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Custom Stencil Your Furniture – Use our Infographic Guide

Diy Home Decor: Furniture Stencil Art Made Easy As movers, we see a lot of home decor. And we hear a lot from our clients about their favorite pieces of furniture or about something they have to leave behind but wish they could replicate in their new home. We hear about having to decide whether […]

Finding professional moving companies in Henderson

Tips For Finding A Good Henderson Moving Company If you’re moving soon, you may be looking to compare moving companies in Henderson. There are a lot of moving companies around, but as anyone who has ever moved knows, the quality of movers can vary a lot. Just because a guy has a truck and calls […]

Moving Tips for Seniors

For seniors, moving can be anything from a long-planned but complicated downsizing to a move to assisted living for a more supportive environment. These moves may entail some one-time decisions and need a little extra planning and help. Las Vegas is a great retirement town, providing great places for seniors to live and enjoy the […]

Learn to decoupage furniture with our infographic

As part of our infographics series on home improvement ideas through crafts, we want to introduce you to decoupage, or the art of applying cut up designs to the surface of anything you want to decorate. If you’ve moved recently or are planning to move, or if you’re just doing some spring cleaning, you may […]
Prepare your Belongings For Long Term Storage

Prepare your Belongings For Long Term Storage

If you are planning to store some or all of your belongings in long term storage, whether in a Las Vegas storage facility or anywhere else, it’s a good idea to take the time to prepare them properly. Here are some tips that will help preserve the condition of your valuables while they’re stored away: Climate […]

10 Tips for your Henderson Business Move

Planning a commercial office or business move is a big job. As an office moving company, we at Move4Less have been providing commercial moving services in Henderson for a while. If you’re planning for a commercial move, here are a few tips that can help your move go more smoothly: Appoint a Move Project Manager – […]

Storage Ideas for your Christmas Decorations [Infographic]

Here’s a quick Infographic guide with ideas for storage of your Christmas decorations. Too often, after the partying, shopping and gift-giving, not to mention New Year’s Eve, we’re too tired to plan for pulling down all the decorations we put up for the holidays. They end up shoved into the same tattered boxes we used […]

The Hermit of Henderson, a true Nevada Legend

Long time residents of Henderson may remember him, but many of us new arrivals who’ve recently moved to this quiet, pleasant suburban neighbor of big, noisy Las Vegas may have never heard his story. Called the “hermit of Henderson swamp”, this colorful character resided for two decades in a part shack-part cave home on a small […]

An Affordable Move: How to Save Money when you Move

Moving can be a real hassle but on top of that the costs can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention. To avoid a financial surprise after it’s all over, as your affordable local moving company in Las Vegas, we like to share some tips for things you can do ahead of time to […]

Last Minute Holiday Decor

Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas Although it’s the beginning of December, the holidays are already pushing full-speed ahead! In between shopping and spending time with family decorating your home for the holidays is the last thing on your mind. Not to mention that hanging up lights and intricate decorations can be a real hassle, which can steer […]

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