Las Vegas is one of the top places for relocation, and with its close proximity to the beautiful
Mojave Desert and wild nightlife, we understand why.
But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that moving during the summer months can be a drag, with temperatures skyrocketing over 100 degrees. The heat alone is a good enough excuse to wait until the off-season to pack up, but there are plenty more reasons to postpone your move.

Here are our top 5 reasons to not sweat your moving day and schedule it for colder weather.

1. Cheaper moving costs:

Moving is expensive, but you can save yourself some dollars! Most people are eager to move during the summer while the kids are out of school, but don’t discount the benefits of booking your move after the heat subsides. Moving during the winter can cut your costs because there’s less demand for moving companies, which equals decreased rates for you.

Not to mention, you can take advantage of the kids being in school and out of your hair all day
so you can plan and pack in peace.

2. Get a better price on a home:

In general, you’re likely to find a better deal when buying a property in the winter. Sellers who list during the winter, rather than wait for the spring, tend to be motivated to sell and willing to cut their prices during the mid-winter lull.
December through to the first week in January can be crazy with the holidays, and most sellers know a competitive price can lead to a faster sale. If you get settled before Christmas, you can focus on cooking that perfect turkey.

3. You’ll know what you’re getting:

Touring a house in the summer only gives you an idea of how things will be in ideal weather conditions. When you look in the winter, you get to see the property in all its barren glory and be critical of how it looks and performs in the winter months.
Test out if the windows are drafty or if the furnace and insulation are going to keep you toasty. Viewing a home in the winter gives you a good idea of how the property holds up to low temperatures, and what measures you may have to take to stay safe and warm.

4. No chance of you or your stuff overheating:

Don’t break a sweat over your move! Nobody wants to lug a refrigerator up two flights of stairs in the heat of summer. Not only can this lead to heat exhaustion and excess stress, but the heat can also be bad for your electronics—your cell phone, laptop and TV could be at risk.
Whether you’re using a moving truck or keeping boxes in storage, sky-high temperatures can fry expensive technology—cars left in 90-degree weather can get as hot as 133 degrees within an hour. Yikes! On the flipside, Las Vegas winters are relatively mild compared to some states, and moving when the mercury drops is easily managed.

5. Flexibility in the schedule:

Fewer people want to brave the potential cold in the winter, so you can choose the dates that work best for you. More than 80% of house moves happen between April and November, so moving companies are more able to meet your winter scheduling needs. And, you likely won’t have to wait as long if you’re shipping your belongings. If you’re moving from out of state, your boxes may arrive at your new digs sooner because companies aren’t slammed with other bookings.

Chill out on moving day

Be sure to wear extra layers and stock up on your favorite warm beverages to keep cozy for your big move. With Move 4 Less, you can enjoy the crisp winter air and we’ll take care of the rest. We also offer box kits to help you start packing – check out the different size kits here.

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