Very few people and business sectors remain unscathed by recent skyrocketing prices due to inflation and Move 4 Less is no different. Increased costs of fuel, packing materials, employee wages, truck maintenance and office services as well as supply chain disruptions have made our day-to-day anything but business as usual.

The last thing we want to do is make moving day more stressful for you, so we’ve worked hard to avoid passing price increases on to our customers. To help you make the most of your move and not break the bank, we’ve put together our top 4 tips to help make moving day cheaper, even while prices climb.

4 ways to save on your move during inflation

1. Pack and prepare before your big day

Whether you’re moving locally or getting ready for a long-distance haul, it’s always best to be ready when the moving truck rolls up.For example, having moving boxes taped, organized and ready to load can help decrease the amount of time it will take to load the moving truck. Disassembling beds and other items can also help shave time off moving labor.

If there’s anything you need for your big day, we’ve got it! For local moves, we have a generous discount on all packing materials. We also offer free boxes and private storage that ensures the safety of your belongings.

2. Know how you’re being charged

All Move 4 Less moves, local or long distance, are based on cubic feet—not weight. We always take an accurate inventory to give our customers an honest quote. Many companies just throw minimum numbers at customers, without calculating an hourly rate and an estimate, but we try to be as accurate as possible from the start so we can ensure you know what you’re getting.

For local moves, an accurate inventory list helps estimate the crew size, number of trucks and the amount of time the move will take. This information also helps you budget in advance—the last thing we want is you to be saddled with an unexpected bill.

3. Move during the off-season

If you don’t mind cooler weather, keep costs down by booking your move in September through March. You’re likely to find more discounts during the slow season and moving company’s schedules are more flexible for your schedule.

Move 4 Less is competitive in pricing, and we always try to price match or beat our competitors. Right now, we’re offering discounts up to $500 or 10% off long distance moves. Don’t forget to ask what specials we have on when you book your moving day!

4. Ensure you’re working with a licensed moving company

Your move starts and ends with us! Move 4 Less is not a moving broker or a franchise. We will never sell your move to another company—because we take your trust seriously. As a licensed, professional moving company, all of our employees are full-time, and we drug test and background check each one.

We set you up with a free, onsite or virtual estimate that includes a binding price base on the inventory listed and seen. We don’t believe in outrageous deposits—we guarantee a reasonable amount, and a refund if anything should fall through with your move. Local moves don’t require a deposit.

Don’t bust your budget on moving day

Always remember to shop around before you choose your moving company and ask the right questions. If it sounds too good to be true—it is! But don’t worry, Move 4 Less knows how to deliver on all your expectations. To schedule a free visual estimate, just give us a call at (702) 381-1200 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We also offer box kits to help you start packing – check out the different size kits here.