Your mom may have told you to clean your room, but did you know that the state of your space can actually affect your mental health? Studies show clutter can make it hard to focus, and even lead to confusion, tension and irritability. But don’t worry! Tidying up your space can promote calmness and a sense of well-being even faster than that scoop of Ben & Jerry’s will.

Here are 3 ways tossing those old gym socks in the garbage and doing the dishes can help your mental health.

1. Improve your mood

We’re not saying to skip the gym, but you can get a boost of endorphins, or happy hormones, from cleaning. Normally triggered by exercise, a vigorous bout of cleaning can signal endorphins, which are proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and help induce positive feelings. Who says scrubbing floors can’t make you happy?

2. Increase your focus

Do you struggle to focus in your office? Take a look at your work environment! Our brains are amazing, yet easily overwhelmed, so cluttering the space with unrelated objects can make it harder to pay attention to the task at hand. File your paperwork, rinse out your old coffee mug and declutter your desk to eliminate distractions and improve your concentration.

3. Gain control of your environment

Tidying up your space can be empowering, especially when your life feels out of control. Take the time to re-evaluate the rooms in your house, deep clean your space, and cultivate a home you enjoy being in. Promoting a liberating, restful environment to recharge in will help you thrive outside of it.

Save your sanity and get organized!

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