Tips For Finding A Good Henderson Moving Company

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If you’re moving soon, you may be looking to compare moving companies in Henderson. There are a lot of moving companies around, but as anyone who has ever moved knows, the quality of movers can vary a lot. Just because a guy has a truck and calls himself a mover, doesn’t mean he is one. Remember, you are going to trust all your belongings to the mover you hire, and count on him to arrive and finish on time so you can stay on schedule and on budget. So how do you find a good professional mover in Henderson that you can trust?  Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you select a good moving company:

Get recommendations – your friends are a great source of referrals since you know they’ll tell you the truth and only recommend someone they had a good experience with.  Ask around and listen to their stories. Searching online is good too, as long as you follow up with some additional investigation.

Check online reviews – if you have a short list of movers, see what others are saying about them. You should be able to get a general idea about them from reading reviews. Every company has an occasional unhappy client, and the good ones always follow up until the problem is resolved. But watch out for companies where you see the same problems repeated over and over in different reviews as then it’s probably a pattern of poor service. Also check the Better Business Bureau listing and also see if they are certified by AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) as ProMovers. Promover companies have passed certain standards and must promise to adhere to ethical practices.

Interview the movers – call and ask to speak to a move consultant. Ask about their movers’ qualifications, whether they have insurance, how the estimate works (they should offer to come to your home and give you a written estimate) and other questions you have. Ask about loading and unloading, and how they protect your furniture and delicate items from damage. Be sure the company has an actual office in town and that they are not subcontracting your move to someone else. If you feel uncomfortable with any of their answers, move on.

Get written estimates – show the estimator around your home so they get a complete picture of what will be moved. You should get a Written Estimate that shows how much you will pay and indicates any extra charges you might incur. Be sure you understand it, and if anything has been left off, get them to revise and send you a new estimate in writing. You might want to get at least two different moving company estimates so that you can compare prices and contract details.

Find out how they work – A good moving company will have insurance in case of a problem, they will keep a list of your items and they will advise you how to prepare your items for the move to help save time and money. On move day, they should arrive on time in adequate size and reliable truck, load quickly and efficiently, deliver your items in the same condition they were picked up, and not leave until you are satisfied. And, they’ll clean up after themselves.

Choose the company that’s right for you – Ultimately, you will select the mover who best fits your needs. Most important is trust and professionalism, so be sure to consider how the mover representative interacts with you and if they are responsive and honest in their communication. Then, make sure they are a good fit for your needs and your budget. Maybe you need help packing, and a company with well-trained professional packers is the one you trust. Or you have to move a specialty item, like a pool table, so be sure they have experience handling your special item. If you are moving out of state, you want a company who can handle all the details related to that so you don’t have to.

Move 4 Less your Professional Henderson Mover

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If you’re moving, Move 4 Less wants to be on top of your list of Henderson moving companies. We are proud to be Pro Mover Certified and our staff is trained moving professionals, whether they are our estimators, movers, or customer service staff, who will handle your move to the highest quality standards. We are proud to be an affordable mover, which we achieve by training our staff well so they work efficiently and smart, to save you time and money. We are proud to be a local professional mover, headquartered right here in Southern Nevada. We have moved thousands of families in Henderson and Las Vegas. And most importantly, we treat our clients like our neighbors, because they are.