Storage Facilities:

Move 4 Less offers complete state-of-the-art storage solutions. Whether you need short-term storage when moving between homes or offices for your household goods, or long term storage for items like excess furniture, inventory, equipment or speciality items, and whether you are moving local or long-distance, we can help you organize, move and store and retrieve your goods at our facility in Las Vegas. Move 4 Less Las Vegas storage services provide you with the following:

  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Monthly or Pro-Rated daily VS monthly storage fees.
  • Safety/Security: (alarm, video surveillance, & on-site security).
  • Automatic (green – paperless) bill pay.
  • Special Handling: Glass, Marble, Mirrors, Over-sized items, etc.
  • Pricing by cubic feet (space) used VS size of the unit (room rented).
  • Each item inventoried by coded serial numbers.
  • Goods stored in palletized vaults (most economical & safest).
  • Palletized vaults are organized by job.
  • Access available at a fee.

Warehouse Logistics Storage

When your moving truck arrives at our warehouse, empty vaults are taken directly to the truck doors with a forklift. The items are already wrapped and protected, which facilitates fast loading of the trunks.

Private Storage Facility:

Move 4 Less storage facility is a secret warehouse and is more secure than the “public” storage units in Las Vegas. Access is always by appointment and supervised by a company employee.

Palletized Las Vegas Storage:

Palletized vault storage is the most economical and safest form of storage. It has many advantages over “self-storage,” and will cost you less because when you are ready for delivery, we load directly from our warehouse. We store your household goods in large (solid wood) vaults designed explicitly for furniture moving and storage. They measure, 5 feet wide, by 7 feet deep, by 7 feet high. The great advantage of this method is that it reduces the number of times your items need to be handled.

When the time comes to deliver your furniture to your new location, the vaults are loaded on the truck with a forklift making for the most efficient Las Vegas storage process available.

Special Handling:

Large, soft items, such as sofas and overstuffed chairs, are shrink-wrapped then stored on custom couch racks. Glass, marble, substantial mirrors, etc., are stored on individual shelves.

We are very proud of our Las Vegas Storage Unit and invite you to visit us at any time.

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