Moving can be an expensive proposition, and moving supplies definitely eat up a portion of your moving budget. However, there are some easy ways to reduce the cost of moving supplies, including the following:

1. Start Collecting Boxes Early

When you know that a move is on the horizon, consider collecting moving boxes as soon as possible and stock up on the freebies that come in the mail. Every time you get a box in the mail set it aside or fill full of stuff and tape it up. The advantage to these boxes, aside from the free price tag, the box is already built and sealed on one side, saving you time and a bit of packing tape.

2. Find The Free Boxes

Many local businesses are more than happy to give you their used boxes, and sometimes this will even include some packing material. If you notice a store that’s unpacking new inventory, ask if they are willing to give you their old boxes. Chances are they don’t really want to waste employee time breaking down boxes, and will be willing to give you some or all.

Online garage sale sites are another excellent resource, as people are constantly giving away boxes and packing material, usually for free. If you plan ahead, you can start looking for these boxes early on, rather than scrambling to find free boxes the week before your move.

3. Hit The Discount Stores

Dollar stores can be a great place to find items such as packing tape as well as markers and sometimes even bubble wrap. We highly recommend buying several different color markers and color coding your boxes. You could perhaps label everything from the kitchen with blue ink, and everything from the family room with red ink and so on. This can ensure that boxes end up where they are supposed to go on moving day. You also could use those colorful circle stickers to code boxes, and these usually can be purchased at dollar stores.

To make the move-in day go faster, consider placing color coded signs near each door, so that movers can match the ink on the box to the room. Draw a map of the home, using your color coding and put it by the front door so that your movers and anyone else helping you can use it as a handy reference.

4. A Box By Any Other Name Is Still A Box

That might seem confusing, but we simply mean that you probably already have some good moving supplies at your house. If you have extra suitcases and duffel bags, this can be used to pack all sorts of items, including your clothing as well as other small items. As an added bonus, many suitcases include wheels, which makes them easier to move.

5. Get Creative With Packing Material

The costs of bubble wrap and packing paper definitely can add up, so why not use items such as towels and sheets and extra clothing to protect fragile items? Even stuffed animals can be used to some of your delicate items. Not only is this a cheap and protective option, it’s eco-friendly, as you’ll use less plastic and paper to pack your items.

6. Consider A Purge

Moving is the perfect time to reduce your clutter! Take this opportunity to donate everything you no longer need or want. Not only does moving less stuff reduce the cost of moving supplies, it can reduce your overall moving costs. After all, it costs less to move less, so lighten the load a bit. This also will save you time on move-in day as you will have less to unpack, so it’s really a win-win on every end.

If you do need packing supplies, including specialty items such as wardrobe boxes, we do offer these for sale. Additionally, we can do all or most of your packing if you like, and we offer special crating services for delicate items and artwork. In fact, we offer a full packing service, which means we do all the work, including packing and unpacking.

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