Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog C

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers our impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. With over 1700+ unique nominations, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher:  Kimberly Caipa, Southwest Career Technical Academy  

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because of how she can stay positive. She told us the story of how she lost two of her children, and it really touched me. To think she can come in everyday with a smile and greet us while also harboring that trauma gave me a newfound respect for her. Whenever she deals with kids messing around, or has to talk to someone, she is always smiling and has a happy tone. I just can’t help but smile when I see that.

She gives me inspiration every day to keep going and believe in myself that I can accomplish anything.

Ms. Caipa makes me smile by brightening the mood every time I walk in her classroom. She helps us with managing our mental health, like doing mindfulness exercises, and overall, just makes everyone happy. From her jokes, to advice, to lessons, there’s never a time where I would dread entering her classroom.

She is very energetic and always has a smile. The energy coming into her class wakes me up in the morning. The mindful sits that we do really calm me down and gets me focused for the day.

She cares about all of her students and makes an effort to teach us well.

Mrs.Caipa’s room is always filled with positive energy, and she is always really understanding. She actually cares for her students, and it shows tremendously. She has such a kind heart and such a pure soul that attracts good energy and gives off positive vibes for her students. She checks up on us to see how we are doing and if we aren’t doing good, she will help us succeed and take those steps to have a positive mindset for the day and accomplish the tasks that comes our way. She helps us become the best version of ourselves and gives us the motivation to do kind things in the world and spread love. Mrs.Caipa helps us find solutions to our problems and gives great advice. One thing I like about my teacher is she is actually there for you to help you and she makes her students feel comfortable coming into her classroom. She deserves this nomination.

This teacher makes me smile because she is the most kind person ever and she makes me feel very welcome in her classroom.

She cares about her students and brings positive energy into the classroom.

She goes out of her way to make you smile. She tries to make the class fun and is the best teacher to win this award.

Teacher:  Jeffrey Caldwell, Bob Miller School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He makes really fun lessons, and he has class pets that we are allowed to hold and play with.

Teacher:  Marquise Camp, Western High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Every day he is full of smiles and a happy spirit.  This is his first year teaching and brings the joy to work with him.  He also leads the freshman student council and is organizing the Spring Block party.  He loves the kids and the job and helps the rest of us remember what’s important.

Teacher:  Aimee Campanale, Goolsby

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is always trying to teach new subjects

Because of her I’m able to read and be more confident about myself

Teacher:  Amanda Cantwell, Durango High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s probably the nicest human being I’ve ever seen. Ms. Cantwell is a literal saint. I was in her class for 3 weeks, but she still treats me like someone she knew for years. I feel so welcome when in her class.

Absolutely amazing in every way possible as a teacher. Goes above and beyond each time making students feel as if they are the only student. The epitome of a teacher and the teacher that every parent wants for their child.

Teacher:  Edward Capps, Foothill High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? he always has faith in me when I don’t and pushes me to do my best always checking in to make sure i have the notes written down for tests and if not he waits until I’m done.

Teacher:  Krystal Cardenas, Ira J. Earl ES

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is a dedicated teacher not only to her case load students but to the whole school students. Supporting the school in extra Curriculum activities. Helping the community parents with concerns about their kids’ education. Using her translating skills even after school hours at her own time. Working late nights and sometimes weekends to make sure her students get every benefit that the school provides. The list could go on and on, but these are a few things why I feel like Mrs. Cardenas deserves to be appreciated in teachers’ appreciation week and rewarded

Teacher: Suzanne Career, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s helped me a lot throughout the 3 years of my high-school life. she’s like another mother in my life and someone i can talk to for help and someone to just talk to for anything really. She’s really supportive and wants the beat for her students.

Teacher:  April Carlson, Hyde Park Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Carlson is my favorite teacher because she helps me, is lenient, and makes history fun. The information actually sticks with me if she teaches it.

Teacher:  Sarah Carlson, Red Rock ES

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She very nice and my daughter loves her.

Teacher:  Monte Carman, Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Carman makes me smile because he’s very welcoming. He understands what’s going on and helps us push our limits. Finally, Mr. Carman encores creativity and jokes around. Overall, every day that Mr. Carman is here is a good day!

He always encourages us to do our best and we give epic fist bumps to each other. An overall great teacher and friend.

This teacher is very helpful, has a good sense of humor, put a lot of work into the things he does which can be seen when in class, very well versed in what he teaches, and just a great teacher overall.

He’s a great teacher and clearly cares about teaching and his students. A+ teacher.

Mr. Carman is such a kind teacher. He is respectful and supportive to his students; he always says good morning; he’s friendly, and he plays music during class often. He’s really understanding, and overall, I really love his class.

Teacher:  Kristina Carmona, Basic High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Kristine Carmona is a very young and compassionate loving teacher.  I float throughout the school year to see teachers working hard.  Kristina Carmona has met the expectation of a loving and caring teacher.  She takes pride in whatever she does.  She is 27 years old with the compassion of an older seasoned teacher with many years under her belt.  Ms. Carmona owns her autism room and makes a difference.  She has never given up.  she makes a major difference in these children’s lives.  So please choose her as the winner.  With everything she would win.  I’m sure she would spend it on her classroom and kids.  She is always trying to better her children in High school to make sure they will be productive students in the work world.

Her compassion for her students is unbeatable and she is so welcoming to everyone.

She is such a sweet teacher, always looking for ways to improve her classroom for her students and brainstorming new ideas to make school interesting for her students. I guarantee that if you took the time to meet her you would agree (:

She continually goes out of her way to make sure each child is being exactly what they need to be successful, she loves each of them and makes them feel special.  Special needs can be hard but she goes to work every day with love and kindness in her heart for the kids.  She has been a blessing to my son and our family!

So helpful with the students, nice, patient and an amazing teacher!

Teacher:  Danai Carrillo, Bob Miller Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Carrillo is really sweet and an awesome teacher. She always welcomes us with a warm smile, and I enjoy coming to her class every day. I appreciate the work she puts into helping us feel happy, and I feel like she deserves this nomination!

She makes the class fun and she helps any students whenever you ask for it.

Mrs. Carrillo makes me smile because she makes some jokes in class and is always happy and uplifted, so it makes me happy.

Every day she is so kind to everyone. She wants everyone to have a good time in her class and she does. She doesn’t want anyone to be sad and will always try to make you happy. I also have learned so much in English, and Language from her. I am so glad I have her.

Very nice teacher who is forgiving, has good rules, and is respectable.

Mrs. Carrillo is a very nice person; she makes me smile with her kindness and her helpfulness.

Mrs. Carrillo makes me smile because she is so sweet and amazing. She is the best teacher here she is my favorite teacher.

This teacher makes me smile because she is very helpful and friendly. Mrs. Carrillo is very funny and is very fun. That’s why she makes me smile. 

This teacher makes me smile because she always is lighthearted, and she makes sure that everybody is on task in an efficient way. She makes learning fun and brings joy to everybody in the class.

This teacher makes me smile because she is super nice and she is very easy going.

This teacher makes me smile because I can always talk to her or email her about a problem, and she will understand. She is fun but gets the work done.

Mrs. Carrillo always teaches in a fun and kind way, sprinkling in fun activities throughout the week.

This teacher makes me smile because she always has a smile on her face and makes the lessons mainly fun. She always has a bright attitude. I enjoy English Class.

She is nice, I look forward to her class, she does tickets and raffles, more laid back than other ELA teachers, and she is approachable.

She’s very chill and accepting. She doesn’t try to keep our chaos all the way down since she understands that we’re kids and we’re hyper. She keeps it down to an acceptable level but still lets us enjoy class at our level. She’s funny as well.

Teacher:  Arlene Casis, Signature Prep

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? When you see Mrs. Casis, you can’t help but smile. She always greets students, staff and parents with the biggest and most genuine grin. Can you imagine teaching 26 5-year-olds for the entire day and still maintaining a huge grin? I sure couldn’t. Arlene is the perfect example of who a teacher should be. She is kind, gentle, encouraging and empowering. Mrs. Casis no longer teaches my daughter, but I will forever be grateful for the impact she made in both mine and my child’s life. She truly has the world’s biggest heart, and you can feel it when she is in your presence. I work for the police force (major crimes) and she was a true shining light, after a day filled with horrific crimes. I wish we could clone her or that she could follow my daughter through her academic career.

Teacher:  Teresa Castaneda-Hernandez, Western High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She makes me happy every day when I have her my class. She makes me smile and is so nice to me. She is nice, sweet, and kind. She is so helpful when she helps me with my homework from her class. She is personal when I’m sad.  She’s always with me make me cry when I’m sad. Every day she makes me happy.

Teacher:  Denise Caudill, Basic High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Denise is always bubbly and cheery.  She is fun and she helps her students have fun.  Recently, she had a bad time where she couldn’t follow her passion.  Her response:  Oh well!  It’s time to move on!  And, put her smile on and no one who didn’t know her would know that she just had her heart broken!  She is amazing.  She has her students out in the community, riding the city bus and doing all of the skills they will be needing as adults.  Normally, I don’t nominate teachers because I go to multiple schools, but NO ONE deserves an award for making other smile more than Denise Caudill!

Teacher: Kellie Chabot, West Career and Technical Academy  

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Always brightens up the student’s days and makes sure they are okay as well as help students who are struggling.

She always has jokes to be said. We play bump while we read so she makes reading fun. She always includes everyone no one is allowed to be excluded. Just overall she is a chill vibe understanding teacher that I think all teachers should be like her specially in high school.

She makes the class more fun than any other English class that I’ve had before. She makes it interactable and entertaining.

Every day, Ms. Chabot is always cracking jokes no matter what. I have never been to a class where she failed to make everyone in that room crack a little smile. This truly means so much to me because sometimes going to school every day feels like the hardest thing ever, but she makes me excited to talk to her. I always look forward to seeing Ms. Chabot and hearing what silly thing she is going to say next.

Ms. Chabot never fails to keep our classroom interesting, fun, and attentive to learn.  She is extremely personable and relatable, which makes class much more easy going and less of a burden.  Her class is much more of a relief than my other classes, although the work is still challenging, and grading is tough.  All of the criticism she gives is very constructive and easy to follow, and overall, she is just an amazing teacher.

Ms. Chabot makes me smile, because she is an amazing teacher, especially amongst the top 10 teachers I have ever have. Ms. Chabot can be funny when it is appropriate, and serious when needed to be. Ms. Chabot is realistic and does not play along with nonsense. Ms. Chabot tells it as it is, but politely. Also, Ms. Chabot is always there when students need help with their schoolwork and or if they are feeling stressed and need someone to talk to.

She is always encouraging me to do better, she is positive, understanding and get me closer to my dreams by supporting and helping me.

She really and truly listens to her students. Most teachers ‘listen’ and sometimes they decide to actually pay attention to the meaning behind the words their students give them. Ms. Chabot on the other hand is always really considering the thoughts and opinions of her students. She’s willing to care and work for her students to a degree I’ve never found before and truly and deeply appreciate.

This teacher assures me of my safety. She has created an environment that allows me to learn, and not feel judged. Her honestly gives you an opportunity to receive honest feedback, to improve. She creates relationships with all of her students, and checks up on them, and reaches out. Ms. Chabot has a heart of gold and makes a wonderful teacher.

This teacher is always happy to help me and answer any of the many questions I ask her. She is very understanding and kind to every single one of her students. I can always come to her about a concern that I may have and know that she will welcome me with open arms.

This teacher makes me smile because she is not only a teacher but somebody I can go to. She is not the type to be overly strict but still doesn’t just let her students slack off. She makes her class a comfortable environment and I am always glad to walk into that room and excited to learn. I was able to open up a little bit more because before this class I was a timid, unsocial, and always scared of judgment, she helped me grow. It is also just the fact that she cares for her students if one of us gets hurt she is there, if we need help emotionally, she is there, even if we just need to rant she will listen. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher then her.

Teacher:  Micaela Chewjalearn, Myrtle Tate Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?

Ms. Chewjalearn is not only my daughter but also a fellow teacher at Clark County. Micaela has only been with the district for less than five years, and yet, she has achieved so much in this profession. She recently received her master’s degree in Education, and she was also nominated for and won the New Educator of the Year from the previous year. She is loved by her administrator, her colleagues, and most of all, her students. Micaela was visited by the president of the Boys and Girls Club earlier this school year to personally thanked her for making a difference in the life of a young boy who they have sponsored over the years. Micaela also does tutor and coaches soccer and football after school to earn extra income. She is currently enrolled at UNLV pursuing another advanced education. Even with having less sleep every night, she still shows up with a positive attitude and a great smile each morning for her students. I am very proud of all her hard work and efforts, and most of all, I am honored to call her my daughter.

Mr. Chewjalearn is an incredible teacher that goes unnoticed. His position is already a difficult one that involves an extreme amount of patience. Mr. Chewjalearn goes above and beyond to genuinely work with his students and develop a rapport with them instead of just implementing textbook strategies. He comes up with unique ideas to get his students out of the classroom, practicing social skills, moving to get their physical exertion out, and really thinking outside of the box for ideas to help their motor skill development. He always keeps his parents informed on what he does with their children. Aside from his phenomenal teaching, he also volunteers to DJ at his school functions as well as other schools in the district. He is a full-time masters student at UNLV seeking to get his second masters in school psychology. The amount of work on his plate along is never-ending, but he manages to balance all of his responsibilities flawlessly. Mr. Chewjalearn deserves this recognition for his hard work.

Teacher:  Kei Childress , Rancho High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher gives his all to his student day and night. He goes above and beyond for his students and students that are not his. He runs the boys’ basketball program and teaches the kids there as well. He teaches how to not only do well in school but how to be a good person and how to succeed in life. These things would make anyone SMILE.

Teacher:  Makisha Childress, Cheyenne High School  

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Makisha is a happy person. Easy to talk to and always willing to help her colleagues.  She is an excellent teacher and department chair.  Makisha is a natural leader.

Teacher:  Ticey Christenson, East Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because she is my parent, and she is a great history teacher.

She makes teaching fun and can make jokes in class.

She makes teaching fun and can make jokes in class.

Teacher:  Rachel Chute, Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  I really love how she makes the room full of excitement and engagement, and I would say that being in her room is one of the best things in my junior year.

Ms. Chute is the type of teacher who doesn’t feel like a teacher, rather a good friend. She has always made the classroom a safe place for students to express their ideas and opinions and is probably one of the funniest teachers I’ve met. She is always making jokes and encouraging others to as well, which has made class feel like both a learning environment but also a place to have fun.

Good jokes, helps us, doesn’t just look at us as students but people. Hardworking and makes me want to improve.

Ms. Chute is a great teacher and is always there to listen and help her students.

She makes jokes during her lessons and teaches in a way that makes her students interested. I also like that she genuinely seems like she like teaching what she teaches. Very awesome teacher!

Cares more than all others.

She always helps me when I get stuck and makes jokes to cheer us up.

She always cares for the other students and makes us all happy.

She is always positive and has a good attitude. She wants what’s best for her students.

She makes me happy and gives me a smile every day.

She makes me happy, and I always look forward to her class.

She makes me happy and very fun. Always looks forward to her class.

She makes the class incredibly enjoyable and is very helpful whenever someone needs any assistance with any skills taught in class. Makes everyone feel welcomed in her class and is overall an incredible teacher.

She makes me smile by making really bad jokes.

She always makes sure her students when they are having a bad day, she’s very understanding, and she doesn’t rush things as much. She is very organized and always can make us laugh with her corny jokes.

super super super funny jokes

She is funny

Mrs. Chute is amazing at her job and is always really energetic and makes attempts to interact with her students.

She makes me smile by caring about me.

This teacher makes me smile because she cares very much about all of her students and is a good teacher.

She’s a hilarious teacher and I appreciate how she teaches art history.

Mrs. Chute talks to all her students like they’re her friends and she connects with all of us, she makes me feel appreciated and accepted and everyone feels safe talking to her.

She makes class fun and entertaining each day.

This teacher makes me smile because she makes the class super engaging and is super funny. She is always very positive about my artwork and everyone else’s in the class! She also talks to all the students to make sure we are doing okay and makes the class very fun by playing music while we stay on task and do our artwork.

She teaches very engaging and interesting classes with a lot of charisma and energy behind her teaching. I’ve had her for 3 different classes and in each one she never fails to make the subject matter interesting and fun.

Ms. Chute has taught me everything I know as a passionate, inspiring artist. From the first day of my freshman year to the final weeks of my Senior year, she has supported me every step of the way and provided the resources I need to be successful and grow. I have actually learned in her classroom, something rare to experience as most info is taught and forgotten in most classes I have taken. With everything I gained in her class, I anticipate entering the real world and using my newfound skills to create amazing things. I owe it all to her.

Ms. Chute excels at teaching. She’s supportive of what students make and cares for each and every one of them. She’s hilarious and makes every class an enjoyable time. She gives great feedback on our art and supports us through our art journey. She gives us time on our projects and lets us be with our friends in class. It’s the most enjoyable class I’ve had this year.

I have had Ms. Chute as my teacher all throughout high school, and she has always been the nicest teacher ever. She makes learning fun and likes to interact with her students. Her classroom is always has a welcoming environment. I really appreciate and respect Ms. Chute as a teacher.

She is a good teacher, and she is the best 🙂

She is very kind, funny, supportive, and encouraging.

Ms. Chute makes me smile because she brings good energy and positive vibes every time I go to her class. She is always ready to help people and loves to have conversations with her students.

Mrs. Chute makes me smile by having an amazing day in Interior Design I and II. From the beginning of the year, I have been so happy going to school and it is mainly because of how much better my morning is with going to her class!! I am truly grateful to have her as my teacher!

She keeps the class active and bustling, talking with students while encouraging work. Work is done in tandem with Socializing, and I personally find it the best environment in my schedule.

I had Mrs. Chute as a teacher for art class sophomore year and she would always encourage me to make my work better and always had tips and techniques.  Now whenever I pass her classroom in the hallway, I stop and show her the art I’m working on now. She always has something encouraging to say. I look forward to talking to her and showing her my sketches and paintings.

during the 3 years I’ve been in her class/classes she has allowed me to feel better about myself as a person and as an artist. some kids dislike her, and I don’t really understand why. She’s not unbelievably strict and she cares for everyone in one way or another from what I’ve seen.

This teacher makes me smile for so many reasons, she makes my whole day and each and every day, I look forward to going to her classes. Sometimes it’s the only reason I go to school, it’s because of this amazing teacher. This teacher is my art teacher and I personally believe that she deserves the whole world. She has taught me so much and I continue to use her advice to this day. She is the only teacher I can be super comfortable with. Mrs. Chute is the only teacher that I truly believe that deserves this award. Not that many teachers nowadays are very good and loyal to their work like how Mrs. Chute is.  I do believe she deserves an award after all the troubles she has went through. If there is only one teacher that I remember in the future. It will and always will be Mrs. Chute. Mrs. Chute has all of my respect, please let her win, it’ll mean so much to her.

She is just so slay, always welcoming and willing to listen and give me advice about my personal problems.

she’s so not funny that it makes it funny

Mrs. Chute is always full of energy and always has a “dad joke” ready to go. She is creative and insightful. Her students truly enjoy their time in her class.

Teacher:  Jonathon Ciaramitaro, Bob Miller Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher always make choir a fun and amazing learning environment and is a great understanding teacher.

Every day in class he makes all these jokes that make everyone laugh and make school so much fun. He can also be serious and by the end to our performance he was able to make us sound amazing. He is so kind and wants everyone to always be happy. He is the best, and I wish I could have him every year.

He gives out amazing energy, he makes funny jokes, and he is just a heartwarming person. I am excited for his class every day because you never know what’s going to happen.

Mr. C makes a ton of jokes that never fail to make me smile, (or cringe). Furthermore, every once in a while, he lets every kid in his class to take 15 minutes and share the good and bad things about your week. It really helps me get stress off my chest and allows me to be happier for the rest of the week.

He tells jokes, teaches us fun and energetic/beautiful songs. He often lets us share about our day and asks how we are doing.

Teacher: Jason Claire, Goolsby

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He’s fun happy, good teacher, all the time good attitude we love him everyone to be in he’s class.

Mr. Claire is exceptional.  I’ve been so impressed with the effort he makes to be sure every student feels important and valued.  He is mindful of the social and emotional stressors kids are facing during this readjustment school year—and at the developmental age of his students generally—and has been actively involved in helping them learn to manage their challenges.  He makes enormous efforts to meet students where they are individually on their academic paths to push every kid to achieve., including inviting students to come early to school for small group tutoring and acceleration for most of the school year.  Mr. Claire is the teacher every parent hopes for their child!

Mr. Claire cares so much about all children’s education but also about their mental health. He especially gives boys that do not like school motivation to start enjoying school. All schools need more teachers like Mr. Claire.

Teacher:  Kathy Clemens, West Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile when she teaches and uses personal experiences to help us learn.

Teacher:  Natasha Clove, William K. Moore Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She helps us a lot with work and makes it fun. She makes me smile a lot.  She gives is prices when we do good. She is the best teacher.

Teacher:  Bryan Corpez, William K. Moore Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? he teaches us something new he always let us do fun stuff he always be kind.

This teacher makes me smile every day because Mr.Corpuz has been teaching me for a long time. Mr.Corpuz gives us fun stuff on Fridays like Kahoot. He is the best teacher ever.

This teacher makes me smile because he is so smart and he do a lot of fun stuff on Friday.

He is nice and he is funny when we’re doing math and he makes it fun.

This teacher makes me smile because of his funny jokes and fun Friday and teaching us new things about math.

This teacher makes me smile because he always has something for us to do fun and he always lets us try again I really wish he was always my teacher I hope you here this Mr. Corpuz.

 He plays Kahoot with us every Friday, we do science with him on Friday.

This teacher makes me smile because he teaches me and he is fun to have as a teacher.

This teacher makes me smile because well I can’t explain.

He makes me smile because he always jokes around whenever we are learning, and he is always ready to teach us something new, and he always teaches us science on Fridays if we have our homework.

Mr. Corpuz makes me smile because he is funny, kind, and lets us have fun Friday. He teaches math which is my favorite subject. Mr. Corpuz will care for you if you are hurt. He will make you laugh every day. That’s why Mr. Corpuz makes me smile.

He is super nice and smart, he gives use fun stuff to do.

This teacher makes me smile because he teaches us new things about math and we do fun stuff on fun Friday he’s funny and does cool activity’s with math. 

This teacher makes me smile because, he teaches us math to learn new stuff and lets us play games like Kahoot sometimes and has fun Fridays.

Him being my math Teacher, He makes me smile Sometimes, He’s Always Friendly, Calm, and doesn’t Get mad easily. He Makes jokes and tries his best.  He Tries his best to Teach us and stays calm. He lets us do Things because He knows we like it, And He is also Nice. And that is why He makes me smile.

This teacher makes me smile because he is nice to me he doesn’t get angry and he has really easy homework for us and he is a really good math teacher and he is always happy.

This teacher makes me smile because he is funny.  Helps out a lot  one of the best math teacher I have ever had and he is also   really nice.

This teacher makes me smile because he is one of the best teachers I know, and I like science and that is why he makes me smile.

This teacher makes me smile because he is very funny and on Fridays we do very fun stuff which is science and kahoot and he is mostly never mad and when he is mad he doesn’t yell and he is very nice he is super smart and is teaching me strategies that save time.

This teacher makes me smile because he always has something for us to do fun and he always lets us try again I really wish he was always my teacher I hope you here this Mr. Corpuz.

Because He plays Kahoot with us every Friday, we do science with him on Friday.

This teacher makes me smile because he teaches me and he is fun to have as a teacher.

Teacher:  Amanda Cortex, Hal Smith Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Despite every challenge she’s faced this year, she continues to show up and with a smile. One of my most resilient colleagues and an example of perseverance to all.

Teacher:  Nicole Cortney, Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Cortney is an amazing librarian. My daughter looks forward to going to the library to see her. She has taken her time to discuss my child’s reading goals and needs with me and is always willing to help.

Mrs. Courtney is always the first to volunteer to stay late, help a student in need, or plan a school event. She gets to know each and every student and always make sure they feel loved. She is the best!

Our son loves to read because of Mrs. Cortney! She really is the best.

She is the best librarian. Knows the students as well as she does her own children. Is always looking for a fun new way to get the students excited about reading.

Mrs. Courtney makes reading fun and always has a positive attitude! She is the glue that holds our school together.

Mrs. Cortney makes library so fun. She is always willing to dive in a help make the student’s experience at school engaging and exciting.

Mrs. Cortney makes library so fun. She is always willing to dive in a help make the student’s experience at school engaging and exciting.

Mrs. Cortney is a gem. She knows each student at Ellis by name. She is fun, kind and engaging. 

Teacher:  Matthew Courtad, Eva M Wolfe Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  He truly cares about his students and their well-being. He isn’t afraid to reach out personally if there is something happening. He likes to get issues resolved quickly and fairly! He’s absolutely amazing!!

Teacher:  Susanne Creer, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She’s very kind and sweet to her students all the time.

Ms. Creer is constantly helping us understand everything. She always appreciates my hard work, and she is very caring and understanding when it comes to her students. This teacher encourages us to do better and become someone in life. She’s an amazing teacher!

She teaches a subject I enjoy very well, she’s very calm & respectful. Show’s entertaining and educating movies along with fun hands-on activities!! She’s fun to talk with and an overall sweet person to me & people around her.

She’s constantly pushes me to do my best, when I feel like I’m falling back she pulls me forward.

I’ve been her student for two years now and she has always made me feel safe and be able to learn many things of the Medical Industry. She has taught me a lot at a good pace of learning and helped others and I throughout the years.

Teacher: Johanna Cuda, East Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She’s been the most amazing teacher to realize everyone’s different work patterns. She is aware that everyone needs their own time to finally understand something however she still tries her best to challengeus so nobody is behind. Her patience is more than all my teachers combined.

Seeing her every day, knowing she cares about us, her students. She is always willing to help us and she understands us more deeply than a simple teacher would do.

She makes me smile because she gives us fun activities and lots of prizes when we win. 🙂

Miss. Cuda made a huge impact on me because she talked to us. That sounds like just an average thing, but the way she listened and talked to us students, made us feel special and loved. Not a lot of kids get to feel that way at home so to have teachers like Miss Cuda makes me and other kids happy to be here.

Ms. Cuda is an unwavering teacher who is committed to seeing her students succeed, both on a personal and professional level. Her vibrant smile provides a beacon of hope to students like me who are always reminded that she is here to support us every step of the way.

She is a very understanding teacher who will listen to you.

She makes me feel cared for and is very considerate of her students.

Ms. Cuda is awesome! She is very understanding and funny. She is the absolute best, and I wouldn’t want to ask for a better science teacher. Ms. Cuda always makes her students feel special, and make sure everyone feels included. There is never a dull day in Ms. Cuda’s class, she doesn’t need this job; this job needs her! Shout out Evan Stephens Hall!

You can tell that Ms. Cuda wants to teach and it shows through her teaching. She has a very positive outlook on everything, and it rubs off on the students.

This teacher is extraordinary. She has an infectious laugh and smile that sets her apart from any person I have ever met. Everysingle day she manages to laugh AND smile for us. I dont know about you but I dont have that effort inside of me. Apart from being the sweetest and kindest teacher I have ever met, her ability to keep a class engaged is beyond my understaning. Her class, for a lot of students, is the only class in which they acxtually learn in because it’s so fun and hands on. Students who usually fall asleep in other classes are wide awake in her class, and we never leave her class without learning something new.  She holds a very special place in my heart and just the sight of her brings a smile to my face.

This teacher makes me smile because she is like an older sister to not only me, but all her students. She is much more than a teacher because she is able to be our friend and is the most relatable person you can go to. She is able to laugh and conversation with us, while still making sure she does her job as a teacher. I have enjoyed having her as a teacher because I am always looking forward to going to her class and being excited for all the lesson plans she puts together. In her class, I am able to love and understand the subjects being taught because of fun activities that keep the entire class engaged. She is also a club advisor, and she is always willing to help us with all our needs because she is dedicated in ensuring her students have the best experience.

She is an amazing person with an enchanting personality!! She is always there to help students and appreciates every one of us. She also loves to teach and teaches with passion.

She’s really cool, super supportive, and always gets the class moving.

She’s the very best of the best.

She always try’s her hardest to make the things we are learning fun and always make us have a good time during her class!

She’s the best

She has been there for all her students to help them learn. She makes learning so fun and she knows so much about the subjects she teaches. in her class you don’t walk out of her classroom without understanding the knowledge taught in class. SHES INCREDIBLE

The way she teaches is very special and she tries to make every class fun

This teacher is always enthusiastic, and I can tell she really enjoys her job. She’s a real cheerful person and can always make her students laugh. This is one of my favorite classes. 🙂

She’s so comforting and amazing and I can go to her for anything. She’s been there for me on the hardest times and always knows how to uplift others. I love her and she deserves everything

She is always very enthusiastic and makes sure that we all learn while having fun and being in a comfortable environment.

She always makes me feel welcomed every time I walk into the door, and doesn’t fail to make each of us smile even when we don’t feel like.

Every day she has a great mood which creates a great environment in the classroom. She treats every student equally in a good way. Her assignments are so fun which makes it easier to learn.

Her personality and approach to teaching is what truly makes me smile.

Ms Cuda is a wonderful teacher who never fails to make us smile. She pays a lot of attention to every student and ensures everyone’s understanding. She never lets anyone fall behind and I appreciate her constant effort to bring awareness to important matters — whether personal or educational.

Ms. Cuda is a teacher like no other. She makes learning fun and interactive. Although i’ve never been good at anything science related, Ms. Cuda’s class has become one of my favorites. Her teaching skills are excellent

She’s really kind and makes sure every student understands the subject, I want nothing more than for her to achieve her goals and dreams

Ms.Cuda makes the lesson interactive and the class environment is fun and educational.

My teacher Ms. Cuda always gives a warm smile whenever we enter her classroom. She always makes sure we are having a good time in her class while also engaging us in our learning objectives. Ms. Cuda is one of the best teachers I’ve had.

BECAUSE SHES FUNNIEST MOST JOYFUL TEACHER ON CAMPUS. She makes her class so open to everyone & it’s always such a positive environment. She connects with all of us & feel much more than just a teacher or mentor, she’s a friend. This makes me & other student excited for her class because she makes learning fun.

She genuinely creates a welcoming environment for all of her students. Her smile and laugh is contagious, and I always feel so safe in her class. She’s the absolute best, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Ms. Cuda is the nicest teacher in this school. She makes us feel important and loved. She teaches us and makes us understand everything as we should. Even though school is to learn, we always let a laugh out in class with her.

She is very positive every day and she is always eager to teach her subject to students.

She is always there for us with amazing support. Never fails to make you laugh and make the class more fun than one would think an anatomy class would be.

She’s so caring and actually cares about helping students and their feelings

This teacher makes me smile because no matter the type of classroom environment or struggles she faces; she always finds a way to keep her students involved and continues to find creative ways to teach us.

She’s made science so much easier for me. I have had her as a teacher for Chemistry sophomore year and as a senior I have her for APES. She not only makes learning fun but as a young teacher she makes us feel as if she understands is better than other teachers. She has a very quirky personality and involves it in learning so there’s not a dull day when she’s around. Her teaching has helped me get a better understanding about science itself. Ms.Cuda simplifies most things taught it in simple terms so as a student it has been easier for me to grasp lessons easily.

her personality and her will to want to make learning seem more fun

She’s very happy and helps us whenever we need help!

She teaches very well and makes learning concepts easier to understand. She allows everyone to participate when asking questions or talking about the lesson. As well as she is in a good mood every time our class enters the classroom. She makes learning fun and interesting. The concept she teaches is very interesting. She is a great teacher to everyone and is very friendly.

because she’s so amazing and fabulous. her classroom feels like a second home to me like a safe space. and she genuinely cares about her students, and I’ve never learned more in one class. she is the best person ever.

She is very interactive with the class and there’s always an exciting topic every class period and she brings such a positive vibe to the classroom.

This teacher makes me smile because overall she’s a great teacher, but also a great person. No matter what, she helps us with everything, and she’s also there for everyone. I’ve had this teacher my freshman year, but also currently, my junior year, and I’m glad that she has been my teacher for two years because she makes class very fun. She has a very good personality, a very hard worker, and just a great teacher. She is the best teacher that I have ever had, and again an amazing person.

This teacher makes you smile as soon as you walk in. She’s always with a positive attitude and has cool activities for us. She puts effort into her lessons and is always making sure we know what we are learning.

She’s the best teacher in the world. She understands us students.  Ms. Cuda is The GOAT. I recommend any school to hire this fantastic job. She’s an absolute Green flag!

She makes us understand the subject very well.

Helps us during class

This is the Greatest Teacher.

This teacher is very bright and energetic person and that’s what I love about her…. She takes the time to be with student in need and she just knows how to make a student let out some laughter and I love it …I enjoy spending time with her out of class. I hope she gets nominated cuz she deserves it for the help she has given the students.

She is very attentive to all her students and makes them feel welcomed and safe in her classroom.

This teacher doesn’t make me smile; she makes my whole day. Unlike teachers she actually cares about us mentality and academically. I participate in the class way more than other classes because I have fun in her class. In short, she is an amazing teacher who makes my day way better. She is the reason why I go to school evey day.

Ms. Cuda never fails to help me become the best version of myself! She always goes out of her way to remind me that, even in my worst days, there’s always greener pastures ahead. She makes learning fun and opened a new realm of possibilities that my future could hold! I thank her for all of the good that she has done for me and I feel happy for all of the kids that will have her after I graduate!

because the teaching is very good and i understand it

Ms. Cuda greets me every day with a smile on her face when I walk through her doors. Her class is always fun and lively. She teaches in a way that helps me understand the material and I can gladly say that her efforts have made a positive impact on my life


Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?

She is cool and always ready to share her smile the world.

She has such a bright mood all the time and she’s always laughing and smiling and making everyone feel better even when we aren’t being too nice to her.

she brings joy to the class, making jokes, and it always smiling and laughing.

She the best and always helps out.

Ms. Cuda is very nice and always knows how to make us laugh and smile. Her laugh is contagious, and she is honestly one of my favorite teachers I have ever met in my school career. She makes learning very fun and knows how to keep relationships healthy with her students. She is a good friend as well as a teacher.

She makes corny anatomy jokes and makes anatomy a lot more enjoyable.

Her jokes are funny, also has a very positive attitude every day. Gives us good vibes and makes class fun.

This teacher makes me look forward to coming to school every day. She is always trying to make the subject we are learning fun to learn. I have learned a lot from her teaching which helps me in my nursing class.

She is the only teacher who always welcomes me with a big smile to class and fills the classroom with high spirits. Ms.Cuda is very sweet and thoughtful, i can tell that she is a teacher who will always be there for you and for that i will have a place for her in my heart 🙂

Because she is one of my favorite teachers, her class is fun and we actually learned something rather than in others classes.

She is a really supportive teacher and I just enjoy being in her class.

This teacher cares about her students in a deeper level. Everyone always has something nice to say about her and she makes the school experience better. Everyone needs a teacher like her.

Mrs Cuda has to be by far the most entertaining, fun, enthusiastic teacher I have EVER had in my 11 years of learning. Not only does she care for her students, but she cares for our learning and entertainment at the same time. Learning is fun and enjoyable in this class like no other. All because of her work ethic and radiant vibe! Anatomy as a whole has been a roller coaster, but with Mrs Cuda we learn many things beyond the anatomy topic. The activities are Enjoyable, the topics are hard yet she makes them SO EASY!. I personally think Mrs Cuda deserves this award more than anyone. She gives this job her all, and goes beyond and above for the good will of others.

Teacher:  Sarah Cummings, Richard C. Priest Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Daily jokes

She tells me daily jokes

She makes me smile everyday

She’s awesome

Teacher:  Maveric Cunanan, Cheyenne High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?   It’s a good class.

Teacher: Michael Cabelus, Grant Sawyer Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Cabelus is a kind, gentle, and outgoing English teacher. He makes learning fun and easy along. In addition, he shows his consideration to students by allowing them to talk about what happens at school. To be honest, orchestra used to be my favorite class along with the orchestra teacher. However, he moved to another school to become a counselor in the second semester this year, which truly saddened me and my classmates. Due to this, the second class that cheered me up was my reading and English class (I’m in accelerated so I have Mr. Cabelus twice). When I go to this class every day, I look forward the fun that we have with Mr. Cabelus along with my classmates. It’s because of Mr. Cabelus’ kindness and understanding that I feel happy in his classroom and to look forward to this class every day. As a result, Mr. Cabelus makes me smile and gets me a little out of my introvertness.

The reason why I nominated Mr. Cabelus, is because of how he teaches. He is very passionate about his job and teaching his students. He’s always interacting and engaging with his students. Though I cannot speak on behalf on how other students see him, I’m talking about my personal interactions with him. And he’s a teacher I actually feel engaged into learning new things such as Reading and English. I had a fun 4th and 5th period learning in his class, and I wish I could experience it next year.

Teacher: Grace Callaghan, Cashman Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She’s funny and always willing to help whenever you need it. She will always be there for you and is always so happy and joyful and can make anyone smile when they are in a grumpy mood.

Teacher: Elizabeth Camis (Craig), Jerome Mack Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Elizabeth Camis is one of the most positive people in the whole world.  Every time we talk, I learn a new amazing fact about her, like she has a pilot’s license and has is a certified SCUBA instructor.  On the weekends you might find her on ski slopes or out hiking but more often than not you will find her in her classroom working, planning, cleaning, and all the other things teachers do on their own time.   Not only does Liz teach at one of the hardest schools in one of the toughest districts in the nation, its MIDDLE SCHOOL and since she teaches art, her class sizes range from 50-60 on average.   The real kicker is that she teaches for FUN and because she loves it and the students.  She could make much more money using her skills in the private sector…but here she is, still carrying the teaching torch…..She’s an astounding human being and deserves all the appreciation in the whole world. 

Teacher: Coach Bill Canavan, Gehrig academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He is constantly making jokes and getting students, parents & staff to smile. What a great sport in a wholesome and goodhearted way. We need more role models like Coach for our children, and we are lucky to have him at our school!

Teacher: Laura Carrington, Amplus Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Carrington is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with! She can make any lesson/subject/skill easy to learn because she makes learning fun! Her dedication to her career and students is astounding! 

Teacher: Le Carter, Lucile Bruner Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Always acknowledges students’ efforts. And knowing that my daughter doesn’t want to have any other teacher for the next school shows me that she really is an awesome teacher!

Mrs. Carter always goes above and beyond to make sure her students are happy and healthy. She makes herself available to students and families for any extra tutoring that students may need. Mrs. Carter provides water bottles and masks for her classroom from her own pocket as well as materials for any special art projects she has the children do.

Teacher: Angela Centurioni, Discovery Charter School – Hillpointe

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. Centurioni is a fantastic teacher!  She truly loves her students and that can be seen when you see her smiling face at summer academy, Halloween Trunk or Treat, the school science fair, etc.  She is always warm and welcoming to parents, inviting us into the classroom any day.  I did have the chance to spend a day in her class and while she exercises excellent classroom management, she is also so kind and the kids want to share with her/chat with her in little moments.  She makes that time for the kids. 

This year she had a very large group of students, many of whom did not attend school in person.  Ms. Centurioni found she needed to reteach skills from previous grades in math and set goals for students, motivating her students with celebrations like an ice cream party or movie if they reach her goals.  She also coordinated the school science fair and a Dia de Los Muertos field trip. 

My son has been so lucky to have such an extraordinary teacher, he wishes he could have her forever-and I don’t blame him!   I look forward to my younger child being in Ms. Centurioni’s class, and she has already been very welcoming to him.  Any time I reach out to her on Class Dojo, she responds and engages in a friendly manner-I’m an educator myself and she is what we all strive to be for our students and their families. 

She genuinely cares about her students and treats them like they are part of her family. She is incredibly creative and always makeslearning fun for the kids.

Teacher: Halle Champion, Legacy High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Coach Champion is the freshmen volleyball coach.  As I sit in the stands, I listen to the students that are watching the game and they express such love and gratitude to Ms. Champion the teacher.  At one point a student said “she is not even your teacher.”  The other student responded, “she teaches me a lot.”  That is amazing when students that do not even have her as a teacher want to learn from her and be around her.  She is ALWAYS smiling.  You can’t help but to respond to a smile with a smile!  She deserves this recognition.

Teacher: Brenda Chavez, John Tartan Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher makes me smile because she truly does care about her students. She has great communication with parents. As schools opened up this year with mask mandates my son has anxiety so he has the tendency of biting his fingers and she helped me with him talking to the social worker and how we can make it better. I tend to ask her how he does throughout school, and she keeps me up to date. I enjoy the photos she also sends when the students are doing their activities. I truly do appreciate her and would like to nominate Mrs. Chavez. Thank you for being a part of my son’s life and being a great impact on his life it does not go unnoticed.

Teacher: Yudid Chavez, Robert E. Lake

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She is very charismatic with kids, and they love her right away. She is loving and projective with them. She personable with us parents. Makes me smile seen my son minding her.

Teacher: Chi Chen, Northwest Career Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? All the teachers here at Northwest are phenomenal in my opinion, but especially Mrs.Chen. Mrs.Chen invests her time getting to know her students and overall, the effort she gives to teach makes her a really effective teacher. Whenever students like me pass by her classroom during passing period, she also waves and smiles which also makes me smile! She also includes everyone in the classroom and creates a fun environment. Initially, I thought this class would be hard because you’re learning Chinese as a freshman, but she adds in effort into the activities and is really flexible with the work she gives us. Overall, she makes sure everyone’s okay, and she has a positive vibe/attitude with her! Her smile ensures acceptance and love. Every class should be full of endorphins haha. And I think her smile triggers a smile to everyone who pass by her.

Teacher:  Anthony Coffield, Spring Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Every day he brings encouraging words to each of his students and backs them up with connections to each one so every one of his students know they have someone at school they can trust and talk to at any given moment. Mr. Coffield makes me smile, personal, because the enthusiasm and effort he puts in to seeing his students succeed and make sure they know that they are in a positive, judge free environment.

He does his best to help students better themselves through theatre. He does everything he can to give students a way to be comfortable, open up, and experience different performance styles.

He makes me smile by forming a connection with each of his students and giving them a deeper understanding and appreciation for the preforming arts.

Teacher: Taylor Collins, Foothill High School  

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? To say that Ms. Collins goes above and beyond in making sure her student’s needs are met is an understatement.  She works long hours to ensure that her students will have all that they need to promote their strengths and increase their independence, in and out, of the classroom.  Working with her students, who are on the spectrum, is a challenge for even the most seasoned special education teacher, yet because she is passionate about her job, her work ethic never waivers! She is AMAZING and working with her has been a treasured experience! She adds a lot of smiles to our campus!

Teacher: Jordan Connell, Del Webb Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Every day before we walk into class Mr. Connell greets us with a smile (if he’s having a good day). He also says “Hi” every time we see him anywhere else in the school. Mr. Connell is very kind for doing this and of course we show our respect back by waving or smiling with a nod. He is also a very realistic, understanding, and a hilarious teacher! He would always have serious conversations with us about things happening outside of school but has an effect on us. I found this interesting because we are 13–14-year-olds who couldn’t care less. But I realized that it is engaging, and I would always be focused when we had those kinds of conversations. Sometimes I would be shocked that we didn’t know this was going on and how big its effect is. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had! He explains assignments/questions so we can understand them, and I learn something new from his class every day! He is always preparing us before we take a big unit test, or just a little quiz. The labs are fairly easy and enjoyable too! Mr. Connell always finds a way to joke with us and make us laugh when the class is participating or when the class is dead silent. Finally, he understands that most of us are good students and gives us the honor of choosing our own seats once in a while. I am so grateful that I have Mr. Connell as a science teacher, and I will be very emotional when I go into high school next school year. Every day he makes me smile.

Teacher: Crystal Creessy, Don E. Hayden Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She teaches my son very well

Teacher: Laura Cress, Mary & Zel Lowman Elementary

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Ms. Cress makes us smile because she’s so dedicated to her students and her students’ families. Although Lowman is a Title 1 school, Ms. Cress doesn’t allow her students and her classroom fall into that mindset trap. She is so patient and so kind to all students and treats everyone fairly. She is the definition of Number 1 teacher.

Teacher: Jill Crimi, Gehring Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Crimi makes everyday fun for my daughter. She has a slew of puppets that each have their own voices & personalities, which the children get to use during their brain breaks. My daughter and her class are so joyful and look forward to going to school.

Mrs. Crimi continuously goes above and beyond for students and the parents. She has showed our daughter the joys of school and has made our daughter love school.  She shows students how to succeed in all aspects of life just not academically. She is a treasure to have.

She makes me smile mostly because of her impact to my child’s everyday school life and even at home. My daughter is special as everybody is and being a parent, it makes me feel frustrated when I was presented with wrongdoings that my child does when she is in school. I want my daughter to be behaved in school and having a teacher that understands a child’s unique personality is rare. She understands that Leocel has a fun and loving personality, and she makes it in a way that her faults will turn into strengths, and she accepts her as she is. I love seeing her at pick up and will always have a smile ready for her. Now my daughter wants to get hugs from her every time she sees her.

Mrs. Crimi does not just teacher a rigorous magnet curriculum she does it in a manner that is fun for her students with songs, puppets and a joyous attitude. She also keeps her parents involved with pictures and videos. We are lucky to have her!

She always starts the day with a positive attitude, and really makes her classroom fun, while learning academically and socially. My daughter can’t wait to get back to school with Mrs. Crimi!

Teacher: Dana Cuni, Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Cuni is a great teacher that feels like a friend to us. She’s always willing to help us, even with the tiniest questions, and knows her subject well. I feel confident and prepared for our upcoming AP exam because of her teaching, and she’s honestly my favorite teacher this year due to her positive spirit!

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!