Commercial Movers Las Vegas


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With years of experience, Move4Less has created a unique commercial relocation process to meet the specific needs of each move; from the day you decide to move until the move is complete. Move4Less takes pride in recommending and providing service strategies and alternatives to make your business move as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Move4Less recognizes your need to minimize interruptions to your daily business activity during moving, and understands the concept of a deadline and the importance of resuming business as usual, as soon as possible. Our business is moving your business and we strive to become your valued moving vendor !

Organizing your move

Before the move:

  • Move4Less will request a floor plan of your new facilities.
  • Working together we will assign numeric or alpha names to different designated areas of your new facilities and we’ll use that floor plan as a basic guide for your move.
  • Move4Less will provide you with special color-coded labels and can be used in conjunction with your assigned names. These labels are especially designed for moving. The labels are secure enough to stay in place in transit but will not damage the finish when they are pulled off at the end of the move.
  • Each item to be moved can be assigned a unique number on the color coded label and then on the floor plan we can indicate where you want that item to end up at your new location.

Prior to the day of the move:

  • We will direct our insurance company to provide each of the building owner’s management teams with a certificate of insurance adding them as additionally insured.
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