Part of our culture at Move 4 Less is giving back, helping to make our Las Vegas community smile! One of the ways we do this is by supporting local nonprofits with donating our trucks and manpower to help them with their events. We were honored to be able to do just that this past September 16th, 2023, for the Candlelighters Superhero 5K event. 

We were able to help them load up and deliver the event supplies to the park, grab a pallet of ice race day morning, and reload the event supplies and deliver them back to their facility…doing what we do best, moving! 

This is a fun-filled family brings the community together in support of local families battling childhood cancer.
The Candlelighters 5K is more than just a run, it is a day full of food, a kids’ zone with an inflatable obstacle course and games, and of course your everyday superheroes in full costume.

This is a fun-filled family event each year that brings the community together in support of local families battling childhood cancer. We are excited to announce that Candlelighters surpassed their Superhero 5K donation goal this year!! 

Whether you are new to Candlelighters and all the good they do for our community’s most precious asset, our children, or you have been a supporter for years, this is always an event not to be missed! 

Learn more about Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada at and please consider what you can do to help. There is nothing in this world more important than our children. 

As Move 4 Less continues to grow, we will continue to find more ways to reach out and participate in our community. Our team regularly participates in a variety of programs and events, and we are happy to donate the use of our trucks to help out a number of local organizations who need them.

Together with charitable organizations like Candlelighters, Move 4 Less will continue to support our community. Together we can move our community forward and help increase those smiles!!