While it may be a simple concept of just opening and taking out items from boxes and totes, having a strategy involved will be helpful for you and those around you if it’s planned out in advance. Everyone is excited to unload and get ready in this new space and the excitement can be exhilarating! But if you unpack certain things in the wrong place, it can become tedious and you might lose that new space spark! (No one wants to lose the spark!)

One of the simplest and strategic ways that you can keep the energy flowing into your new home is to simply have the boxes labeled and placed in the room that they belong to. This will save you so much time and energy!

Something to keep in mind is that since the boxes are already labeled, if you find that your older items no longer fit in your new space, you can consider either keeping the extra items in the box for storage or you could simply leave them in the box for donation and it’ll be easy sorting for the donation facility. Either way, that is a win-win!

Considering your family type, unpacking the kitchen might be the most important room first. Not only do you need to eat, but your household needs to function as well. A lot of that starts with the kitchen! Hydration, fueling up, and an overall familiar meeting place, the kitchen is an essential room no matter how big or how small your home is. If you’re looking for a strategy here, it’s pretty simple:
• Gadgets and appliances go first! This is because some of the appliances may need time to reset or calibrate. This is especially true for refrigerators and water coolers.
• Upgrades are fun! If you love liners and raisers, consider putting those things in your cabinets first before unpacking. You’ll thank yourself later!
• If you’ve been using coolers to transport food, get them in the fridge ASAP! That’s why appliances are typically set up a day or two in advance before unpacking
• Don’t worry about the organization! Sometimes this holds people up from unpacking the next room or two. Get the essentials out and move on! You can organize as you go along.
Unpack essentials next. Most people move onto the bedrooms or bathrooms to get those all set up but really you just need to make sure things are in place to keep your day-to-day activities running. This can mean unpacking a small bag of clothes, towels, and toiletries to clean up, and bedding for rest. Everything can be organized as you go but just having the essentials set up and unloaded is a welcoming sight for those that either feel overwhelmed or need a break from unpacking.

If you like a systematic checklist and formula to follow, one of our favorite sites for learning is WikiHow and they have quite the list. You can check out the detailed version here. Other tips that can help you are:

  1. Create an unpacking schedule
  2. Go room to room based on your own personal needs
  3. Unpack essentially labeled boxes FIRST (ie: “bedroom – bedding” might be more important than “bedroom – books”)
  4. Set up furniture layout first before unloading and decorating on or in fixtures, shelves, and bookcases
  5. Hang up shower curtains first and have towels at the ready in the bathroom. (Don’t forget the TP!)

We hope this list and guide are helpful for you as you unpack. As always, if you need any help in moving, packing or unpacking, give us a call!

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