Your big move is coming up and you’re thinking about going with a moving container. You know, those portable containers that are plopped on your driveway for you to pack. Container moving can be a great option for some, but for many others, there are real pros and cons to consider. Let’s review some to see if it may be an option for you.

PRO: All your stuff is in one place

CON: All your stuff is in one place

If you’re okay with the idea that you don’t need direct access to your items for some time, the container idea might just work. The convenience of having everything stored in a container, or pod as some places call it, makes sense for flexible timetables and storage options. There may come a time when you need something out of your container, and you can’t access it — even after transportation is complete.

PRO: Storage options

CON: Expensive

Utilizing containers for storage sounds like a great idea when you are unsure of moving timelines and destinations. The problem with using a container as opposed to a storage unit in a facility is the price tag. Storage units tend to be less expensive than moving pods.

PRO: More time to pack and unpack

CON: May not be available in your area

A cool benefit of container moving is that you don’t have to drive the pod anywhere, which means you won’t have to worry about packing up and unloading the truck you’ve rented quickly to avoid additional time on the truck rental.

Make sure to also check if the area you’re moving allows pods to be placed outside your home. Unfortunately, some places don’t allow pods due to zoning restrictions. Permits may be required, which can add up! has a great article that compares the many pod-type companies out there for you. As always, feel free to call and ask us what options you might be thinking over. 

Don’t Want To Mess With The Moving Pods? 

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