We here at Move 4 Less pride ourselves in providing and maintaining 1st class customer service. Our mission is to ensure that our clients are supplied with all the necessary information needed to make the most out of their moving experience. Move 4 Less ensures a knowledgeable, professional, hassle free, and stress-less move from the initial quote to the end of your move by providing clients with moving tips. This week’s moving tip focuses on Inventory.

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• De-clutter your life before you even begin your move, edit out what you don’t need and give away excess items to friends, relatives, or your local Goodwill or charity center. This helps clear up your “inventory” before you even begin.

• Create a list of 2 categories: Items you will move yourself and items that will be handled by the moving company.

• Keep essential items (the stuff you need immediately upon arriving to your new house) in a specially-labeled box.

• You should have an inventory sheet, courtesy of your movers. Use it to plan out what will be transported by the moving company, and what you will take yourself. Much like an apartment condition checklist, the movers will check off your items to be packed, noting their condition before packing. Make sure you accompany the movers as they take inventory, helping with heavy items or difficult appraisals.

• Let the movers do their jobs- they are not liable for boxes you’ve packed yourself! Let them verify what’s in each box, and pack it themselves, so that the responsibility for the safety and protection of your possessions is covered by them.

• Delivery time, check everything in the boxes to verify all of your items made it, and check them for damage.

• Sign off on your inventory sheet, and confirm with the movers to make sure everything is delivered and arrange coverage or compensation for any damaged items. Always make sure you get a receipt from the delivery driver or moving company to prove the status of your delivery.