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Thinking of Moving to Phoenix?

Thinking of Moving to Phoenix?

Is A Move To Phoenix From Las Vegas Right For You? For those looking to move out of Las Vegas, the Phoenix metropolitan area is an excellent place to consider. For one thing, you won’t be giving up urban amenities with a move to Phoenix which has about 1.6 million residents. In fact, Phoenix is […]
NHL and Other Pro Sports Make Move to Las Vegas

NHL and Other Pro Sports Make Move to Las Vegas

Pro Sports Teams Are Moving To Las Vegas, And The Locals Love It! Las Vegas sports fans have had a lot of great news this year with the announcements by major and minor sports leagues that they are coming to Vegas, baby! As a truly metropolitan city, Las Vegas is making a statement that it’s […]

Moving to Las Vegas: a Great Choice for California Retirees

California Seniors Moving To Las Vegas Find Fun, Sun And Savings For anyone contemplating retirement, choosing where to live is one of the biggest decisions they will have to make. Finding the right community and also meeting other goals like cost of living, climate or proximity to family are all part of what goes into […]

Why We Love Being Las Vegas Movers

Why We’re Happy Las Vegas Movers Offering Affordable Moving Services To welcome 2017, we thought we’d share something we’re really grateful for. It’s been a great year at Move 4 Less as we continue to grow and serve the Las Vegas community. And we think this comes down a lot to the fact that this […]

Why We Love Moving Boulder City

As Las Vegas movers, we get around a lot in Southern Nevada. One of our favorite spots is Boulder City, that great little town just down the road but that seems a world away from the noise and craziness of Las Vegas.Many of us have taken our families on the Hoover Dam tour, but actually spending […]

Las Vegas Moving Company’s High-Rise Moving Tips

Whether this is your first high-rise move, or you’ve done it before, by now you know that high rise moves present some special challenges. They are not your park-and-load the truck suburban move, unfortunately, and they require some careful planning and coordination ahead of time.  Since Las Vegas has a sizeable number of high rise […]

Moving To Las Vegas? Should You Rent Or Buy?

Deciding To Rent Or Buy When You Move To Las Vegas If you’ve recently made the decision to move to Las Vegas, you may be trying to figure out where to live and whether it’s better to buy or rent the place you will live. Because Las Vegas was hit hard by the housing crisis that precipitated […]

Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Ten Ways Life In Las Vegas Is Different From Los Angeles Southern California and Southern Nevada have a lot in common. They are very similar in climate and culture. And, why not, they are very close together and people travel back and forth between these two areas all the time. But, moving to Nevada and […]

Tips for Moving to Vegas with Kids

Make Your Family Move Easier With These Tips For Moving With Kids Moving to any new place can be stressful for a family, but when the destination is Las Vegas, the move takes on unique challenges. A larger-than-life city glittering in the desert can be exciting for kids – or it can be downright intimidating. No […]

5 (Other) Great Reasons to Move to Las Vegas

Forget Gambling And Nightlife. Here’s Why Moving To Las Vegas Is A Great Idea Many people who have never lived in Las Vegas consider it just a place packed with bright lights and other assorted glitz, and while it’s true that it’s a fun, exciting city, it nonetheless provides advantages that aren’t apparent during the […]

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