How I Moved My Man Cave And Won!

My wife and I did some remodeling to our home to accommodate my mother in law who recently moved in with us.  She has some physical challenges and is not able to use the stairs, so we turned our living room into her bedroom.  As a result of this, my former sports viewing center with the leather couch that took me years to mold to fit me perfectly, was now my mother in laws bedroom.  I really didn’t think it would be an issue since we had two extra bedrooms upstairs and I thought I could make one of those rooms into my sports room.  I tried, but it just wasn’t the same.  I could put up as many sports pictures and memorabilia as I wanted, but it was missing something and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

One day, I was in the garage trying to organize and get rid of the junk that had accumulated.  Stacked up in the corner were the remnants of the wood flooring from when we redid our family room floor a couple of years ago as well as the leftover flooring from my mother in laws bedroom.  I took the flooring and laid it out in the garage.  It didn’t match, but it sure looked a lot better than the piece of carpeting that had been in its place.  I liked it and thought, job well done!  But something still seemed to be missing.  I hung up the dart board that had been sitting in the garage collecting dust.  Yeah, that looked good!

What else?  The retired ball caps, that my wife complained about for always being in the way, went up on the walls.  She actually commented on the history in those hats and has a new found appreciation for them.  Hey, the ping pong table will probably actually get used if it’s set up!  So that’s what I did. Next, was the stereo that no one was using, so now I could have music when I was in my man cave.

My son and I were making good use of the ping pong table, but Sunday’s were hard, because football was on!  I already had a refrigerator and cable set up in there, so the TV that was in the spare upstairs bedroom was brought out to the “cave.”  My beloved black leather couch came out as well.  I mean, it only made sense since that was where I was watching my football.

The nice thing about my “man cave” is that it is accessible to our friends and neighbors. When the door is open, guests are welcome and when the door is closed, it means that we are unavailable.  Some great dart and ping pong matches have been had by people seeing the door was open.  I realized that the “something missing” was the camaraderie of my buddies.  Game On!