If you’ve moved to a new place, you know that feeling of freedom thinking “now’s my chance to do this place right!” So we’re starting a series of infographics to give you ideas and guidelines for inexpensive ways to spruce up your new place and get more out of the space you have. We’re going to start today with that tacky old furniture you just couldn’t bear to throw out before the move, so now you need to do something to make it look better.

Did you notice that your old furniture that seemed to fit so well in the old place is looking a bit tired and maybe out of place in your new home? Unless your chair is down to 3 legs and you can’t find that 4th one, don’t give up on the old stuff. Give it a new start with a clean up and fresh coat of paint or stain. Select the finish you think will look good under the new living room window or pick a bright new paint color for the dresser in the kids’ new room. Maybe you want a particular finish, like going for that old look with an “antique crackle” or making the piece shine with really a really sharp glossy look.

Take a look at our infographic for all you need to know about materials and equipment, how to select the right products and a step by step guide taking you from start to finish through your process. Before you know it, you won’t recognize a single table, chair or dresser in the new place and your friends will think they came to the wrong house.

Have fun painting and thanks for moving with Move 4 Less, your Las Vegas mover.

DIY furniture refnishing with chalk paint