Move 4 Less is proud to be your leading local Las Vegas moving company. We’re based in Las Vegas and our commitment to the area shows in our extensive local knowledge and experience, as well as in a range of community activities we participate in to be able to give back to our friends and neighbours in the Las Vegas Valley. Move 4 Less always strives to be a leader in supporting the diverse and vibrant Las Vegas community and do our part to help and support fellow residents.

We help Las Vegas Move in More Ways than One

Move 4 Less moving company staff and trucks in parking lot aerial shot

As we grow along with Las Vegas, we find more ways to reach out and participate in our community. Our employees regularly participate in a variety of programs and events, and we’re happy to donate use of our trucks to help out a number of local organizations who need them. Here are some of the community organizations and activities we participate in the Las Vegas community:

Some other ongoing local projects we’re involved with are:

  • Working with NDOT to relocate residents and companies for the upcoming 95 freeway/I-15 interchange project.

  • Partner with many senior communities to offer discount priced move-in programs

  • We also work with local property management firms, Storage West, and other local businesses to provide fast, easy and affordable moves for their clients.

Move 4 Less’ fleet of moving trucks can be seen all over town every day.  We’re either moving local Las Vegas residents to their new home, or relocating new neighbors from out of state and helping them find their way around town and feel at home.  At Move 4 Less, we pride ourselves in our diverse level of service.  Whether moving small or large businesses, medical offices, or helping a veteran or senior relocate, we treat our customers like family.  Sometimes, we are also servicing our community by delivering food, supplies, or toys for our community partners.  When moving our clients, our goal is to provide a world class relocation experience whether it is a residential, commercial, or long distance move.  With over 5000 annual Las Vegas moves, and a sense of service and gratitude to our community, we know how to move Las Vegas!

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Move 4 Less is a Las Vegas moving company helping residentialand businesses moving for more than 20 years with a 97% referral rate.

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