Are you ready for your long haul? Whether you are moving across the country or the city, a long-distance move is something we can help with! 

Every move and situation are unique; here are some tips to check out before the long haul!

Organization from start to finish is more effortless said than done. While you may be tempted to do all the work and organize yourself, consider having someone or service come in and help you categorize and organize your items. We use color-coding systems and breakdowns to place your items properly on our trucks for easy in and easy out! 

Don’t skimp on the packaging! Packing for a long-distance move is a little different than packing for a local move. You want to make sure your items are packed well to “go the distance.” Especially if you have a specialty and delicate items, the “wrap it up in extra blankets technique” might not work well for long-distance moving. We have plenty of packing materials that will keep your items safe to go the distance!

Research, research, research! Ask questions and get as much information as you can from the moving companies providing you with quotes. While the price may seem right with one company, they may not offer you everything you think. If they are offering you a quote only over the phone or through their website, be careful! The most accurate quote will come from an in-home estimate. Long-distance moves are very detail-oriented and need an in-person, in-home estimator to get the most accurate price possible.

Is it worth moving the big pieces? If you aren’t sold on keeping that couch or bed, consider donating it or selling it to save you time and money on your move. If you plan to keep and move your living room, bedroom, or dining room sets, we offer to disassemble and re-assemble your items. 

Here are some significant factors that go into your long-distance quote:

1. The distance you’re moving.

2. The size of your move.

3. Packing and crating services. 

4. Pre-arranged delivery vs. consolidate delivery.*

* If you prefer a pick-up and pre-arranged delivery date, it will offer you scheduling peace of mind. For a consolidated delivery, your items are stored and transported with the goods of other customers who are moving to your general vicinity during the same general time frame as you. Your belongings should arrive up to 14 days from your available delivery date, rather than on a set day. 

We also offer additional services such as properly packing for the long-distance move, move insurance, and even temporary storage solutions! 

To learn more about the specific points of long-distance moving, check out this list here. If you’d like more options to help you prepare for your move, check out our previous blog on Preparing For Your Move here. 

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