Planning to rent a storage unit is quite a safe move. The storage unit is time and space-saving while moving. Storage opts is a convenient solution. When you are about to reserve a storage space, many questions arise in your mind, like which type of items could be stored in storage space and which items are prohibited. The things that are not allowed in storage space are for the safety of your belongings. Every company has its own rules, policies, and regulations for the items which can or cannot be placed, so it is better to learn their rules before making a decision.



You are thinking why this critic is defined as this one so crazy and who would want to leave their pet in storage? But some people have done it. Well, storage units are neither meant for living creatures like animals and plants. This deed is illegal and against the law. Any living animal or plant is forbidden in a storage place. Animals and plants require proper food and an environment that is not provided in the unit. So one should give their pets to an animal sitter or anybody else who you trust them. The same is the case with plants. They need light and environment, and these are the essentials of plants. Plants are also forbidden in storage because they attract many insects and pests. Instead of all these, you can put the pots of plants and houses of your pets like fish tanks and much more. Being ethical, you aren’t allowed to leave your pets in storage units and violate public storage restrictions.   


Are you ready to deal with big problems? If you are giving the food material like dairy, cereals, meat, pet foods for storage. Just imagine, after some period, this food will provide a rotten smell and will attract many insects, rats towards them. Those rodents will damage your other stuff also by chewing on them. In case no if rodents enter the storage place, but bacteria and mold will appear on your food items. So, avoid such things.  


Keep in contact with the storage company and ask them about storage policies. Valuable items like jewels need much security as compared to everyday objects. There is a chance of being stolen, so avoid keeping them in the storage unit. Some medicines contain radioactive material and are considered illegal to keep them in the storage unit.


Keep your stuff safe and sound from fire and explosion. Corrosive and flammable material is strictly prohibited in the storage unit. Anything that catches fire and damages your thing as well as loses other people’s stuff is forbidden. It will be considered as an illegal activity in any situation. So do not give the following items for storage.

  • Cooking sprays and hair sprays
  • Fuel
  • Acid
  • Biological waste
  • Asbestos
  • Fertilizers
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaner
  • Paint
  • Fireworks
  • Radioactive material
  • Gasoline
  • Illegal substances
  • Propane tanks


People look for a prominent storage place for their vehicles. Your vehicle should contain all the legal documents and licenses so that it would not violate the law. If your car is unregistered, that will be prohibited for storage. Do not keep the things that you don’t own. If your storage company manager or staff member suspects illegal activity is going on, then you will surely be in trouble. So don’t think about doing such a deed.


Weapons are also not allowed in the storage unit. Contact your storage company to sort out such issues. We recommend you to look for some local gun shops or shooting ranges.


Scented things like candles, lotions, perfumes, anything that has high fragrance will attract vermins. If you want to store them, wrap them with caution so that their smell does not attract rats, mice. Secondly, thoroughly check all your items are dry. Do not keep wet stuff because it will create mold, mildew, and bacteria in your storage area.

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