Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog E

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers are impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. 1495 unique nominations and 525 teachers nominated, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: David Eastwood, Clifford Lawrence Junior High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Been my teacher for all of middle school 🙂

They are really nice and he helps me understand the work more than other teachers and hes fun and i love his class so he is my favorite teacher.


Joe Eaton, Swainston Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because for each lesson we do he makes it fun and helps us understand what we are learning.

They are really funny and make learning history a lot easier and fun.

This teacher makes me smile because he is always positive and makes lots of jokes. He is also always on top of grades, and he is nice to everyone.

Whenever we do serious topics, he could still find a way to be funny. He never yells he is just a calm funny guy. So that is why he is my favorite teacher.

Teacher: Beth Edwards, Centennial High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because she is fun and makes the assignments fun to do.

Because the decorations in her room make the learning environment so enjoyable.

Her class is one that I can look forward too. One that I feel that I learn a lot without it being boring or too much. Though I thought I would never show interest in being a teacher her teaching over the past two years has kindled new interests for me being in a teaching career.

In the four years that I’ve had her class she has done nothing but inspire me, teach me, and help me whether it be in school or outside. Beth Edwards has not only given me opportunities in school but also outside of it. Edwards helped me get my current dream job and I am so incredibly happy. She inspired me to become an educator and I truly believe that education is my calling. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she is also an outstanding leader, from club meetings to club events and even the opportunities she gives her students and the additions she adds to the school makes her more than fit for this award. Everything that I have accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without her, she truly is a special teacher.

Mrs. Edwards make me smile because she always greets me at the door, and she is a funny teacher. She makes us work through, but she makes us have fun while we work.

She is always willing to help me and is always there when I need to talk to her. She is someone that is always there for her students no matter what.

She is always willing to help me with any subject.

She is awesome.

She is cool.

She is so fun and practical! I love her personality! So girly pop!

She is so helpful and inspirational.

She’s so fun and actually interacts with her students.

This teacher makes me smile because i like the class and the teacher makes good conversation with students.

This teacher makes me smile because of her fun and outgoing personality. She finds a way to connect with her students and is great at giving advice. I know I can go to her with almost anything and she would help me out :).

This teacher makes me smile because she is super sweet.

This teacher makes me smile because she’s always there for me when I need her, doing whatever she can to help me out!

Miss. Edwards is honestly one of the few teachers that I feel actually cares about me and she doesn’t talk to us like babies she’s actually real with us. Which in this age is hard to find people that talk to us like people. I can generally tell she cares about her job. I love her she’s really amazing I hope for the best for her and nothing but the best. She’s also an amazing parent I hope to be like her when I grow up.

She makes teaching fun and I absolutely love her class.

The stories she tells throughout the class period about her weekend with her little boy.

Teacher: Ginger–Lei Ehrke, Desert Oasis High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Ehrkeis not only a teacher, but I’d go so far as describing her as a work mom. She always manages to brighten her student’s day and for me personally, never fails to ask or recognize if I’m okay or not.

Teacher: Ronda Emerson, Our Lady of Las Vegas

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is so fun which makes it so fun to learn about history. She is also very caring for her students.

Teacher: Lauren Engel, Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Engel is what I imagine the ideal teacher to be. She focuses on learning instead of grades, with interactive lessons and experiments. She’s willing to help her students in need, without breaking their back to help them. And she does everything with a smile, whether it being an advisor to NHS, an IB coordinator, or even simply a teacher to some of the most complex math classes at our school.

She herself always walks with a kind smile and genuinely cares about each student as an individual. She truly has the spirit of a teacher and always looks for us to succeed. She’s always there offering all kinds of help and is not just a great teacher, but an amazing person.

Teacher: Michael English, Auxiliary Services

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mike goes above and beyond for his students by making PE an inclusive environment. He always does what’s best for kids by teaching adapted PE.

Michael is an adapted PE Teacher for CCSD that teaches at five different schools. He works with kids with disabilities when they come to PE class and makes modifications based on a student’s disability so they can fully participate. Mike also goes above and beyond as evidenced by an event at the Nevada Blind Center. He attended this event with his family to better understand how to work with blind or visually impaired students. He volunteers monthly to work at our school district’s Paralympic program. Last month he attended a Gigi’s Playhouse fundraiser (5k walk/run) to raise funds for this organization that supports children with down syndrome. He did this because a former student of his was going to be participating in this event. Mike is selfless, an encourager, patient and kind and all of his students love him. I am also an adapted PE teacher and have seen his work for years. I saw this contest and felt it was Mike’s time to be recognized for the work he does for ALL kids! He makes everyone SMILE!

Teacher: Thomas Eurell, Cashman Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? The teacher makes me smile because he makes funny jokes and is chill unless someone does something that there not supposed to do.

He is funny and he has a good reputation. He also is a good teacher.

This teacher makes me smile because he always inspires the kids to learn the subject that he teaches and always helps out the students that need to and has a lot of charisma toward every student he encounters. He is very funny and is a kind teacher to everyone that respects him.

This teacher makes me smile because he makes funny jokes that makes people in the class laugh to. He also is a chill teacher as long as you do your work instead of being on the wrong website. He’s not liked those scary and strict teachers even though he could be strict like a little.

Teacher: Kody Euteneier, Kathleen Tim Harney Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? For his hard work and dedication to teaching kids how to play instruments.

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!