As we kickoff football season, now is the perfect time to impress your football buddies with some fun facts about the Las Vegas Raiders. 

In 2020, the Raiders officially moved to Las Vegas from Oakland, California, making Sin City their new home. This marked a historic moment for both the team and the city.

The Raiders’ new state-of-the-art home is the Allegiant Stadium, located near the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. This impressive venue boasts a sleek design and can hold up to 65,000 enthusiastic fans.

Allegiant Stadium is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a 73,000 square-foot LED video screen, making it one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the NFL.

The Raiders have seen some of the greatest NFL players don their silver and black jerseys. Icons like Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, and Howie Long are synonymous with the team’s legacy.

The Raiderettes are the official cheerleaders of the team. They bring energy and excitement to the stadium, enhancing the overall game day experience.

“Commitment to Excellence” is a famous motto associated with the Raiders. It reflects their dedication to maintaining high standards on and off the field.

The Raiders were founded in 1960 as one of the eight original teams of the American Football League.

The Raiders have played in 5 Super Bowls and won 3 of them, dominating the other team each time. In 1977 they beat the Minnesota Vikings by 18 points in Super Bowl XI. Their 2nd win was against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1981’s SB XV. It was another great victory at 32-14, defeating them by 17 points. Then in 1984 the Raiders demolished the Washington Redskins by 38-9, a 29-point spread in SB XVIII. That win is ranked at #6 for point differentials. Not too shabby!

Did you know that the Raiders are one of only 3 NFL franchises that does not retire jersey numbers? Only the Las Vegas Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons don’t.

The Raiders have had some awesome achievements throughout the years, with their most successful periods of time being 7 playoff appearances in the ‘70s, 5 in the 1980s and 6 more between 1990 and 2002.

Regardless of the team’s ups and downs, Raiders fans are known for their enthusiasm and devotion. The term “Raider Nation” was even coined by a fan named Jim Hudson in the 1990s, transforming the Las Vegas Raiders team into a strong brand. Keep an eye out for those black and silver Raider Nation members at the games.

In the famous motto coined by longtime owner Al Davis, let’s “Just win, baby” this season!

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