Moving is overwhelming for most people and can be extra stressful for seniors. Seniors can face a couple of extra challenges that require additional planning, care, and patience. Preparing for a move, especially when downsizing, requires a lot of planning. Whether you or your loved ones are in retirement mode or moving into a senior living facility (independent, assisted, memory care, nursing, or health care facility) Move 4 Less understands that each one of these moves requires special attention. Here are some tips to help you or your loved ones prepare.

The Preparation

If you or your loved one do have mobility, health, and special needs concerns, the first step is to call your moving company to make sure they are aware of any special requirements. We are an approved vendor with most senior facilities in Las Vegas and have over 15 years of experience making sure our senior community is moved with the care and respect they deserve.

Senior moving service from move 4 less movers las vegas nevada

Downsizing is typically the first step to preparing for any move. For seniors, this might prove difficult as an accumulation of items from life has traveled many miles with them in their journeys.

Discussing the plans for storage, the sale or donation of items, and packing, before you begin can be helpful, so everyone is on the same page.

Who will help with packing if you or your loved ones are unable to pack for themselves? If needed, seniors can rely on our dedicated and trustworthy team to pack the items for them, taking away a huge burden and worry. It can also help alleviate stress if they are unable to pack themselves.

Giving yourself or your loved one’s extra time can be very helpful also. If there is a lot of “stuff”, allowing time to properly go through everything and also to enjoy the memories could really help the mindset. Try choosing one room at a time to tackle.

  • Give yourself a longer timeline to move.
  • Pick one room at a time to tackle.
  • Consider having a moving service do all the work for you along with disassembling and reassembling furniture you wish to keep.

If you or your loved ones are having a hard time or anticipate having a hard time parting with items, here are some ideas to try:

  • Talking to an antique dealer to find out how many items are worth it.    Sometimes a dollar figure can make a big difference in a person’s decision-making process.
  • Hiring a professional organizer. If you’re too close to the situation and your help becomes frustrating for your loved one, it might be best to bring in an impartial third party who’s used to helping people let go.
  • Letting your loved one know where the items will go and that they’ll be treasured. This is especially important with things tied to the family legacy, like old documents and photos.

The Company

As an adult child, friend or family member, it’s easy to look at your loved one’s move as a “fresh start.” If he or she are moving into an assisted living facility, they will have cooked meals, nothing to clean and friends living right next door.

Your loved ones might see that, too, but he or she is also mourning the loss of a home, belongings, and community – and at the same time, the realization that old age or health issues have necessitated the move is sinking in.

Choosing a company that understands and has experience with the emotional transition, as much as the physical moving, can make all the difference. Experience, patience, and a positive attitude can help ease the stress of the situation. Make sure to ask about each of those aspects when getting a quote. For us, we’ve made it a priority to keep connected with our local Las Vegas senior living centers to understand some of the challenges that arise with senior moving. This allows us to provide a flawless transition for you or your loved ones.

The Services

For us, every move is a chance to help our customers feel as stress free as possible. We strive to make sure you or your loved ones feel completely taken care of.

Many companies will move your furniture, appliances, or big bulky items with no problems, just make sure to verify that they do offer that service and ask if there is an additional charge. We offer a wide variety of services to make the move as stressLESS as possible:

  • We can pack for you.
  • We can unpack for you.
  • We can disassemble furniture for you.
  • We can reassemble furniture for you.
  • We can set up your new home!

One less thing for you or your loved one to worry about is always a plus!

The Discount!

Make sure to ask if the moving company offers senior discounts. We do!

For additional tips on senior moving, check out our Guide to Senior Decluttering.

If you have any questions for our team, give us a call 702-381-1200 or visit us online: Move 4 Less Senior Moving