Keeping cool in the Las Vegas summer heat is already nearly impossible, now you are planning to move…in triple digits! Here are some summer moving tips to help you “chill out” if you’re move is happening in our scorching heat!

First, hire a team that will do the heavy lifting! (Hey, we might know someone!) Moving and packing in the summer is tough, especially if you haven’t done it before or are new to summers in Las Vegas. Moving companies like ourselves are trained, experienced, and know what to expect when there are triple digits on move day. We know how to hydrate and pace ourselves to stay safe. If you end up packing smaller items into your vehicles, be sure to keep a steady supply of water with you at all times.

? Hot Tip: Summer is the busiest time of year to move. Expect to pay a little more during this time. Make sure to call as soon as you know your move date so you can get the day you want. Weekdays tend to be at a lower rate.

Second, pump the AC! Make sure to turn it on in your new home so that it’s a comfortable temperature before you and your movers arrive.

Technology doesn’t do very well in the heat. Using a cooler to store tech like phones or ipads is also a smart idea if they will be outside longer than a couple of hours or so. Electronics like televisions, computers, and appliances should be stored in the air conditioning until it’s ready for the move to the new place. 

? Hot Tip: Call ahead to ask questions about any appliances that you know you’re going to move! It will save you time and help you prepare properly. 

Third, implement safety practices for your food and yourself. 

  • Take time to prepare some space in coolers and cooler bags to keep your perishables safe while your kitchen items are being moved. 
  • In addition to making sure you stay hydrated, make sure you wear sunscreen. We are doing quick “in-and-outs” of the house but those quick trips add up and the sun in Las Vegas is brutal! 
  • Have washcloths or small hand towels available for last minute wipe downs or spills. These are also great if you need them to wipe down sweat to keep dry and cool. 
  • Wear moisture wicking clothing or athletic / casual easy-breathing materials. Think of it like heading to the gym! You want to be comfortable and safe. 

? Hot Tip: New tech allows you to be prepared for all types of hot weather scenarios. Consider a portable fan, misting tool, and hats as part of your gear! 

There is nothing better than seeing smiles on our customer’s faces! To know we took a stressful (and hot) day and were able to make them smile, by doing what we love to do, is the absolute best. To schedule a free visual estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call (702) 381-1200 or drop us an email [email protected].