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Moving Specialty Services

Move 4 Less is your go to specialty movers! We can help with all of your non-traditional moving, packing, and logistic needs.

Have you ever looked at a piece of your furniture or artwork and thought “How the heck am I going to move that!”? Good news! We offer moving specialty services! That antique dining room buffet that is beyond heavy, large, and extremely valuable, that has been passed down for generations…is that even possible to move? Yes!

Moving the not so normal items that are awkward, large, delicate, heavy, and/or extremely valuable requires SERIOUS attention and delicacy in wrapping and crating. Pianos, chandeliers, glass decor and artwork are a whole other ball game.

Our movers have special training to know how to specifically move that grandfather clock that has been in your family for decades and priceless for numerous reasons. That antique vase that was your great grandma’s, we got that too.

Our moving specialty services help you with:

  • Moving a piano
  • Moving chandeliers
  • Moving a pool table
  • Moving artwork
  • Moving a grandfather clock
  • Moving a refrigerator
  • Moving an oversized couch
  • Moving an oversized bedroom set
  • Moving an oversized dining room table
  • Moving heavy, awkward, valuable items

Bottom line: if it is valuable to you, it’s valuable to us. Your specialty items are special to us!

For each specialty move, we provide custom estimates based on your individual specialty move needs.

Please Call us: 702-381-1200 to get an estimate for your specialty items that need to be moved.

LTL Loads, Logistic Services, Shipping and Receiving, Storage

Move 4 Less can help with all of your non-traditional moving and logistic needs. We handle the receiving and shipping of specialty items, LTL loads, and appliance set up and deliveries.

If you have unique, hard to pack and move items, whether it be custom made furniture, palletized merchandise, specialty household decor, or art pieces, we’ve got you covered. We can move, ship, and receive all your one-of-a-kind items.

We also have a state-of-the-art storage facility with 24-hour surveillance and will arrange for storage if you need it.

  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Monthly or Pro-Rated daily VS monthly storage fees.
  • Safety & Secure with alarm, video surveillance, and on-site security.
  • Automatic green paperless bill pay.
  • Special Handling: Glass, Marble, Mirrors, Over-sized items, etc.
  • Pricing by cubic feet (space) used VS size of the unit (room rented).
  • Each item inventoried by coded serial numbers.
  • Goods stored in palletized vaults (most economical and safest).
  • Palletized vaults are organized by the job.
  • Access available at a fee

Moving Smile for Over 20 Years!

Move 4 Less is locally owned and has a long-standing reputation of trust within our Las Vegas community with a 97% referral rate! We always strive to deliver an experience that makes our customers want to smile!
Residential. Commercial. Long Distance.

Give us a call 702-381-1200 or Get your move quote now!