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For most people, moving is a big deal. It’s exciting to move to a new home, new town, even a new state. But one thing everyone worries about is how much it will cost. Depending on where you live, how far you’re moving and how much stuff you have to move, as well as other factors, like whether you need to move vehicles or need storage for a period of time, costs can vary a lot. It helps to think ahead and do some homework to keep your moving costs down.

Checklist of Moving Company Costs

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Here’s a checklist of costs to take into account when you plan your move:

  • Movers

    Movers are usually quoted by the hour. Depending on where you live , rates can vary a lot based on things like how many movers are needed and the season.

    • For local moves, you will probably be quoted a package price, for example two movers and a truck, by the hour.
    • Some moves may be quoted at a flat rate so you don’t have to worry about the time involved. Ask your mover about a flat rate quote.
    • Depending on the size of your home, a small apartment may take 2-3 hours, a large, full house may take 8 hours or more and will require more than two movers at a higher hourly rate.
    • Rates may be seasonal in some areas. Usually summer is a very popular time for families to move so summer moves may be priced a bit higher than other seasons.
  • Mileage/Fuel

    Most movers will charge a fee for mileage to cover fuel costs since move distances can vary a lot.

  • Insurance

    Make sure your belongings are covered during transport in case of loss. Below we discuss how to save money on insurance.

  • Extra fees

    Movers may charge extra for things like providing moving boxes and dealing with difficult access, or for helping with packing or doing specialty moves.

  • Long distance/interstate moves

    Usually very distant or interstate moves will be quoted by the pound based on the weight of your belongings and depending on where you are going. Particularly for costly long distance moves, be sure to get a binding estimate so you can’t be charged more than what you are quoted.

  • Other Mover Costs

    Other mover travel costs for local or long distance moves may include things like tolls, parking, waiting time and storage.

Move 4 Less Keeps Moving Costs Low

Because we are headquartered in Las Vegas, Move 4 Less specializes in moving Las Vegas Valley residents. We can keep our costs low, and provide very affordable prices to our local clients. Our quotes will usually beat any competitor, and you’ll always get them in writing.  We work fast and efficiently, making your move easy and stress free. We can help with interstate moves and with storage needs, too. Check out our specials or give us a call for a competitive moving quote today.

Keeping Moving Costs Low

If you don’t plan ahead, moving can be an expensive experience. Start early and prepare a move checklist for yourself. Make sure you choose a trustworthy, licensed mover.

To help you get started, click here for our moving checklist and click here for our checklist of ways to save money when you move.

Timing is everything

  • Plan your move date to take advantage of seasonal discounts from your mover.  Usually, summer is more expensive, spring and fall are ideal. Winter moves may be hard in snowy regions.
  • Are you paying double rent? Make sure you give notice and time your move so you aren’t paying for two homes for more than the time it takes to move your things (check your lease agreement for notice periods)
  • Time turning utilities and other services off and on to minimize wasted days, on both sides of your move.

Looking for a good mover?

Move 4 Less is priced to meet or beat any competitor. We’re licensed with the Department of Transportation, we’re ProMover certified and we have a great BBB rating. And most importantly, we go out of our way to make sure you have the best move ever.

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