Moving can be a real hassle but on top of that the costs can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention. To avoid a financial surprise after it’s all over, as your affordable local moving company in Las Vegas, we like to share some tips for things you can do ahead of time to keep costs under control:

Planning Your Move

Planning the move and selecting a mover are key factors in making sure you don’t overpay for your move:

  • Move during the offseason – fall and winter and early spring are when moving rates are lowest and movers are most available
  • Choosing a mover – it’s best to meet face to face.Your mover should look at what he’s moving and give you a written estimate. He should be responsive and able to answer all your questions.

Preparing Your Stuff For Moving

One of the earliest things you need to do before a move is take an honest look at all your stuff. You want to move as little as possible since you will be charged by weight.  It’s crazy  to move things you really don’t even want:

  • Do you need it?  Go through everything – from the kitchen to the garage and everywhere in between – and make a decision. If it’s something you just don’t use or don’t need, sell it for extra cash on Craiglist, Ebay or in a consignment store, have a garage sale, or give it away to Goodwill or Freecycle it.  If it’s really old and broken, just trash it.
  • Is it cheaper to move or buy?  If you have an old appliance that’s going to break down soon, or an old sofa you plan to replace use this opportunity to not move it and just buy the new item at your new place.
  • Can you sell it with the house or leave it for the next tenant? Sometimes things just “belong” like shelving, corner modules made to measure, rugs, freestanding bars, backyard furniture.  See if you can negotiate a little extra from your buyers or landlord for leaving them in place, or just admit they won’t fit your new home and can be left behind.
  • Protect your family and stuff – discard dangerous items  Now’s the time to discard stored oil, gasoline, aerosols, pesticides, and other toxic items that might spill or contaminate en route.  Don’t pack or move these dangerous items. Wall paints can stay at the old place in case your buyers want to do touch up.

About Moving Supplies

Save money on moving supplies.  Be creative and start collecting early:

  • Moving boxes:  besides grocery and big box stores, check and
  • Other moving supplies: instead of buying expensive bubble wrap and peanuts, tear up old newspapers, magazines, coloring books, christmas wrap, whatever’s at hand, and use sheets, towels and rags to buffer dishes and delicate items
  • Packing: pack thoughtfully to avoid breakage which will create replacement costs later

Other Ways To Save On Your Move

  • Taxes: Especially if you are moving for work, you may be able to save on taxes.  Keep receipts and check with your CPA:
    • Donations: get receipts for anything you donate
    • Travel Costs: for long distance moves – gas, hotels, meals along the way
    • Move Expenses: your mover, truck rental, supplies
  • Insurance: check with your insurer before the move to see if your items are covered during transit. If not, consider inexpensive move insurance.  Be sure you take a full inventory of your possessions as that will be needed in case of a claim.
  • Deposits: Be sure to track and get back any deposits you are owed from the old place, such as rental deposits, utilities and so on.
  • Interstate: If your move is long distance, plan your trip ahead of time.  Map the route, find inexpensive motels and reserve ahead, plan what and how much will travel with you and reserve a truck early for the best deals if you will need one.

Move 4 Less has moved thousands of Las Vegas residents and we’re proud to be one of the most trusted movers in town. We can advise you with more tips and answers to your move questions, and we can move just about any item you have to take with you, from pool tables to chandeliers. Request a free quote on our website or give us a call today for help with your move.