Congratulations Hannah! Winner of the Move 4 Less Design a Moving Truck Contest!

During the month of March, we invited Clark County School District middle and high schools to create a design for a Move 4 Less moving truck. Our company tagline is “Smile! It’s Moving Day” and we wanted to create a fun contest with the same spirit! We chose the contest theme, “What makes you smile?” for the contest. And WOW, we received awesome designs and artwork from students all over the county that sure made us smile! Designs featured friends, family, food, seasons, and animals.

On May 3rd, 2022, we had a surprise reveal for the winner! The chosen design was created by Hannah V. at West Career Technical Academy. We gathered everyone in Hannah’s class to stand outside. We didn’t say what the event was for, building anticipation from the students. As the designed truck rounded the corner our winner was shocked!

Mr. Martin, Hannah’s School Counselor, sent out announcements in March to all the students with an invitation to participate in the Design a Truck Contest. Hannah jumped at the opportunity, and it paid off. For having the winning design Hannah and her counselor each received gift baskets with gift cards, and full of goodies. AND the whole class received a $1,000 gift card!

Hannah’s interpretation of the prehistoric age is fun and lighthearted. When asked what inspired her design she said “I like dinosaurs, I went through a dinosaur phase as a kid. I thought “let’s try that, they make me happy.” One of our favorite parts of the design is the T-Rex lounging with a satisfied “Grawr!” Hannah said she put that into the design because she wanted it to show “happiness.” Exactly how we want everyone to feel when Move 4 Less is handling their move, happy and smiling!

We loved connecting with our community and seeing what made all the students smile. Making us even more excited to showcase a creation on one of our moving trucks. The truck will be used for years to come moving Las Vegas locals to and from their homes. We think that when it does, smiles will be inevitable!



Connecting with the community is a major part of who we are as a local business. We have several programs throughout the year. To read about more of our community initiatives check out our other blog post here.