There are Lots of Las Vegas Moving Companies.

Why Choose Move 4 Less?

Moving can be overwhelming. As a company who moves thousands of Las Vegas households and businesses every year, we can sympathize. So we’d like to make your choice of moving companies a little simpler.

Here are our priorities as a mover. Let’s see if they match your priorities as you prepare for your move.

Keeping Your Move Simple

From the time we give you a moving quote to the time that our drivers wave good-bye, our goal is not just to move furniture and appliances, it’s to minimize your moving inconvenience. We take care of dis-assembling, packing, organizing, hauling, unpacking, assembling…all of those things that can exhaust even the most stalwart families. We know that life goes on whether you’re moving or not, and we want you to be able to do all that other good stuff you normally do while we take care of the moving hassles.

Making Your Move Worry Free

Close your eyes and picture your most precious possession. Do you have it in your mind? Now how would you like it lost, damaged or stolen? Not so much, right? Here’s the thing: you don’t need to tell us which of your possessions is the most precious to you, because we treat them all as precious. Our crews are not just two guys in a truck, they are well-trained and seasoned professionals that know how to pack and move with TLC.

Keeping Your Costs Down

Before we ever show up you’ll have a written estimate of your costs. We’ve told you that our crews are professional, but have we mentioned how efficient they are? We know that you don’t pay for a moving crew to relax and take their time, and so even in the blazing Las Vegas summers our crews work with a sense of urgency. And since hourly moving rates are regulated, the best way to cut your moving costs is to have a company that employs movers who know what they’re doing, move quickly, and get it done right the first time.

Knowing How to Move in Las Vegas

Every city has a personality, and Vegas is no exception. We’re not part of some national franchise. Even though we are one of the largest movers in Las Vegas, and even though we can help you move anywhere in the world, Las Vegas is our home. And we aren’t going anywhere. We want you to be thrilled with your decision to hire us (and take a moment to read our moving company reviews, by the way), so that we can help you should you ever need to move again.