Make Your Family Move Easier With These Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving to any new place can be stressful for a family, but when the destination is Las Vegas, the move takes on unique challenges. A larger-than-life city glittering in the desert can be exciting for kids – or it can be downright intimidating. No matter where you are moving, there are a few simple steps you can take as a parent to ensure a smooth, exciting new start, with as little drama as possible.

Involve your Kids in Move Decisions and Preparation

Young happy family moving to a new home opening boxes

Whether you have months, weeks or even days to prepare for your new life in Las Vegas, the crucial thing is making your little ones feel they are part of the process. Approach a move is a family affair, a joint venture – and one in which each child has input. They many not get to choose the city or time frame, but there are hundreds of small decisions that go along with transition to a happy life in a new place.

Make a list of things to which your kids can contribute. This can mean helping pack familiar daily items such as dishes, books or family games, or letting them choose the paint color for their new bedroom. Encourage them to pack their own toys and clothes, to allay fears that the things they love are disappearing. Mark the boxes well, and make a point to open them first upon arrival in your new home. Allow current friends to help with the packing, and keep the mood positive. Make sure your child knows enough about their new city to talk about it with pride to friends and family.

Help your Teen Explore New Options for Living in Las Vegas

teenager with packed boxes and cellphone during move to new home

A teenager in particular may feel resentment and anger over losing strong ties to her friends, school and community. Avoid making your teenager feel powerless. Ask for her opinion in every major decision, and delegate smaller chores that require decision-making, such as conducting online research to choose schools, parks and grocery stores. Make sure she explores ordinary, everyday things, including sports or drama clubs she could join, or choosing the best cable and Internet packages.

Making the Transition

If finances allow, let each child order a fun item that will be waiting at the new home, such as a bicycle for exploring the neighborhood or a trendy new swimsuit for the multitude of Vegas swimming pools. Orient your kids by showing them Las Vegas on an interactive map, zooming in on neighborhoods, nearby attractions and even their new school. If Vegas is far away, include details such as how long it takes to fly or drive there, with assurances that current friends and family members are still accessible. Children have an innate need for security and familiarity, so make concrete future plans for a favorite friend or relative to visit your new home. Set up communication apps such as FaceTime and Snapchat.

Las Vegas Can be Intimidating to Children

Avoid the temptation to trot out photos and websites of numerous over-the-top entertainment venues on the Vegas Strip. You don’t want to overwhelm your kids with overblown expectations of daily life. Choose a couple of family attractions and make promises to take them there — but as an exception rather than the rule. What your little ones need most is the security of a home, school and friends like the ones they are leaving behind. Start right away building new relationships with church groups, sports teams or school-related groups.

A boy rides a bike on a Summerlin bike trail in Las Vegas.

Communication is the Key to a Successful Move

Acknowledge that moving is a stressful time, and allow everyone to express their fears, doubts and expectations. With open communication and solid, honest answers to inevitable questions about the “city of lights,” your children will soon be speaking with pride about their new home and the family that forged a new life in a new city – together.

Find an Affordable Long Distance Mover Who Really Knows Las Vegas

Once you are ready to schedule your move, finding a reliable long-distance mover to get you and your family safely to Las Vegas is very important to making the move smooth and hassle-free, so you have more time to focus on your family.  First, be sure your mover is licensed and insured. Then, check their online reviews for a good idea of their overall service performance. Talk with the mover and always get a quote in writing before you commit.

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