organizes every class, no matter the day. He fully understands the balance between tolerance and discipline while creating an inclusive environment, which is all the more important in a history class. I also understand that he teaches to give back to his community, which is one of the most noble things you can do as a citizen in general. This makes him all the more deserving of this award.

Teacher: MaryBeth Heishman, West Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is an incredibly talent and caring woman. She supports and encourages her students. She helps students express themselves.

Teacher: Azzeneth Hernandez, C.C. Ronnow Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? I completed my student teaching program under Miss Hernandez. I watched her give her best every day to every one of her students. She made sure to give extra attention to the students that were causing issues because of their behavior. She reminded me that those students sometimes need that extra attention to remind them that someone cares about them.

Teacher: Bret Hess, Nevada State College

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher goes above and beyond for his students. He always brings a smile by telling us jokes or by being kind. He truly cares for his students, and I enjoy listening to his stories.

Teacher: Mr. Holland, Don E. Hayden Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher has been an amazing in many ways to my Lil Adam his last year here in elementary she made it the best year a very heart loving teacher.

Teacher: Chelsea Horlacher, Frank J. Lamping Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Horlacher is our daughter’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) teacher.  She is beyond amazing. My daughter has ADHD and finds it extremely hard to stay focus and everything becomes a distraction. Ms. Horlacher is extremely patient and fun. She finds a way to connect with my daughter in a way that keeps her focus and on task. Ms. Horlacher finds ways to teach my daughter in a way that boost her confidence. She comes up with songs, riddles, and all kids of different ways to help my daughter stay focus and understand the class lesson. My daughter loves Ms. Horlacher and always raves about her. My daughter has shown a lot of improvement since the beginning of the year.  My daughter is not her only student Ms. Horlacher finds different ways for each of her students individually that will keep them on task and learning.  She is amazing, patient, and makes class and learning so much fun and easy to understand.

Teacher: Crystal Howard, SWCTA

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is a very funny teacher she makes class engaging she is also a very understanding teacher.

Teacher: Amy Hughes, Frank Lamping Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Hughes goes above and beyond educating a very special group of students in the Secondary Autism Program. She always shows up organized with a great attitude and is able to pivot making student-necessary accommodations all while exuding a great deal of compassion. She is truly an earth angel and deserves recognition for her exemplary efforts in our youth!

Teacher: Lia Hwang, Las Vegas Music Teachers association

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? For trying so hard to teach her students and for teaching me how to play the piano.

Teacher: Susan C Hymon, Elaine Wynn

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Retired in 21 after 30 years. Came back in the district as a sub because she loves teaching and feels the need to serve her community.

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!