It’s time to get moving and start on an amazing adventure this fall for college! This year may be a little different due to the “new normal” we are all living in. Some questions that may need to be asked are: What safety measures are already in place? How and what can you move and take with you? Will you be having in-person or virtual classes?

Here are some moving 101 tips to help you navigate this exciting life transition, even among our “new normal”!

Your Space:

A big part of planning your move is deciding where you’re going and whether or not your school home will be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. If the space is temporary while you’re in school (like a dormitory or apartment) there tends to be less prep needed in terms of bringing items into your new space. You can possibly re-use a lot of furniture and items from your current room, or you can add as needed throughout the year. 

Decoratively speaking, will the space be personal or shared? Is it only a bedroom or is it a fully functioning living space complete with kitchen and bathroom? Answering these questions will help you narrow down what to look for when it comes to the necessities and the decorative items like shades, painting, posters, plants and electronics. 

If you’re moving into a more permanent space either on campus or nearby, you’ll want to treat this move more like a “traditional move”. Check out Preparing for Your Move for a complete guide.

The Prep:

Prepare yourself for the move by checking things ahead of time, particularly your campus and dormitory regulations. Currently, depending on the school or region, there may be restrictions on when and how you can move into the living quarters. If you’re moving into an apartment on your own or with roommates, there will be other procedures to follow in that event. 

Prepping can also refer to the mental aspect of student life as well. As if moving on its own in “regular” times pre-pandemic wasn’t enough, it can be overwhelming to move during a time where unknowns are prevalent. According to Mental Health America, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed especially with all the unknowns that could happen…you are not alone!

The MHA also has great advice while preparing for your move that you can read about here that outlines how to prepare your mental game, specifically, setting boundaries, communication, establishing a routine, taking time to rest and to take care of yourself.

Keeping It Clean:

Before packing essential items, be sure to properly sanitize and store your items in an area that can be left alone for a while. As a rule of thumb, keeping your items quarantined isn’t such a bad idea. Remembering to wash your hands before and after moving your items. Antibacterial wipes, sprays, latex gloves, and good ‘ol soap and water are a must to keep on hands these days.

According to CNBC, many students are likely to face both in-person and virtual learning. Even if learning will be virtual, you will still want to possible pack gloves, masks, and personal hand wipes to keep you and your potential living buddies safe. 

Expect the Unexpected:

Let’s say you’re already moved in and ready to go! Suddenly, without warning (or with next to no warning) things have changed and the school has to shut down to come up with a plan for student’s safety. While they come up with this plan, classes are canceled or moved online and the campus must be closed, therefore you must move from the dorms. What do you do now? Well luckily, you’re prepared with some quick tips:

  1. Pack all essential items in labeled boxes and seal them completely. 
  2. Wipe down surfaces and have a “cleaning bag” available to wipe things down.
  3. Donate items you no longer need. Call places and services ahead of time to figure out their drop off / pick up policy and areas. It will save you from additional stress and you’ll likely help someone find something of value!
  4. Find storage. You’ll probably want your bed and couch back after everything has calmed down. Call companies and ask to see if they’re offering specials or discounts for college students being met with unprecedented moving situations. 
  5. Find Movers. Most moving companies are now trained and ready to offer you a safe moving experience! 


Moving during the time may become discounted, but that is not always the case. As a student, you might find some companies willing to help through specials and/or giveaways for students moving to or away from campus. 

Also, keep in mind refunds and/or discounts for your tuition and fees. Some students are finding that this is an option now that they are off-campus. You should check with your admissions contact to discuss this. According to the New York Times, there have already been several cases where this is in the works. You can check the article out here.

Set Up for Success:

During Covid times there are a couple additional steps you could take to make it a healthy and safe year!

Have a sanitation station 

  • Have wipes in and around your bathroom, desk, and common areas
  • Place antibacterial lotions or gels near your computer keyboard and mouse 
  • Stock up on digital monitor wipes to keep things clean and untarnished by harsh chemical cleansers

Space It Out! Create extra space around the desks and computers in your home, office, apartment or dorm

  • Use your own keyboards, peripherals like styluses and mouses, and keep your items stored in a drawer or covered to prevent droplets from falling on your items if they are left out or near someone without a mask
  • Use wireless whenever possible to prevent touching buttons such as printers

We hope these tips help you to feel prepared for your move into college in the fall. Feel free to share this article and let us know what tips you’ve been using! 

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