Did You Know Moving In Winter Can Be Cheaper?

If you’re thinking about moving, did you know you can save money by moving in the off season? Fewer people move in winter, so it’s a great time to look for specials and coupons that may take up to hundreds of dollars off the cost of your move.

Why Winter is a Great Time to Save Money on your Move

Most families with children want to move in the summer, when school’s out so that’s a very busy time for movers. Since movers can book up their trucks and their staff are very busy, usually movers offer fewer specials in the summer. And booking the date you need may take earlier planning to get on the moving company’s schedule.

Even for people without children, since spring and summer have the best weather, many homes are bought and sold during these months when they show well. So of course, lots of home buyers and sellers are moving during the spring and summer months. For Las Vegas, with our hot summers, early fall can also be a popular time for moving.

House blocked by snow in winter

But winter is a different story. Even though we don’t have to deal with snow very often in Las Vegas, if you’re moving long distance, snow in your destination city might be a factor. Even without snow, by the time winter rolls around, most people are settled in for a few months to enjoy the holidays and avoid taking on a move during the short days and coldest weather of the year.

Cheap local moves at Move 4 Less

So, since we have lots of moving trucks and staff ready to get to work, during the late fall and winter, Move 4 Less can offer some pretty good moving deals that you might not see in the more popular months of the year. This year we have some winter specialsthat include things like (call for details):

  • 15% off long distance moves
  • Free insurance
  • Free packing
  • 99c storage for the first month
  • 50% off 3 month storage agreement

We also have coupons available on our website that are available in winter and many of them year round for things like:

  • free boxes
  • free TV packing
  • Senior and military discounts
  • $100 off long distance moves

Flat Rate Move Local Move Guarantee

Move 4 Less moving truck and mover in driveway helping someone in Las Vegas move

As your affordable local mover, Move 4 Less also offers flat rate moves so you know exactly what you’ll pay ahead of time. Everything you need is included and quoted up front.

These deals and coupons may save you hundreds of dollars on your move. Contact a move counselor for how we can put together a winter move for you that will save you money.

Remember Move 4 Less

If you’re moving this winter, remember Move 4 Less can help you save money and get you to where you need to go, quickly and hassle-free. Just give us a minute to put on a warm coat and we’ll be right over to get you started!