Moving Boxes

Need Moving Boxes?

Having a good selection of reliable, sturdy moving boxes will make your move easier and help limit loss and damage due to flimsy or damaged boxes. Try to find the sturdiest boxes you can, with fully closeable lids that can be secured for the actual move. Almost everybody comes up a bit short in boxes when they are packing for a move. Move 4 Less can help your move easier with our wide selection of moving boxes available.

For your convenience, our moving boxes can be purchased individually or in prepackaged moving box kits which are  based on the number of rooms you have.  We’ll even deliver them to you!

Professional Quality Moving Boxes

moving boxes of every size and every need

Move 4 Less sells only Professional Movers Grade boxes, which means our quality standards are based on decades of serving the needs and requirements of the professional mover industry. Our boxes are designed for the strenuous purpose of carrying and transporting household goods. Our moving boxes are strong enough to resist tears, bending, and crushing under weight.

Professional Grade Moving Boxes

We buy only from the top U.S. manufacturers and maintain specific minimum standards for crush test ratings, recycled content, fluting and liner board quality.

High quality corrugated costs a little more, but the few pennies more makes a big difference in performance, a difference you will appreciate.

$25 delivery fee ( up to 30 miles from the strip)

We offer a full range of moving boxes and moving box kits of all sizes, including wardrobe boxes and special care boxes.

For more information regarding our moving box services please contact us at 702-889-6683 .

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