Summer is the most popular time of the year to move. But moving in Las Vegas during the summer can be a challenge. With the average daytime temperatures regularly well above 100 degrees, and that hot desert sun blazing down, moving requires special precautions to make sure everyone and everything – people, pets, plants and possessions – all make it safely through the move.

Tips For Moving During The Summer Heat

Awareness and preparation are the keys to getting through a hot summer move here in the Mojave desert. Here are some tips to beat the heat during your summer move:

Stay hydrated. This is the #1 rule here in Vegas during the summer but it’s easily forgotten in the chaos of move day. Make sure that everyone involved with the move is aware and has a plan to stay fully hydrated. Fill thermoses or place a stock of bottled water in a cooler. Pack water in purses, backpacks, the trunk of the car, anywhere it can be quickly accessed. Make sure everyone takes regular water breaks, even if they think they’re too busy.

Pace yourself. During a normal move, no one really suffers if they’re running around at the last minute pulling things together. But that might not work so well for a summer move in Las Vegas. Pace your move by getting started with planning and packing several weeks ahead of time. This is a good idea for a move any time of the year. On move day, plan for breaks and allow more time in the actual move schedule. Don’t forget to have everyone take shade and water breaks.

Take extra precautions with pets. During the excitement of move day, pets can be forgotten. Remember, pets don’t have the ability to regulate body heat as easily as we do. Make sure they have plenty of water available (whether their favorite dish has been packed away or not) and that they have access to shade or an air conditioned area. Make sure not to leave them alone in the car, even for a minute, where temperatures reach the danger zone very quickly.

If you can’t drop them off at the doggie daycare or vet’s for the day, one way to make sure the pets are covered is to assign one person to them. The Pet Patrol Person’s main duty is to always know where the pets are and how they are doing at all times. And this way, no one can say “I thought you were watching the cat!” when Kitty has just taken off over your new neighbor’s fence.

Plants, food, electronics and other sensitive belongings. Don’t forget that a lot of things besides people and pets wilt or spoil in the heat. On hot summer days, don’t  leave houseplants in direct sun for longer than necessary to load and unload them to the car or moving truck. And, don’t forget that things from your refrigerator will spoil if left too long to the summer heat, never mind sensitive electronics, or even the kids’ crayons (but yes, that can be as fun as it sounds when you open the box, as long as the crayons were not packed with your son’s expensive collectibles).

Timing is everything. Everyone who lives in Las Vegas knows you don’t plan outdoor activities between 10 am and 4 pm on summer days. This may be hard to enforce on move day, but it’s still an important point. Plan ahead so you can time your outdoor activities, like loading the truck, for very early in the morning, or take care of it the night before. Take an afternoon break and unload the truck in the evening.

This is where professional movers can really make the difference. They’re trained, equipped and experienced for day time moves, even in the summer. You and the family can take house duty and handle organizing, unpacking and reassembling duties in a comfortable, air conditioned environment.

New Residents. If you’re moving into Las Vegas from out of town, hire a local mover to help you unload, especially if you are not used to the summer heat. Most people need several months to acclimate to our dry air and summer heat, so be careful, and plan to give yourself time to adjust. Having a moving company on board can also help you learn to navigate your new city and reduce the stress of your summer move.

Hiring Moving Labor Services for your Summer Move

Especially in summer, getting a local moving company is a good idea. Whether your move is big or small, Move 4 Less Las Vegas moves a lot of families, seniors and businesses during the summer months. We know how to work efficiently and fast, so your move is as short and hassle free as possible. And we can help you safely and easily move those especially heavy pieces and specialty items, like pianos and gym equipment, and even pack and unpack, so you don’t have to struggle with these extra chores in the summer heat.

For summer moves, plan ahead, pack water and take care of your pets.  And call your local movers to take the heat off your move.