Lynnette Carideo was the first recipient of the 3rd cycle of our Moving Our Community program. We are grateful for the opportunity to help Lynnette. There has been financial uncertainty and struggle for many during the pandemic, especially individuals like Lynette who work in the hospitality industry. Lynette worked as a reservation dispatcher at a limo transportation company. When the whole limousine/transportation industry shut down and was at a standstill, Lynette was let go from her job and evicted from where she lived. Move 4 Less was able to step in and assist Lynette with her move.

Lynette was very appreciative and stated that this move saved her from starting over from scratch. She said, “I don’t have to start over. I can keep what I have and keep moving forward. If it wasn’t for you [Move 4 Less], I would really just have the clothes on the back. I am appreciative of this company. I can’t thank you enough and I will pay it forward every chance I get.”

This is what community is about to us and why we do what we do. Together, let’s keep paying it forward.

The families selected by Move 4 Less for the Moving Our Community program were based on applications submitted during the 3rd cycle. Some of the moves have been delayed due to the families trying to find places they can afford and/or qualify for, given they may still be out of work. Move 4 Less continues to participate in a wide range of community activities throughout the Las Vegas Valley. The company has always had the heart to give back where they can. Currently, they are offering their trucks and moving staff to help move essential items throughout the valley.

To learn more about their community involvement, visit here.

For more information about Move 4 Less, visit or call 702-381-1200.

*The moves provided at no cost to the Moving Our Community recipients were personally paid for by the owners of Move 4 Less.