You may be planning to move from home to home, or rearranging rooms to accommodate a home office. No matter what move your making, getting the home office set up and organized is a priority to get you up and running. This is a fresh start to create the space you want and need!

First things first, if you know you are going to need help moving furniture and equipment, schedule movers. Move 4 Less offers in-home moving services, as well as, traditional residence to residence moving. If you are relocating within your current home, room to room, we can help also! 

Create your new home office with these helpful tips.

Organizing as You Pack

Organizing as you pack may be the furthest from your mind but thought and a little bit more time during the packing stage will save you from stressing once you’re in your new space.

Start your packing process by placing your current office items in organized containers or boxes. Getting rid of any documents you no longer need can be a load off, both mentally and physically!

Think about digitizing these assets or simply destroying them if they are no longer in use or of need. Create specific containers for books, files, accessories, and supplies.

Properly label each box or container so you know exactly where things are. Computer or electronics can be a little bit more difficult, but if you’ve saved any of the original packaging for those simply use that. If you don’t have the original packaging, we have packing materials to make sure your items are protected. 

One of the most useful packing tips is to think about how you can be the most efficient once you start to unpack. For example, if you know you will need access to specific client files immediately after moving, make sure to put their files at the top of the box or even label certain boxes “Open me first

Now that you’re packed and ready to move, it’s time to set up your home office!

Fresh Start

You have a fresh start so don’t waste it! Pick the room or space that’s most comfortable for you and gives you the best vibe to be creative and energized.

Consider how much privacy you would like, as well as, the functionality you will need. Make sure you will be comfortable in your new space, after all you will be spending a lot of time there! Once you’ve picked the space, now we can figure out the layout.

The Layout

It can be helpful to create a layout on paper first, so you are not moving large furniture around trying to find the perfect flow and fit. Don’t forget to include filing cabinets, bookshelves, additional chairs and tables, and artwork you may have to make your office perfect!

The main focal point of most offices is the workspace. Is it a desk? A table? Does it have standing/sitting options? Whatever you choose, it should be something that feels comfortable and is efficient for your needs and the growth of your business.

Your workspace should be the first item you place in your layout. Make sure your desk/table and chair(s) have surrounding open space to be comfortable and ergonomic. Consider trying to position your desk so you face the door. This is a Feng Shui practice that allows for comfort and confidence!


If you don’t already have a plan for organization, do it! When your space is organized it helps you be more productive and removes the stress of random piles and not being able to find what you need quickly. Once your main components are in place, consider getting a filing cabinet, a bookcase, or other storage items that may help protect the privacy and neatly store items such as supplies and stationary.

Organization also applies to those unsightly wires from our electronics. Once your workstation is in place and your electronic devices are set up, it is best to organize the wiring with ties, tape, clips, cord covers, or even behind the wall. This keeps your space clean and tidy, while also keeping it safe. We love Bob Vila’s tips for hiding every wire in your home!

Final Touches

Depending on your aesthetic, you may want to invest in an accent chair or artwork to keep you inspired. You may also want to put up project boards, calendars, and various knickknacks to make it your own.

Also, don’t forget the lighting! Lighting your home office can help with eye strain, the energy of the space, and your mood. You may want to have an overhead light, as well as, a desk lamp. Hopefully, there is a window in your office so you can enjoy some natural light!

Just remember, this is the space you will spend a good chunk of time in. It should be comfortable, organized, reflect your style, but most of all it should be a space you enjoy being in!

If you have questions about packaging or moving your large furniture or equipment, from home to home, or room to room, give us a call, 702-381-1200, or drop us an email at [email protected].

We are here to help!