As businesses start to re-open under the COVID-19 directives, there is definitely stress being felt by our Las Vegas business owners.  We are prepared to help businesses, large or small, with our commercial moving expertise. At Move 4 Less, we offer services for both residential and commercial properties.

The guidelines that each business must follow to ensure the safety of the customers have strict distancing rules that will affect the floor plans and layouts of almost every business.  

With the social distancing guidelines implemented, businesses large equipment, furniture, equipment, and cubicles will most likely have to be moved or rearranged. Let Move 4 Less help! We come in and help plan, move, and organize your space to fit the needs of productivity and safe social distancing rules.

So, where does all the equipment go after the social distance guidelines have been enacted? Businesses may have no room to store the items that had to be moved out of the space to adhere to the guidelines. At Move 4 Less, we can store that large equipment, furniture, equipment, and cubicles in one of our large warehouses. We have a state-of-the-art storage with over 40,000 ft. available to our customers. For large scale companies, such as casinos, restaurants and large corporations, you will work with a dedicated commercial move specialist. They will help layout the new floor plan, assign color coded labels to facilitate fast and accurate rearrangement, disassemble and reassemble furniture and office cubicles, and pack, unpack and crate large items for storage if needed.

If you are a local casino, bar, and/or hotel and have not yet put a plan in place for a new floor plan to provide safe social distancing measures, or need help planning and rearranging, give us a call.

Most moving companies cover the basics – moving, packing, and unpacking. We consider ourselves the powerhouse of moving companies. Our services extend far beyond the traditional move, for both commercial and residential. We offer safety, expertise, and solutions for a variety of needs.

For more information about the phases for planning to re-open your business in Las Vegas, click here. To check out our safety guidelines, click here. Most importantly, if your business in need of a new floor plan to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, give us a call!

Let us take care of the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively, for your business’ needs. To schedule a free visual consultation to assist with your floorplan re-arrangement and/or storage needs, give us a call (702) 381-1200 or drop us an email [email protected]. We’re ready to get your business up and running!